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Amazing Grace Song

Amazing Grace Song: The History, Lyrics and Meaning of the iconic song

Amazing Grace has become one of the most hauntingly beautiful Christian hymns in the world. Many famous faces have covered...

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Best Places to enjoy pancakes in Belfast

Best Places to Enjoy Pancakes in Belfast

As pancake Tuesday or Strove Day fast takes place on the 5th of March, we thought we would share some...

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Natural wonders in Europe - Northern Lights

Incredible Natural Wonders in Europe

Europe is made up of 50 uniquely distinctive countries, the places you’ll visit are some of the world’s most diverse...

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Irish Castles

Irish Castles: Where History and Paranormal Activity Combine

The Fascinating History of Irish Castles Irish Castles are a perfect representation of the country’s long history. Every corner of...

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Game of Thrones: The Real History behind the Hit TV Series

Almost everyone has seen or heard of or watched the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Ever since it debuted...

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Irish historical fiction

100 Best Irish Historical Fiction to Consider Reading

Whether you are an avid reader or haven’t picked up a book since school, we all share a sense of...

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Rosetta Bust

Rosetta: The Egyptian City Known around the World

If you’re interested in Egyptian history or world history at all, then you’ve probably heard of the world-renowned Rosetta Stone....

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Movies filmed in Ireland

The 20 best Movies Filmed in Ireland

The beautiful landscape of Ireland and its magnificent history have made their way onto the big screen; from Television shows...

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Portadown People's Park

Portadown People’s Park, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland embraces a lot of amazing cities that you wouldn’t want to miss. There are many places to head...

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A Brief History of Ireland - Ireland Coast

An Exciting Brief History of Ireland

Ireland, the land of fairies and folktales, Christians and pagans, beer and whiskey, has a somewhat troublesome history that propelled...

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Belfast City Hall

The Fascinating History of Belfast City

Every place you visit in the world has an interesting story to tell you and Belfast, Northern Ireland doesn’t let...

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Derry-View of Mussenden Temple

County Derry: An Insight into Fascinating Nature

With a vast and breathtaking landscape, covering an area of some 798 square miles, County Derry stands as one of...

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Irish curses: illustration of Irish cursing stone by William Wakeman, 1875

The Curious Case of Irish Curses and the magical cursing stone

The island of Ireland has always had its own unique culture. The emerald isle is a melting pot of the...

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Viking History-Vikings on a ship

Viking History: Insight into the Age of Phantom Travellers

Thunder, Thor, and brutality. These are the common perceptions of the Vikings. They are people who made a stamp on...

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Blackstairs Mountain County Carlow

The Enticing Nature of Carlow County

Often people would look at County Carlow as the 2nd smallest county in Ireland, or 3rd smallest in terms of...

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Dublin, Ireland

Famous Landmarks in Ireland

Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world that offers so much for you to see and...

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County Leitrim: The Most Brimming Gem of Ireland

Filled with wild waterways, surprise shots of adrenaline, and a landscape that continues to muse artists of all sorts. County Leitrim...

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Stories of Bravery on the RMS Titanic

The ill-fated voyage taken by the Titanic in 1912 has been at the forefront of people’s minds in the more...

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Your Guide Around the Lake-land, County Cavan

County Cavan, also known as Lakeland County, is most famous for the numerous of lakes it has. The meaning of...

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Clare and the Irish Wonder of the Atlantic

Set on Ireland’s Atlantic coast, County Clare is famed not only in Ireland but all over the world as the...

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Mesmerising Beauty of County Sligo

Another brilliant place that you must visit on a trip to Ireland is the mesmerising County Sligo in the north-west...

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The Beauty of County Limerick, Ireland

Looking for the perfect blend of city and country in Ireland? Then a visit to the County of Limerick is...

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County Down

The Unendowed and Rich History of County Down

Northern Ireland is considered to be one of the most alluring countries in the northern hemisphere. With its various scenery...

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The snow-capped Cuilcagh Mountains seen from Belle Isle Estate in County Fermanagh

Things You Shouldn’t Miss in County Fermanagh

Fermanagh is one of the most renowned counties in Ireland. The county’s name ‘Fermanagh’ is coming from the old Irish language as...

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Plan the Ultimate Vacation: Places to Visit in Egypt (Part 2)

Whether you’re looking for a night out or a trip down memory lane, Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt are the...

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Cushendun Caves, Giant’s Causeway

The Amazing Giant’s Causeway: A Trip to Remember

The amazing Giant’s Causeway spans around 40,000 interlocking basalt columns that were caused by an ancient volcanic eruption (50–60 million...

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Irish proverbs

21 of the Most Famous Irish Proverbs or Seanfhocail

A proverb is a commonly known short saying that has been accepted as true and repeated by the masses. It...

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Ring of Kerry, County Kerry

Take a Look at the Astounding Scenery of County Kerry

County Kerry is renowned over the world for its beautiful scenery, including Ireland’s highest mountain, the astounding lakes, its beautiful sandy...

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Exploring Holywood Town – Northern Ireland

Holywood is a town located in County Down, Northern Ireland. It lies on the shore of Belfast Lough, between Belfast...

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Pookas: Digging into the Secrets of this Irish mythical creature

Every country with a renowned history has its share of legends, myths, and traditional stories. Ireland is one of those countries...

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