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Updated On: November 08, 2023

S13 Belfast for Kids


Set in the old B&Q, disused warehouse in the middle of the Boucher Road, Belfast is where you will unexpectedly find S13 and I must admit it was not what we envisaged at all!

S13 in Belfast is part of an Urban Regeneration scheme – basically, the idea is that disused/vacated business space is put to good use in ways to benefit the community and I can say that this project is doing this and more! Everything inside is made from reclaimed or recycled materials – so many creative uses!

On entering, you are immediately greeted with some fabulous graffiti style artwork – the detail, style and design are amazing! The price per child is £10. Initially it seems quite expensive but when you see what is on offer and the amount of fun the kids will have you will just admit it is worth every penny.

All activities are included in the price so kids can:

Play Nerf Wars

Choose from a huge range of Nerf guns, hide camouflage and run around like crazy for as long as you want. The  boys simply loved this and it was by far their favourite activity – have to say the dads seemed to be enjoying it just a much.

There is a huge closed in area dedicated to this activity with staff present who are really looking out for the kids and very willing to help.

Visit the Magik Forest

This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. This is a 3D sound experience controlled by hand movements. It was so much fun although the boys liked the scary, screaming effects a bit too much!

Foam Pit Jump

Basically an old storage container filled with pieces of foam the kids can leap into, again two members of staff were present and were ensuring the children’s safety. Kids were having a ball – front flips, back flips, twists, turns – you name it they were trying it.


The coaches from South Paw boxing club were amazing with the kids, they were basically providing boxing lessons one on one.


A proper wrestling ring with wrestlers demonstrating the different moves – they then invited the children in to have a try and actually gave them a lesson like the boxing. The boys loved being in the ring although I think they thought it was WWF.


A full course was laid out where you had to navigate through which you had to navigate the Segways – it was pretty challenging. You have to be 10 to use them so we just watched. Kids were really enjoying it and parents were getting pretty competitive!


Again fully staffed – huge range of equipment and qualified instructors teaching the children how to hold the bow, how to aim, etc.

Skate Boarding Park

A huge range or different ramps for skateboards, scooters, and bikes tempting children to get active. Children have to bring their own bike and helmets. Even though the weather was awful outside, the kids were enjoying the freedom of riding their bikes and scooters.


All kids can take part in arts and crafts too – they can make a bag or a t-shirt again supervised by a skilled artist. They offer ideas on colour schemes and designs to help get the creative side out of the kids.

Spray Painting

Children were encouraged to participate in the spray painting – which in turn forms part of the décor. The artist then turned their work into a piece of art at the end of the day – was amazing to watch the graffiti come to life!


This activity probably suited the parents most. There is a café where tea, coffee, and traybakes are served and very reasonably priced.

Overall, our two boys loved S13 and I loved the fact that all activities encouraged children to be active and to socialise with each other. There is so much to do and definitely something for everyone probably suitable for maybe 5 years of age upwards.

So if you are looking for what is on in Belfast this weekend (well Saturday)– then head down – it really was enjoyable and such a good idea – will be looking out for more of these projects?

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