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Elizabeth Bowen Irish author

Irish Author Elizabeth Bowen | Life and Legacy

Elizabeth Bowen is a famous Irish author who is remembered for her literary works. She is known for her novels...

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Waitering is a great entry level job in hospitality

Getting Your First Job In Hospitality With No Experience

Getting your first job in hospitality may be a daunting prospect, but it is much easier than it seems. There...

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Liam Neeson: Ireland’s Favorite Action Hero

Liam John Neeson is the full name of the Irish actor who was born on June 7, 1953, in Ballymena,...

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Explore Northern Ireland Travelling in Ireland should not be just a tour but a cure. Ireland is one of the...

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Privacy Policy

1. ABOUT US 1.1. We are ProfileTree LLP, a limited liability partnership registered in Northern Ireland with registered number NC000806...

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Exploring County Tyrone: Harry Avery's Castle

Discovering Ireland | Explore County Tyrone

Are you thinking of visiting Northern Ireland? Are you unsure of which County to explore? Here at ConnollyCove, we have...

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Edinburgh Castle

Visiting Edinburgh | Ultimate Travel Guide

Here at ConnollyCove we want to give you all the best travel tips across the world! Here, we have created...

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Celtic Cross Example Image

The Origins of the Celtic Tree of Life

The Irish culture embraces a wide range of symbols that signify their beliefs and notions. While there are many of...

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Irish Heritage is rooted deep in many around the world

Irish Heritage | Around the World and Beyond

Mass Irish emigration over the past few centuries started the Irish Heritage around the world and has caused many place...

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A collection of famous Irish Artists

30 Greatest Irish Artists | Ireland Through a Canvas

Interested in art? Interested in Ireland? Want to explore both on your travels? Look no further! Here at ConnollyCove, we...

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Beautiful Liverpool & Its Irish Heritage and Connection!

In Liverpool, it is estimated that three quarters of the city’s population have some form of Irish roots or ancestry:...

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Spraoi Festival

Spraoi: Exciting Street Arts Festival, Waterford, Ireland

Summertime in Ireland means festivals are in full swing, from music festivals, art festivals, family events and more, there is...

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Pubs in Ireland

Our Favorite 33 Pubs in Ireland: The Good, The Better & The Best!

No visit to Ireland is complete without spending some time in a few of the iconic pubs in Ireland. In...

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Irish Folklore Mythical Monsters and Terrifying Creatures

Irish Folklore: Mythical Monsters and Terrifying Creatures

Discover the mythical monsters that have become famous in Irish Folklore including the Leprechaun, the Banshee, the Female Vampire and more!

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Ireland's Hidden Gems

Discovering Ireland: Ireland’s Hidden Gems

Visiting Ireland and want to find adventure? Living in Ireland and want to do something different? Want to discover the...

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Germany Flag

Exploring Germany: An Outdoor Traveller’s Guide (Top 9 Places)

Are you seeking a new adventure? Want to travel somewhere new? Want to explore both land and sea? Well, Germany...

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Edinburgh Castle

The Fascinating Legend of Edinburgh Castle

Almost every castle in Scotland comes with its own history and legends to uncover. Edinburgh Castle is no exception. The...

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Laverys Bar, Belfast

Laverys Belfast: The Oldest Family Run Bar in Northern Ireland

Belfast is an exciting city to visit, a place that is home to some famous bars, one being everyone’s favourite...

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Blarney Castle- Ireland

The Captivating Blarney Castle: Where Irish Myths and History Combine

Located near county cork, you’ll find the captivating medieval Blarney Castle, built over six hundred years ago. This Irish castle...

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The Pogues

The Pogues and the Uprising of Irish Rock Punk

They say that the spirit of rock and roll never dies. What could also be said is that this spirit...

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Grace O’Malley: Meet the Greatest 16th-Century Irish Feminist

Known as an Irish chieftain and legend of the sea, Grace O’Malley is remembered as one of the greatest and...

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Jeanie Johnston Ship

The Stunning Jeanie Johnston: 5 Facts about the Irish Emigrant Ship

Follow in the footsteps of those who fled the Famine! The Jeanie Johnston tells the story of the thousands of...

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Ljubljana Slovenia - The City of Dragons

Ljubljana, the Green City of Legendary Dragons

Awarded in 2016 as the European Green Capital and located in southern central Europe, is Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia....

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Celtic Cross Example Image

The Mystery of the Celtic Nations around the World Unravelled

The world is a big place to explore with all the interesting cultures each place has to offer you. There...

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Royal Portrush Golf Course

Royal Portrush Golf Club: A Legendary Irish Course

ConnollyCove is here to guide you around some of the best golf courses in Ireland. Royal Portrush Golf Club is...

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St Stephens Green Dublin, County Dublin

Amazing Parks in Ireland: Must Visit Parks for Tourists and Locals

Looking for amazing things to do this Summer? Well, we’ve created a list of all the best parks in Ireland...

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Islandmagee History Seafront Image at ConnollyCove

Troubled Soil: Islandmagee’s Hidden History

Hidden in the rocky hills of County Antrim’s east coast lies Islandmagee, a grassy peninsula town epicentre to the nearby...

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Irish Comedians Irish Comedy

25 of the Best Irish Comedians: The Irish Humour

When people think of Ireland, they often remember our great sense of humour and fun nature. Irish humour is famous...

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Maureen O'Hara

Maureen O’Hara: Life, Love and Iconic Movies

Maureen O’Hara (17 August 1920 – 24 October 2015) was an Irish-American actress and singer. She was known for playing...

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Street Murals - 7

Street Murals Around the World

Every city you visit in the world offers its own unique street murals designed to captivate and amaze tourists and...

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