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S13 Place of Amazing Fun


S13 also known as South 13 is located in the old B&Q building on the Boucher Road in Belfast. It’s an area where those who are creative in any kind of way and those who want to perform any kind of urban sport will enjoy. S13 Belfast is the place for kids activities as well as adults; a place to learn and have some fun.

Square Pit, who has before succeeded in the T13 project, decided to take another step in their success with establishing the S13 Belfast. Where they are going to support social and creative enterprise as well as incubating new talent. The main goal behind creating this place was to bring the creative alternative sports and enterprise industries to the scene and at the same time build a place that could stage events and shows.

When we first got inside this place, we were greeted with different artwork done on the walls that added to the style of the whole place. This is considered the place for kids because there are different things which they might be experiencing for the first time. And it only costs 10 pounds to enter and enjoy all the great activities.

Design and Architecture

Its innovative architectural design is central to S13’s allure, seamlessly blending industrial aesthetics with contemporary flair. The raw, industrial elements of the warehouse have been preserved, juxtaposed with sleek, modern accents that infuse the space with a sense of urban sophistication. The result is a captivating fusion of old and new, where exposed brick walls and metal beams coexist harmoniously with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems.

A Transformation Unveiled

The metamorphosis of S13 from a mundane warehouse to a bustling cultural epicentre is a testament to Belfast’s ever-evolving identity. Spearheaded by a collective of artists, architects, and visionaries, the transformation began in [insert year] with a bold vision to create a space that transcends conventional boundaries and fosters artistic expression in all its forms.

Cultural Programming

At the core of S13’s ethos is its commitment to fostering creativity and cultural exchange. The venue hosts diverse events and activities, catering to a broad spectrum of interests and tastes. From art exhibitions and live music performances to film screenings and immersive theatrical experiences, something exciting always happens within its walls.

One of the defining features of S13 is its emphasis on community engagement and inclusivity. The space serves as a platform for emerging artists and grassroots initiatives, providing them with opportunities to showcase their work and connect with audiences. Through partnerships with local schools, community groups, and cultural organizations, S13 actively seeks to enrich the cultural fabric of Belfast and empower its residents to participate in the creative process.

The Impact of S13

Since its inception, S13 has profoundly impacted Belfast’s cultural landscape, revitalizing the city’s arts scene and fostering a sense of community and belonging. Its diverse programming attracts visitors from near and far, injecting vitality into the local economy and spotlighting Belfast as a hub of artistic innovation.

Moreover, S13 catalyzes social change, using art and culture as powerful tools for dialogue and reflection. Through thought-provoking exhibitions and events, it addresses pressing social issues and stimulates meaningful conversations about identity, belonging, and the human experience.

Activities You Can Take Part in at South 13

S13 Belfast, Boucher Road – New Hybrid Venue in Belfast

S13’s Boxing and Wrestling

From the different activities that one could be involved with inside S13 in Belfast, there is the wrestling part where professional coaches are there to teach the kids the proper movements inside the wrestling ring.  There are also professional boxing trainers from South Paw boxing club in Belfast who were providing boxing lessons to the kids with patience.

Archery and Segway Fun

There is also the archery, which is another enjoyable thing especially when the kid aims at the right point. This was fully stuffed with a huge range of equipment and the qualified staff who were working with the kids. You could have a go on the Segways where trained staff will teach you how to use it. It’s very fun and a favourite with the kids.

Foam Pits

Another popular activity at South 13 was jumping off into the foam pits which was very exciting. They used large storage containers and filled it up with lots of foam so that everyone could enjoy jumping in while using different skills of twisting and turning. Of course, without even mentioning, there was staff there to ensure that the kids are safe.

Nerf Wars

From the things that are considered the most different and the ones which the kids enjoyed the most where the Nerf War. Nerf Wars is where the kids will have to choose their favourite Nerf gun and run around the place for as far as they want and as much as they can playing against of kids.

Magik Forest

Magik Forest is the most interesting for adults as well since this is a place where a 3D sound experience that is controlled by hand movements is found. This was so cool even for the kids but older ones might appreciate it more.

Skateboarding Parks

There is a variety of great skateparks located here where kids can bring their skateboards and bicycles along with them to perform; there were some really talented kids there. It’s a great place to let kids and adults practice their skills and enjoy this fun sport.

Spray Painting and Art

In this area, kids could actually participate in making art from bags and t-shirts with the help of skilled artists who will share their experience and taste. Kids could also take part in spraying on the walls and creating cool artwork.

S13 is an amazing place for creatives and those wanting to try something different, loads of activities to suit different people. We really enjoy our trip and we highly recommend visiting if you can!

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