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city breaks in italy

Three of the Best City Breaks in Italy

It is no surprise that Italy features the most impressive city breaks in Europe. It is one of the most...

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Puglia Italy

Explore Charming Puglia: the Heel of Italy’s Boot

Puglia, known as Apulia in English, is the region forming the “heel of Italy’s boot” in the south. It borders...

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Italian Travel Statistics

Interesting Italian Travel Statistics: Everyone Should Know Before Flying to Italy

Italian Travel statistics are filled with interesting facts because it’s time to know everything about this awe-inspiring country.  Travel to...

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Things to do in Sicily - View of Taormina

100 Impressive Things to do in Sicily, The Loveliest Region of Italy

The pearl of this century! Al-Idrisi The well-known Arabian Geographer Al-Idrisi described Sicily this way. Neurologist Sigmund Freud also described...

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Visit Rome

Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Rome: The Eternal City of Italy

The uniqueness of the Italian city of Rome lies in its richness of ancient history and embracing unprecedented beauty. If...

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Honeymoon Destinations in Italy

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Italy

A honeymoon in Italy can be the most romantic honeymoon. There are a lot of activities to enjoy during your...

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A Splendid Tour Around the City of Lilies: All the Perfect Reasons You Should Visit Florence, Italy

A Splendid Tour Around the City of Lilies: 6 Perfect Reasons You Should Visit Florence, Italy

Italy is one of the world’s most charming places, where culture, history, art, and raw beauty meet. This splendid country...

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beaches in Italy

10 of the Best Beaches in Italy for an Adventurous Summer Vacation

Planning to spend a uniquely splendid summer vacation? Italy would be a perfect destination, especially since the beach season in...

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Best Things To Do In Muggia – Places Must Visit in Trieste – Italy

Italy’s attractive cities have a lot to offer; Trieste is one of them. But in case you need to go...

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Grotta Gigante - Things to do in Trieste - Visit Italy

There’s something for everyone in this sun-soaked city, Trieste – Italy. If you are a daredevil, be ready to join...

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Burano Island - Things to do in Venice - We love Italy! :-)

Simply, we love Italy. We love its spirit, its culture, its history, and that’s without mentioning its enchanting coastline! Burano...

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Villa Varda - Di Villa Varda Park - Brugnera Italy - Best Places to Visit In Italy

Filled with multicultural modern towns, impressive structure, unique culture, and don’t make start with talking about pasta, it’s Italy. Nothing...

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Don't miss heading to Bologna when visiting Italy

Things to Do in Bologna | Italy in 1 Day

Let’s face it. People want different things when they travel. But when it comes to Italy, people are willing to...

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A street band playing at Bari's streets, Italy

A Walk Through Bari and Polignano a Mare | Travel To Italy

Bring your favorite wine and stroll streets down and when you come across buskers or a street band, make a...

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A golden hour at Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre | Italy | 5 Villages of Cinque Terre | Travel to Italy

The best way to make sure you enjoy your trip is to take in the sunset view over a high...

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A pristine beach of Cinque Terre, Italy

Top 10 Must Do Things in Cinque Terre, Italy | Cinque Terre | Travel to Italy

Forget about any other plans. You need nothing but to spend your next vacation in Cinque Terre, Italy. Many eye-catching...

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7 Things to do in Genoa, Italy: Explore Awe-Inspiring Architecture, Museums, and Cuisine

My friend told me last month that she was planning a vacation to Italy. I praised her for making the...

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Free Things to do in Florence, Italy

10 Free Things to Do in Florence, Italy

In central-northern Italy, Florence is the Capital City of the Tuscany region. It is called Florentia by Latinos and Firenze...

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What to do when visiting Cagliari, Italy?

Cagliari is the historic capital city of the Italian island of Sardinia. Like a lot of Italian history, Cagliari oozes...

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Best 9 Things to Do & See in Romeo & Juliet’s Hometown; Verona, Italy!

Located in Northern Italy’s Veneto region, the previously Roman city of Verona is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site for...

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14 Exciting Things to Do in Italy for an Exhilarating Stay

“Sono un Italiano, un Italiano vero” These are the lyrics for one of the most famous Italian classics in the...

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naples landscape

10 Things to Do in Naples, Italy – Places, Activities, Important Advice

The Italian people say: “See Naples and die.” If you visited Naples, you would already see all aspects of life;...

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Poveglia Island up close in Italy

The 30 Most Popular Haunted Places in Italy

A lot of countries believe in different superstitions, but Italy is known to be one of the most superstitious countries...

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Italy for art lovers Naples

Top Locations to Visit in Italy for Art Lovers

Throughout its history, Italy led the world in art and architecture. From Da Vinci to Michelangelo, Donatello, Bellini, and more,...

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a shot of the medieval square in Siena

What to do in Beautiful Siena, Italy

A beautiful city in the region of Tuscany, Siena is only 48 km south of Florence. Siena, like other cities...

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The Cliffs of Cinque Terre in Manarola in Italy - things to do in Italy

Top Things to Do in Italy on a Budget

A lot of people wish they could explore Italy to the fullest, but it’s not always a possibility since some...

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italy for adventure

Things to Do In Italy for Adventure

Italy has always been known for its rich history and as a cultural centre and one of the oldest civilizations...

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bari boats

Bari: The California of Southern Italy

Bari is a stunning coastal city located in southern Italy. It is the capital of the Metropolitan City of Bari...

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Florence, Italy: The City of Wealth, Beauty, and History

One of the most visited cities in Italy, Florence is famous for its history as it was once a centre...

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Film Locations in Italy: Cities and Landscapes

Film Locations in Italy – What you need to know! Roman civilization is one that is famed for its culture,...

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