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croagh patrick


Croagh Patrick – Ultimate climbing guide and the interesting history of the Reek

In this article you will find out everything you need to know about Croagh Patrick, including its history and practical advice for climbing the mountain.

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Halloween recipes


10 Halloween recipes that are de-frightful and delicious

Get ready to celebrate the spooky season with these de-frightful Halloween recipes. Enjoy scary savoury snacks, terrible treats and devilish...

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Travel Blogger


Egypt’s Travel Blogger Marwa Ali: Inspiring Stories From Across the World 

Today we will meet Egyptian Travel Blogger Marwa Ali, and we could not be excited more! I am a firm...

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Luck of the Irish


May the luck of the Irish be with you – The interesting reason why Irish people are considered lucky

In this article we will explore the the luck of the Irish and decide once and for all if Ireland's history of success is more than just a fluke.

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Irish Travellers


Irish Travellers: Getting to Know these Indigenous People

If you have visited Ireland, you may have met members of the Irish Travellers Community. They are sometimes labelled gipsies...

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Air Statistics


Flights and Air Statistics: Interesting Facts & Awesome Tips

Whether you’re a nervous flyer or you love take-offs, there’s no denying that flying is pretty amazing. And when you...

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croke park dublin travel guide Croke Park Deposit photos Irish athletes


15 of the most successful Irish athletes of all time

In this article you’ll find out everything you need to know about the most successful Irish athletes. Sport has the...

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Italian Travel Statistics


Interesting Italian Travel Statistics: Everyone Should Know Before Flying to Italy

Italian Travel statistics are filled with interesting facts because it’s time to know everything about this awe-inspiring country.  Travel to...

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Wild Atlantic Way in the West of Ireland


Explore the West of Ireland: The best places to visit in the West

The West of Ireland is one of our country’s best hidden gems. With beautiful scenery, seaside locations, great hospitality and...

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Old Hollywood


Old Hollywood: Late 1920’s-1960’s-The Golden Age of Hollywood

When you hear Old Hollywood your mind automatically goes to the glamour and the glitz of the Golden Age of...

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Met Museum


Met Museum New York

The Met Museum is a must see when you visit New York. From Ancient Egypt to Medieval Art there is...

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Ireland Travel Statistics


Ireland Travel Statistics

While the Irish love their country, they also love to travel. According to a study back in 2017, the Irish...

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Things to do in Sicily - View of Taormina


100 Impressive Things to do in Sicily, The Loveliest Region of Italy

The pearl of this century! Al-Idrisi The well-known Arabian Geographer Al-Idrisi described Sicily this way. Neurologist Sigmund Freud also described...

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Things to do on the Beautiful Island of Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is one of the largest islands in the world, as it occupies third place among the...

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Beaches in Bali


10 Best Beaches in Bali

What are the best beaches in Bali? Bali is one of the best and most visited islands in the Indonesian...

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Mykonos, Greece


A Complete Guide to Mykonos and 10 Best Beaches to Visit on the Island

Mykonos is one of the Greek Cycladic Islands in the Aegean Sea, and it is one of the most popular...

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San Francisco Deposit Photos Image


11 Exciting Things to Do in San Francisco – An Essential List

In this article you will find 11 of the best things to do in San Francisco as well as some helpful tips to making the most out of your stay

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Hidden Gem Destinations


Unearthing the World’s Most Splendid Hidden Gem Destinations

Luckily, the world bestows upon us fascinating places that seem to be sliced from paradise. Some are even quite heavenly...

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Epidaurus, Greece – Top 12 Interesting Facts about the City

One of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece is the Ancient Epidaurus. It is renowned for having an incredible...

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Family Vacation


10 Best Destinations For A Quick Family Vacation

Planning a quick vacation with your family might not be an easy job all the time. There are several factors...

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Dubai Travel Statistics


Dubai Travel Statistics: A City in a Class of its Own

Dubai is an entirely unique metropolitan area. The luxurious lifestyle and towering buildings give off an unrivalled ambience. As one...

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Visit Rome


Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Rome: The Eternal City of Italy

The uniqueness of the Italian city of Rome lies in its richness of ancient history and embracing unprecedented beauty. If...

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Monemvasia, Greece


Beautiful Monemvasia – 4 Best Attractions, Top Restaurants and Accommodation

Monemvasia was established by the Byzantines in the sixth century. It is a spectacular medieval tower town that lies on...

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Mycenae, Greece


Mycenae, Greece: 6 Important Facts

The majestic ruins of the fabled ancient city of Mycenae draw tourists from all over the world. In reality, this...

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Online Travel Booking Statistics


Top Guide to Over 80 Online Travel Booking Statistics

The online travel booking statistics have driven firmly into the 21st century, displaying an average of $817 billion worth of...

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HALLOWEEN in Derry/Londonderry


HALLOWEEN in Derry/Londonderry – The Halloween City!

Halloween in Derry! We wanted to do something different out of it this time and thus decided to head to...

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Visiting Sheep Island, Northern Ireland Tourism Statistics


Northern Ireland Tourism Statistics

Northern Ireland is a wonderful place to pick as your next travel destination. From historical landmarks and beautiful landscapes to...

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Your Guide to the Top 23 Things to do in Perth, Australia: The City of Light

Perth is located in the southwestern region of Australia on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Perth’s central business district...

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Things to Do in London


Top Things to Do in London and 4 Tips for your Trip

Don’t know what attractions to visit on your trip to London? We have you covered with our guide to the...

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Waves crashing over the rocks in Dingle Town, Ireland Tourism Statistics


Ireland Tourism Statistics

If you’re contemplating visiting Ireland, you needn’t think twice. The Emerald Isle has been named the friendliest country in the...

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