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Secret Valley

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County Wexford offers endless things to do and see; one attraction you should add to your list is the Secret Valley Wildlife Park.

The wildlife park will provide an excellent, fun-filled, educational family day in Ireland’s beautiful South East. At the park, you’ll experience incredible wildlife from places worldwide, which you won’t want to miss out on.

There is lots to enjoy on a visit to Secret Valley Wildlife, from pony rides to creepy crawlies to a variety of hands-on experiences where you’ll get up close and personal with the lovely animals who call this place home.

History of the Secret Valley Wildlife Park

This popular County Wexford attraction was opened on 26 May 2007 by John and Ann O’Connor, a husband-and-wife duo. It was created as an adventure farm, but since 2007, it has grown in popularity and strength, which has seen the place develop and transform. With the couple’s passion for wildlife and nature, Secret Valley has become an exciting and educational Wildlife Park.

It is the only fully licensed zoo and Wildlife Park in south-east Ireland, and you will see the staff’s passion for the animals as soon as you step foot in the place. The wildlife park has an incredible range of animals, including horses, monkeys, llamas, raccoons, rabbits, and many more. There are also over 40 unique species, totalling around 200 animals to interact with.

Secret Valley
Horses are among the wildlife animals found at Secret Valley Wildlife Park

You can enjoy various activities that involve animals, arts and crafts, quad bike riding, treasure hunts, and many things that children will love at this family-friendly attraction in Wexford.

Secret Valley Park’s mission is to educate visitors and provide them with an unforgettable experience that will help them better respect and understand the animals around them.

Secret Valley
Rabbits are among the wildlife animals found at the park

A Part of Ireland’s Famous Ancient East

Secret Valley Wildlife Park has become an essential part of Ireland’s Ancient East due to the area’s strong history and heritage. Learn about the history of the Townland of Coolnacon, where the park is located. 

Wildlife and Attractions

Secret Valley Wildlife Park

One of the most appealing aspects of Secret Valley Wildlife Park is the variety of animals it hosts. From familiar farm animals to exotic creatures, the park offers a chance to see and interact with various species. Here are some of the main attractions:


The mammal section of the park is imposing. Visitors can encounter various species, including meerkats, lemurs, and raccoons. The meerkat enclosure is a favourite among children, who are fascinated by these curious and social animals. The ring-tailed lemurs, with their striking black and white tails, are also a big hit.

One of the park’s unique aspects is its wallaby walk-through. This immersive experience allows visitors to walk among the wallabies, providing a rare opportunity to observe these Australian marsupials up close. The park also features capybaras, the world’s largest rodent, which are always a source of amazement for visitors.


Bird enthusiasts will not be disappointed at Secret Valley Wildlife Park. The aviary is home to a variety of birds, including colourful parrots, elegant peacocks, and the strikingly beautiful golden pheasant. The park also has a collection of owls, offering a glimpse into the world of these nocturnal hunters.

Reptiles and Amphibians

For those interested in reptiles and amphibians, the park has a dedicated section featuring snakes, tortoises, and frogs. The reptile house provides an educational experience, with information about each species and their natural habitats. Visitors can learn about these animals’ essential roles in their ecosystems and the conservation efforts needed to protect them.

Farm Animals

A visit to Secret Valley Wildlife Park wouldn’t be complete without spending time with the farm animals. The petting zoo area allows children to interact with friendly goats, sheep, and pigs. Ponies and donkeys are also present and are always popular with younger visitors. This hands-on experience is fun and educational, teaching children about the care and management of farm animals.

Conservation Efforts

Secret Valley Wildlife Park is deeply committed to conservation. The park participates in various conservation programmes and works closely with other wildlife organisations to protect endangered species. Here are some of the critical conservation initiatives at the park:

Breeding Programmes

The park has several breeding programmes to increase endangered species populations. These programmes are critical for certain animals’ survival and safeguard against extinction. The park’s breeding efforts have seen success with species such as ring-tailed lemurs and various reptiles.

Habitat Preservation

In addition to breeding programmes, Secret Valley Wildlife Park focuses on habitat preservation. The park’s habitats are designed to mimic the animals’ natural environments as closely as possible. This approach ensures the animals’ well-being and provides an educational experience for visitors, highlighting the importance of preserving natural habitats.

Collaboration with Conservation Organisations

Secret Valley Wildlife Park collaborates with several national and international conservation organisations. These partnerships enhance the park’s ability to contribute to global conservation efforts. These organisations can share resources and expertise by working together, significantly impacting wildlife conservation.

Visitor Experience

A visit to Secret Valley Wildlife Park is more than just a chance to see animals; it’s an immersive experience that offers something for everyone. From interactive exhibits to tranquil nature trails, the park provides a range of activities designed to engage and entertain visitors.

Family-Friendly Facilities

The park is designed with families in mind, offering a variety of amenities to ensure a comfortable visit. There are picnic areas, a café, and a gift shop stocked with souvenirs. The park also features a play area for children with swings, slides, and climbing frames.

Nature Trails and Walks

The park offers several nature trails for those who enjoy exploring the outdoors. These trails wind through the park’s scenic landscape, providing opportunities to observe wildlife in a natural setting. The trails are well-marked and suitable for all ages, making them popular for families and nature enthusiasts.

Special Events

Throughout the year, Secret Valley Wildlife Park hosts various special events. These events often coincide with holidays and school breaks, offering themed activities and entertainment. Events such as the Easter Egg Hunt and Halloween Spooktacular are viral, drawing large crowds and providing memorable experiences for visitors.

Challenges and Future Plans

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Like many wildlife parks, Secret Valley Wildlife Park faces several challenges. These include funding constraints, the need for continuous improvements to animal habitats, and the ongoing battle against climate change and habitat destruction. Despite these challenges, the park remains committed to its mission and has ambitious plans.

Funding and Support

Operating a wildlife park requires significant financial resources. Secret Valley Wildlife Park funds its operations on admission fees, memberships, and donations. The park also seeks grants and sponsorships to support its conservation and education programmes. Public support is crucial, and the park continually seeks ways to engage with the community and encourage contributions.

Habitat Expansion and Improvement

The park plans to expand and improve its animal habitats. These improvements aim to enhance the living conditions for the animals and provide visitors with a more immersive experience. Future projects include expanding the primate enclosures and creating a new reptile house.

Climate Change and Environmental Initiatives

Climate change poses a significant threat to wildlife around the world. Secret Valley Wildlife Park is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and promoting sustainable practices. The park has implemented several green initiatives, such as recycling programmes and using renewable energy sources. These efforts benefit the environment and serve as an educational tool for visitors, highlighting the importance of sustainability.

Educational Programmes

Education is a core component of Secret Valley Wildlife Park’s mission. The park offers a range of educational programmes designed to engage and inform visitors of all ages. These programmes include guided tours, animal talks, and interactive workshops.

School Visits

Schools frequently visit the park, taking advantage of the educational tours tailored to different age groups. These tours are designed to align with the school curriculum, making them an excellent supplement to classroom learning. Students can learn about animal behaviour, habitats, and conservation efforts engagingly and interactively.

Animal Talks and Demonstrations

The park offers a series of animal talks and demonstrations throughout the day. These sessions provide fascinating insights into the lives of the park’s inhabitants. Zookeepers share their knowledge and experiences, often with the help of live animals. These talks cover a range of topics, from meerkats’ dietary habits to lemurs’ breeding behaviours.

Workshops and Camps

For those looking for a more immersive experience, Secret Valley Wildlife Park offers workshops and holiday camps. These programmes provide hands-on learning opportunities, allowing participants to get involved in the animals’ daily care. These experiences are particularly popular with children and teenagers interested in pursuing veterinary science or zoology careers.

The Impact on the Community

Secret Valley Wildlife Park has a profound impact on the local community. It provides educational opportunities, supports local businesses, and is a family-friendly attraction. The park also fosters a sense of environmental stewardship among residents.

Educational Impact

The park’s educational programmes have a lasting impact on visitors, particularly children. By providing hands-on learning experiences, the park inspires a love of nature and wildlife. Many local schools incorporate visits to the park into their curriculum, recognising the value of experiential learning.

Economic Contribution

As a popular tourist attraction, Secret Valley Wildlife Park contributes to the local economy. The park draws visitors from around the country and beyond, supporting local hotels, restaurants, and shops. This influx of visitors boosts the local economy, creating jobs and generating revenue.

Community Engagement

The park actively engages with the local community through events, volunteer opportunities, and educational outreach. These initiatives foster a sense of connection and pride among residents. The park’s commitment to conservation and education resonates with the community, encouraging environmental awareness and action.

Testimonials and Reviews

Secret Valley Wildlife Park has garnered positive reviews from visitors, who praise its friendly staff, well-maintained facilities, and engaging animal exhibits. Here are a few testimonials from satisfied visitors:

“I visited Secret Valley Wildlife Park with my family and had an amazing time. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly, and the animals looked well cared for. My kids loved the wallaby walk-through and the petting zoo. We will be back!” – Sarah, Dublin.

“The park is a hidden gem in County Wexford. It’s a fantastic place to learn about animals and conservation. The animal talks were informative, and the nature trails were beautiful. Highly recommend for a day out with the family.” – Michael, Cork

“Secret Valley Wildlife Park exceeded our expectations. The variety of animals is impressive, and the park is well laid out. We especially enjoyed the interactive exhibits and the chance to feed some animals. A wonderful experience for animal lovers of all ages.” – Emma, Galway

Opening Times and Admission Fees for Secret Valley

Great news: this attraction is open all year long, but the times do vary depending on the time of year:

  • May to August: 9 am – 5 pm
  • September to October: 9 am – 5 pm
  • November to April:  Weekdays: 9 am – 5 pm & Weekends: 9 am – 6 pm


  • Adults: €11.00
  • Children: €11.00
  • Student: €9.50
  • OAP: €9.50
  • Children under two years old: FREE
  • Special Needs and Carer: €9.50
  • Family: two adults and two children: €40

No pets are allowed at this County Wexford attraction.

Last Words

Secret Valley Wildlife Park is a testament to its founders’ and staff’s dedication and passion. It offers a unique blend of education, conservation, and entertainment, making it a standout destination in County Wexford. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, a visit to Secret Valley Wildlife Park promises to be a memorable and enriching experience.

The park is crucial in promoting wildlife awareness and environmental stewardship through its diverse animal exhibits, educational programmes, and conservation efforts. As it continues to grow and evolve, Secret Valley Wildlife Park remains committed to its mission of inspiring a love of nature and a commitment to conservation.

So, the next time you find yourself in County Wexford, carve out some time to explore this hidden gem. Secret Valley Wildlife Park is more than just a wildlife park; it’s a place where connections are made, knowledge is shared, and a love for the natural world is nurtured.

Have you ever visited the Secret Valley Wildlife Park, or is it somewhere you would love to see in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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