San Francisco, Local Google Guides Conference

Updated On: February 17, 2022

San Francisco

San Francisco Local Google Guides Conference video above highlights some popular spots in San Francisco to visit, including what their nightlife has to offer.

There was also a summit in San Francisco that was done by Google Local Guides and which brought about 150 people there who came from 60 different countries as well as those members of Google family who work on these different programs and come up with the different apps.

The day was actually spent in Google Complex in San Francisco which gave us the chance to meet those people working in Google and those teams who are the reason behind the appearance of these different programs which we end up using. In this summit and in addition to going through the shop that offers different products related to Google – like the T-shirts – we also attended some sessions in which we discussed our thoughts and views about these different products that Google tends to come up with at the end in order to give this kind of feedback to the Google team.  Check out our video below of our experience there!

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