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irish female scientists

Irish Female Scientists You Should Know

Ireland is known for its natural beauty, its rich creative culture, and its tragic history, but it has also produced...

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Verona: More Love Than Romeo and Juliet

The Italian city of Verona is a city on the Adige River in Veneto, Italy. It is one of the...

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brandenburg music museums

Top 5 Music Museums in Germany

Although travellers mostly visit Germany for its fascinating history, cuisine, and beer, it also attracts visitors with its bountiful music...

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brussels grand place

Must-Sees in Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. It is famous for its cuisine and fascination with gastronomy – the relationship...

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irish female artists

Irish Female Artists You Should Know

Ireland has a rich creative history. From literature to theatre, from music to art, Ireland’s innovative and imaginative output has...

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ireland's best art museums and galleries

Ireland’s Best Art Museums

Ireland is home to dozens of art museums and galleries. Ireland’s best art museums and galleries are unique hubs that...

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Best Film Streaming Sites: Watch From Home

Getting lost in a film is a perfect way to enjoy a lazy day and it’s now easier than ever...

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Victorian Belfast: An Architectural Guide

The Victorian Era, 1837 – 1901, was the period of Queen Victoria’s reign. It was an era of great development...

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Best Online Museums: No Need To Fly

Travel sometimes isn’t an option, but that doesn’t mean culture cannot be absorbed through different methods. Some of the best...

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Elizabeth Bowen Irish author

Irish Author Elizabeth Bowen | Life and Legacy

Elizabeth Bowen is a famous Irish author who is remembered for her literary works. She is known for her novels...

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Increase in Irish Tourism Jobs (Dublin Cathedral with Traffic at night)

Irish Tourism Jobs: Report from Indeed Shows Significant Increase

Leading jobs platform Indeed have published a report which demonstrates that the Irish Tourism sector as having the highest share...

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Explore Northern Ireland Travelling in Ireland should not be just a tour but a cure. Ireland is one of the...

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Successful Authors from Derry

Successful Authors from Derry – James Burke & More

Ireland has produced many famous authors, and they are all noteworthy. Among those celebrated brilliant minds, there are many successful...

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Peace Bridge, Derry - Northern Ireland Travel Guide

A Guide To The Delicious Food in Derry

Derry, having been awarded City of Culture 2013, has much to offer in terms of culture, fun, diversity, and excitement....

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Street in Cardiff, Wales

Top Best Things to do in Wales

Wales is a country that is a part of the United Kingdom, with the lively city of Cardiff as its...

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John Banville Irish Writers

Two Authors | One Man | John Banville

Two writers, one man. An exploration of the styles of John Banville and Benjamin Black: his life, work, and success....

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Powerscourt House and Garden County Wicklow

Powerscourt House: Discover the Enchanting Gardens of County Wicklow

The Incredible Powerscourt House and Gardens in County Wicklow are one of the must-see things in Ireland. The Estate was...

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Darina Allen - and Alton Brown

Darina Allen: One of Ireland’s Most Successful Chefs

If you are in any way a fan or follower of the Irish cookery scene, you might have heard of...

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Piran Town on the Slovenian Coast

Things to do on the Slovenian Coast

The is the beautiful Mediterranean part of Slovenia where olive trees grow, where fried or grilled squid is the star...

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Street Murals - 7

Street Murals Around the World

Every city you visit in the world offers its own unique street murals designed to captivate and amaze tourists and...

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An Insiders Guide to Exploring the Best of Venice

A Tour Through The Best of Venice From the best street food you’ll taste, to the most stunning art and...

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Natural wonders in Europe - Northern Lights

Incredible Natural Wonders in Europe

Europe is made up of 50 uniquely distinctive countries, the places you’ll visit are some of the world’s most diverse...

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Game of Thrones: The Real History behind the Hit TV Series

Almost everyone has seen or heard of or watched the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Ever since it debuted...

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Your Dublin Travel Guide – Amazing things to see and do

If you are planning to visit Dublin, then I am here to help you out. In this Dublin travel guide...

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Irish historical fiction

100 Best Irish Historical Fiction to Consider Reading

Whether you are an avid reader or haven’t picked up a book since school, we all share a sense of...

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Explore All Facets of Life in Celtic Ireland

The Celts were a major power in Europe before the dawn of Christianity. At the height of their power, the...

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Getting around the Beauty Antrim, the Biggest County in Northern Ireland

County Antrim is one of Northern Ireland’s most desirable and picturesque destinations. Some of its extravaganzas, The Causeway Coast and...

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The Wonders of the Festival of Fools in Belfast, Northern Ireland

An Unmissable Festival Festival of Fools in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is one of those great fun-filled events of the year....

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Cairo Citadel

Cairo Citadel in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is the city where you can behold numerous signs of beauty and arts. In fact, Egypt is full of...

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North Coast Egypt - Egypt Travel Attractions

North Coast Egypt – Egypt Travel Attractions

North Coast Egypt – Egypt travel places we will help you know more about and get all the fun in...

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