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Claddagh Jewellers

Celtic Jewellery: Claddagh Ring

Across the world, the Claddagh ring is worn as a piece of beautiful jewellery. However, do you know where this...

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Giants Causeway Ireland History

Discovering Ireland: An Ultimate Journey through History – Top Historical Locations in Ireland

If you are interested in exploring both the history of Ireland and the Irish outdoors, look no further. Here at...

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Spraoi Festival

Spraoi: Exciting Street Arts Festival, Waterford, Ireland

Summertime in Ireland means festivals are in full swing, from music festivals, art festivals, family events and more, there is...

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Pubs in Ireland

Our Favorite 33 Pubs in Ireland: The Good, The Better & The Best!

No visit to Ireland is complete without spending some time in a few of the iconic pubs in Ireland. In...

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Lady Gregory, Coole Park

Lady Gregory: An Often Overlooked Author

Lady Gregory is often forgotten about when discussing Irish literature. Often paired with William Butler Yeats. After much research, she...

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shopping in Ireland

Shopping in Ireland: A Top Insider Guide

Ireland is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Nicknamed the Emerald Isle for its lush green...

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Queen's University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast: Past, Present and Future

Queen’s University Belfast is one of the leading universities in the UK, providing world-class education underpinned by world-class research… where...

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Ireland Facts You Never Knew About

The Ireland Facts That You Need to Know Now

Ireland is known for being one of the most beautiful and fascinating islands in the world. The island has a...

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Art Galleries in Ireland (National Museum of Dublin)

Art Galleries in Ireland: An Art Lovers’ Heaven

Here at ConnollyCove, we are big fans of all things Irish art, whether it’s street art, visual art, performing arts...

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Maser Street Art

Maser: The Stunning Irish Street Artist Taking the World By Storm

Street Art is a phenomenon that has quickly taken over the world, it stops you in your tracks and makes...

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Temple Bar Dublin Image

Famous Bars and Pubs in Ireland – The Best Traditional Irish Pubs

Ireland is a place famous for its pubs, where you’ll find many Irish enjoying a drink and socialising with friends....

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Irish Adventure Activities

Unmissable Outdoor Adventure Activities Ireland

Here at ConnollyCove, we have created an Irish adventure guide to all the exciting and thrilling outdoor adventure activities you...

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Reasons to visit Ireland

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Ireland; From Medieval Castles to Beautiful Landscapes

As summer approaches, and you start to plan your travel adventures, ConnollyCove wants to make sure you don’t miss out...

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Annual Summer Festivals in Ireland

The Best 6 Annual Summer Festivals in Ireland

Summertime is fast approaching and this means an amazing selection of summer festivals in Ireland to enjoy! As the weather...

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Unique Airbnb's in Ireland - B&B app

Unique Airbnb’s in Ireland

Have you got a trip to Ireland planned soon and looking for somewhere different to stay, to make your trip...

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ConnollyCove Cliffs of Moher - Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

Discover the Wild Atlantic Way: An Unmissable Irish Coastal Road Trip

Planning a trip to Ireland and looking for a memorable experience that you won’t quickly forget? Then you need to...

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Belfast Pride Festival 2019 Logo

Belfast Pride: One of the Biggest Festivals in the City

We love the summertime, the weather gets nicer, the days are longer, people are happier and there’s so much to...

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Irish Tri-colour flying in clear sky

The Symbols of Ireland and their Significance in the Irish Culture

Many centuries ago, the Celts built their own civilisation. They wanted to stay recognised by the whole world. Especially that...

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St Stephens Green Dublin, County Dublin

Amazing Parks in Ireland: Must Visit Parks for Tourists and Locals

Looking for amazing things to do this Summer? Well, we’ve created a list of all the best parks in Ireland...

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Places to stay in Ireland Dromoland Castle

Discover The Most Unique Places to Stay in Ireland

Ever fancied spending the night in a castle, or maybe even a lighthouse? What about the state-of-the-art super modern houses?...

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Famous Irish Traditions: Music, Sports, Folklore & More

Ireland has always done things differently, we have our own Irish traditions and customs that make us unique to anywhere...

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Tyrella Beach, County Down Best Beaches in Ireland

Best Beaches in Ireland

As we start to approach spring and the summer seasons in Ireland, we thought we would share some of the...

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Irish Castles

Irish Castles: Where History and Paranormal Activity Combine

The Fascinating History of Irish Castles Irish Castles are a perfect representation of the country’s long history. Every corner of...

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he superstitious Fairy Trees in Ireland

The Superstitious Fairy Trees in Ireland

Ireland has always been a place filled with fascinating folklore and stories. One very interesting folklore surrounds those of the...

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Your Dublin Travel Guide

If you are searching for the best guide around Dublin, then I am here to help you out. In this Dublin...

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Your Ireland Travel Blog Guide

If you are searching for the best Ireland Travel Blog or Guide to the country, then we are here to...

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Irish historical fiction

100 Best Irish Historical Fiction to Consider Reading

Whether you are an avid reader or haven’t picked up a book since school, we all share a sense of...

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Movies filmed in Ireland

Top Movies Filmed in Ireland

The beautiful landscape of Ireland and its magnificent history has made its way onto the big screen; from Television shows...

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Wexford Ireland

The Authenticity of East Ireland at Wexford County

Situated in the southeastern corner of Ireland, Wexford is a county of gentle agricultural land and coastal settlements with an...

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Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland

Top Northern Ireland Attractions: Comprehensive Guide to Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has an abundance of touristic sites, both historical and recreational. It’s a must-visit for those interested in history...

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