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medusa greek myth

Medusa Greek Myth: the Story of the Snake-Haired Gorgon

Medusa is one of the most notable figures in Greek mythology. While most people know Medusa as a terrifying monster,...

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USA Travel Statistics

USA Travel Statistics: Important Info & Tips Before You Go

Run away from the heat or snow, based on your current location, and come to one of these beautiful USA...

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Gondola Lift to Mount Musala Peak, Bulgaria

Mount Musala Peak | Balkans Peninsula | Rila Mountain | Travel to Bulgaria

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Bulgaria, Balkans Peninsula is a paradise for everyone who wants to explore...

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Tsarska Bistritsa

Beautiful Tsarska Bistritsa and Mount Musala Peak (Best 5 Tips)

What connects Tsarska Bistritsa and the Mount Musala Peak? Well, have you ever thought of spending your vacation on a...

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16 Top Things To Do In Finland: The Land Of A Thousand Lakes & Some More!

High up in the north of Europe hides a blue labyrinth of sparkling lakes, islands, and lush forests, AKA Finland....

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Tourism Statistics

Global Tourism Statistics: the Best 3 Countries to Visit in the World

Tourism statistics are one of the most discussed topics around the globe. Tourism is basically travelling, whether for pleasure or business. Whether...

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Your Ultimate Guide to Visit Qatar: The Pearl of the Gulf

Qatar is in the east of the Arabian Peninsula in southwest Asia, bordering the Persian Gulf. It is surrounded by...

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Japan: Ultimate Guide to Exploring the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan has two fascinating names; the Land of the Rising Sun in reference to how the sun seems to rise...

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Top US Travel Destinations

Discover 10 of the Top US Travel Destinations

Planning a trip to the United States might be challenging because there is so much to see in this enormous...

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towns in england

18 Most Charming Small Towns in England

If you love small towns, England has plenty to offer. Whether you are a local or visiting from abroad, there...

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World Cup Qatar

FIFA World Cup Qatar, 2022: A Unique Tournament For the First Time in an Arab Country

Qatar is set to host the most important sporting event in the world, the FIFA World Cup. Qatar is an...

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Irish rock music - Irish rock bands

Irish Rock bands throughout the decades: Exploring Ireland’s fascinating history through music

How did so many talented Irish Rock Bands from our small island become international legends? In this article we will explore the rise of Irish rock music

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cafes in Belfast

7 Best Cafes in Belfast that are punching with absolute flavour 

Belfast has built a strong reputation as a foodie destination. Local cafes and niche delicatessens have popped up around the city, each offering a unique range of tastes and flavourful combinations that would excite any palate. Check out our list of the best cafes in Belfast and make any excuse you can think of to go visit them!

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Northern Irish Bread: 6 Delicious Breads To Try On Your Trip To Belfast

Northern Irish bread comes in all shapes and sizes every one delicious and while visiting Northern Ireland you should try to try them all. From an ulster fry to an afternoon snack Northern Irish breads are perfect all throughout the day. Read on to find out some info on the breads Northern Ireland has to offer, where to grab these tasty treats in Belfast, and how to make some Northern Irish bread for yourself once you get home.

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La Catrina - The Day of the Dead Traditions

13 Unique Halloween Traditions around the world

In this article we will explore Halloween customs around the world.

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kylemore abbey in Connemara Co. Galway West of Ireland

Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Garden: Discover beautiful Kylemore Abbey in Connemara

Kylemore Abbey is located in Connemara in the West of Ireland. This article comprises of two main sections, the history of Kylemore Abbey and a travel guide with everything you need to know about the abbey

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Ancient Rome: A History of the Greatest Civilisation

The Roman Empire was one of the most influential civilisations in the world. The ideas and culture of ancient Rome...

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Keem Bay Beach Achill Island Co. Mayo

Achill Island – 5 Reasons to Visit Mayo’s Hidden Gem

Achill Island is located off the coast of the mainland of Ireland and is one of the best places to visit if you want to experience the beauty of the Wild Atlantic Way, traditional Irish culture and good craic all in one place!

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haunted hotel

Spend the Night at A Haunted Hotel: 12 Most Notorious Hotels Around the World

Giving your trip around the world an edge means creating a memory that will continue to live on. It is...

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Traditional Irish Food - Traditional Irish Stew

Traditional Irish Food – Delicious and Heart-warming Meals

In this article we will explore traditional Irish food and the history behind their popularity

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croagh patrick

Croagh Patrick – Ultimate climbing guide and the interesting history of the Reek

In this article you will find out everything you need to know about Croagh Patrick, including its history and practical advice for climbing the mountain.

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Halloween recipes

10 Halloween recipes that are de-frightful and delicious

Get ready to celebrate the spooky season with these de-frightful Halloween recipes. Enjoy scary savoury snacks, terrible treats and devilish...

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Egypt’s Travel Blogger Marwa Ali: Inspiring Stories From Across the World 

Today we will meet Egyptian Travel Blogger Marwa Ali, and we could not be excited more! I am a firm...

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Luck of the Irish

May the luck of the Irish be with you – The interesting reason why Irish people are considered lucky

In this article we will explore the the luck of the Irish and decide once and for all if Ireland's history of success is more than just a fluke.

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Irish Travellers: Getting to Know these Indigenous People

If you have visited Ireland, you may have met members of the Irish Travellers Community. They are sometimes labelled gipsies...

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Air Statistics

Flights and Air Statistics: Interesting Facts & Awesome Tips

Whether you’re a nervous flyer or you love take-offs, there’s no denying that flying is pretty amazing. And when you...

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croke park dublin travel guide Croke Park Deposit photos Irish athletes

15 of the most successful Irish athletes of all time

In this article you’ll find out everything you need to know about the most successful Irish athletes. Sport has the...

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Italian Travel Statistics

Interesting Italian Travel Statistics: Everyone Should Know Before Flying to Italy

Italian Travel statistics are filled with interesting facts because it’s time to know everything about this awe-inspiring country.  Travel to...

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Wild Atlantic Way in the West of Ireland

Explore the West of Ireland: The best places to visit in the West

The West of Ireland is one of our country’s best hidden gems. With beautiful scenery, seaside locations, great hospitality and...

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Old Hollywood: Late 1920’s-1960’s-The Golden Age of Hollywood

When you hear Old Hollywood your mind automatically goes to the glamour and the glitz of the Golden Age of...

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