Soho Restaurants in London: 10 of the Best Spots to Flavour Up Your Day

Soho Restaurants in London

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Welcome to London, specifically one of the distinctive neighbourhoods in the world: Soho! Today we will explore the best Soho restaurants in London and other things you can not miss!

Soho restaurants in London always satisfy us with their variety from each bend in the world. Honestly, no place on this planet has the same vibes you can feel here in Soho. Here, you can trace the history of gangsters along with talented poets. Not to mention trendsetters and unique independent shops chose to be in the heart of London‘s West End.

Most importantly and the only reason we created this piece, Soho is home to impossibly classy and complimentary restaurants. Let’s lose ourselves in this culinary diversity loaded with cafes, bars, and lovely eateries to give you a decent guide to where you can eat in Soho. 

Things To Do In London 

Soho Restaurants in London: Incredible Spots You Don’t Want to Miss

Our hunt for London’s best restaurants starts, and nothing can stop it. We have landed in the most energetic location in England, fueled by its cultural melting pot that will blow your mind away.

Buckle your seatbelt, and let’s discover the best spots in Soho that can flavour up your day!

Milk Beach

Location: Milk Beach, 14 Greek Street, London W1D 4DP

Price: £8 – £25

Best dishes to order: The Spanish Garnacha Blanca, Grilled corn cobs, and Milk Beach’s cured sardines with lemon thyme, lamb

One of the most game-changing culinary hotspots in Soho, Milk Beach is one of the top Trip Advisor Choices for 2022. The restaurant is beautifully well put together, with welcoming vibes and friendly staff keen to carry all that through.

With its simple decor, nothing can beat this warm feeling that will penetrate your soul once you get it. Be assured that you will be well looked after by everyone in this lovely place who will care a lot whether you enjoy yourself.


Let me tell you; if you have stepped on this place one time, on the second visit, you will find the barista recognising your name, and the chef might start cooking your order after the bartender tells them you’ve arrived, without even you spelling it out. I don’t know how these people do that! But frankly, they are very good at it!

Multiple setting options are available, but you’ll love to set up at the open bar, where you have a sneak peek of how efficient, calm, and professional chefs make the magic happen. You’ll absolutely be stunned while watching them add their spin with big smiles on their faces welcoming any questions if you’re curious.

What we love about this place is that the menu is short and clean, and you spend only a short time deciding what to have. That’s why we consider it one of the best Soho restaurants.


Location: 49 Lexington Street, London

Price: £50 – £79

Best dishes to order: Drinking cocktails, Fried Chicken Roll, chilli water-laden jalapeño Gildas, Tear And Share Garlic Bread

Growing up in a place where you used to go with your parents is a special memory no one can forget. This restaurant is loaded with memories for every individual in London since it has been knocking about here for a decade now.

The restaurant has witnessed radical developments; you will not need a napkin any more, and cocktails with heavy tequila have been gone for good. Indeed, we might be carving for the old version of Rita’s in Hackney incarnation of our culture.

No complaining, though! We love the new vibes of Soho’s Rita’s. But if you don’t visit this new trend of Rita’s in Soho, you should do it now! There is something beautiful, different, and better.

Expect to enjoy your dinner under the candlelight while Roy Davis Jr has something to tell you.

If you ask about our recommendation, we invite you to order a punchy cocktail with cream cheese Gildas. The only downside of this place is the space; not big enough, but who cares as long as you feel comfortable?

Despite its small size, the restaurant has a light touch of confidence, making it overshine any other place.
If you still don’t feel full, you need to savour clams with sugared scones and crispy potatoes that will conjure up an Americana spirit in the heart of London.

Scarlett Green

Location: 4 Noel Street Soho, London

Price: £7.60 – £14.20

Best dishes to order: Shakshouka, Bondi for breakfast, royal salmon avocado toast, HG Walter prime lamb tomahawk

We are surrounded by a food-loving community embracing different cultures who all enjoy cooking and eating. So, we decided to try something different, namely Scarlett Green.

It was our first experience with Australian cuisine, and I want to proclaim now, “WOW!”

It’s always a great time to go out for a decent breakfast, and Scarlett Green will make it a habit for you. One of the best Soho restaurants in London, TripAdvisor has crowned this place the BEST, number one brunch spot in the world.

Meat lovers and vegan flocks have a vast culinary spectrum. Every item on the menu is a huge hit, but if you want to treat yourself to the best meal after a long day, you need to have a hand in Melbourne Mars bar cheesecake ball.

The restaurant will set you up with memories, especially if you want to enjoy your dish on the weekend while live music plays in the background, filling the atmosphere with energy. Scarlett Green will leave an experience that lasts a lifetime. Once you’re in London, head directly to Soho to have a bite there.

Quo Vadis

Soho Restaurants in London

Location: 26-29 Dean Street Soho, London

Price: £25 – £65

Best dishes to order: oyster, celeriac and potato mash; ask for (today’s

pie), game terrine & pickled pears

Soho comes with restaurants that touch every spot in the world. But we are here in London to immerse ourselves in old British gourmet. This one will reconnect you with history and nostalgic delights to help you soothe. 

Dating back to 1926, this beautiful eatery looms large among other Soho restaurants. It’s said the very best of the bunch influences how we pick our dish, and Quo Vadis‘s character can overwhelm everyone looking for a splendid lunch.  

You’ll even see a blue plaque hanging outside the restaurant belonging to Karl Marx (he liked this place, obviously). 

Quo Vadis is a sanctuary for foodies and history buffs.  

When we showed up here, we chose to sit in a quiet corner where a very apt bird was superintending the majestic atmosphere in the place. What did we order? Eurasian Oystercatcher!

The resultant introduces itself as a member’s club, which is apparent with its tiny space and a central dining room hived off the main salon. However, we see it’s not a bad thing. It makes you feel at home, creating special glory for a Soho veteran.    

Speedboat Bar

Location: 30 Rupert Street, London

Price: £10 – £50

Best dishes to order: sweet corn fritters, crispy chicken skins, mackerel

A rustic humble street Thai food restaurant, Speedboat Bar manifests a wonderful culinary scene in the most glorious epicentre in London.

It’s not so popular there, which gives it a special magic.

But why did we list this less-known spot? We love to head to Speedboat Bar on St Patrick’s Day to enjoy a cocktail of whiskey and soda.

Also, once you get to Speedboat Bar, you will feel “I FOUND IT” that you can’t wait to write about or recommend to a friend obsessed with underrated places just like you. 

That is one of those hidden gems you want to check out during the late-night tour before going home, offering a central bar, terrace, and comfortable seating areas. 

The bar offers full venue hire if you want to celebrate a particular party with your beloved ones. 

It’s not a typical Thai restaurant nor a regular new spot to have hit Soho, London. Instead, it offers a customisable experience with neon-lit walls and all-inclusive access to a small pool table for quality time with your company. 

Noble Rot Soho

Soho Restaurants in London

Location: 8 Greek Street W1d 4nb, London

Price: £10 – £30

Best dishes to order: duck liver-stuffed choux buns, vin jaune, and morels.

This is a new version of the Gay Hussar, which was the lair for many politicians over centuries. Located in the thick of quintessential Soho in a former site with a notorious history, Noble Rot Soho is a superlative-laden spot making it an excellent wine bar and light diner. 

Trust me, if there is one activity you should go out of your way while travelling, it’s a place loaded with comfort food and nice stories, just like Noble Rot Soho. The genuine spot of this restaurant preserves the original sounds of left-wing members’ chatter and a soothing glug of glasses— don’t be shy to ask for a refill; no one can blame you. 

What’s best in this place is the magical sauces and dressings, alongside the reassuring cooking way of their Hungarian menu to the core, making it one of the best Soho restaurants in London. And a special shoutout to the staff there for managing everything perfectly with caring and attentive energy!


Soho Restaurants in London

Location: 58 Brewer St, London

Price: £8 – £30

Best dishes to order: Red mullet, Stir Fried Cornish Greens & Soy, Fried Curried Monkfish with its Liver

What we like about Kiln is that they never stop offering new dishes—and not any dishes, only ones which come directly from Thailand after chefs’ tours. So, inspired by Asian culture and cuisine, you will eat something genuine. 

Kiln has become one of the best Soho restaurants in London thanks to aromatic recipes filled with exotic sauces. For long days, Kiln took walk-ins, creating hassle down Brewer Street, but now you can book your seat ahead. With comfortable seating and a classy ambience, have your seat with your friends for a perfect-early evening.

Pro local tip: the restaurant might not be quiet on weekends compared to workdays with a much more casual atmosphere. We recommend visiting it for lunch and remember that tables are available for only 1.5 hours. 


Soho Restaurants in London

Location: 20 Greek Street

Price: £3 – £31

Best dishes to order: Goan prawns, lamb chops

It’s heaven for Indian food lovers, and even if you don’t enjoy it so much, you need to check this without asking why!

England has enough Indian delights, from delicious street food to posh restaurants, to make Indians jealous. But let’s be clear; NOTHING is as raved about as this spot. It easily takes a hot position among the best Soho restaurants in London.  

This eatery celebrates traditional home recipes combined with a surprising twist that stands out from the fierce competition thanks to its variety and high quality.

In a district with an obscene abundance of incredible Asian scenes, Gunpowder is a cornerstone of an Indian kitchen. 

This place has developed quality over the years. Every time, it maintains the perfect choice for the up-market Indian art of cooking. 

Along with recommended dishes above, you can enjoy garlicky, tangy and buttery oysters paired with a very crisp meal like nothing you’ve ever had. 

Green Bar at Hotel Café Royal

Soho Restaurants in London

Location: 68 Regent Street, London

Price: £8 – £30


This spot is a speakeasy-like club and bar you’d love to check out, even if you are not a Hotel Cafe Royal guest. Green Bar’s absinthe green walls with a separate bar area and a floral ceiling decoration spread only blissful vibes, making it a corner that has its style at the world’s edge. 

Not just that, you can enjoy yourself with upbeat traditional soundtracks dancing with Tomi H, a local DJ, every Thursday. The bartenders are well-versed in the London and international cocktails scene. So, be ready to immerse yourself in the diverse history of this building ranging from Tonics and Botanicals and a bunch of spring-taste light bites. 

Wun’s Tea Room and Bar

Soho Restaurants in London

Location: 24 Greek Street, London

Price: £4 – £10

Best dishes and drinks to order: Smacked Cucumber Salad, Bitter Leaf, Tapas, Hong Kong Iced Tea, Fried Chicken, Kung Pao Butter

You can stop here for dinner or cocktails or do both. Once you get in, you’ll feel like you have transformed back to the 1960s thanks to the neon-lit atmosphere. Inspired by In the Mood for Love classic, this nice spot has many things to awe you. 


What is Soho in London known for?

The romantic heart of the UK, Soho, London, is a salad bowl embracing centuries of immigration and world-class hidden gems to explore. Located in Westminster on the West End of London, it’s a vibrant go-to district where you can find a wealth of activities, restaurants, clubs, compelling theatres, and Instagramable corners for brilliant shoots. 

Surrounded by Regent Street, Shaftesbury Avenue, and Oxford Street, Soho gives you access to the original British spirit, making it the hottest place in London for nightlife.

Soho is a must-visit spot if you’re a big fan of shopping at chic boutiques. 
But if you come here in the morning wondering where you should start your tour, then go directly to Flat White to have your coffee and have more energy to start your stroll here. 

What is the most popular in Soho street?

It’s impossible to mention one of the most popular things in Soho, London. However, we selected the most popular things to do in Soho, London, to help you prioritise what you can skip and what can ruin your tour if you miss.

The Photographer’s Gallery: One of our best places in Soho, London, where you can trace back the history of the photography industry since 1971. Also, you can check out the bookstore and cafe inside. The place hosts courses for pros and amateurs alike. Check their calendar if you’re willing to attend any prestigious event. 

The House of Minalima: Those avid for the wizarding world can not overlook this terrific store. From its cute pink entryway, you will be stunned by beautifully-crafted graphic art, but try to contain your excitement because you might squander your salary right here. 

Soho Square: Why is London one of the most popular tourist cities in the world? There are many reasons, but one of them is that there is always a place nearby to escape from the hassle, no matter where you’re. This is the favourite place for Londoners, where they love sipping their coffee and soaking up sunlight (which is rare, by the way!). 

Soho’s Cool Record Shops: A beautiful spot for energetic music, Soho hosts a bunch of the oldest record shops. So, it’s your lucky day if you are looking for a rare vintage vinyl. Just check out the shelves, and you’ll find them there. 

Is Soho a nice area in London?

Really?! Are you still asking this question? Definitely YES! Soho is a super nice area in London with delights that deserve at least one day to explore all its offerings. Everything is tempting to check out, so our last piece of advice is to explore it slowly!

Enjoy Soho!

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