Cultra Manor – Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

Cultra Manor-Ulster Folk and Transport Museumvideo
Cultra Manor At Ulster Folk Museum The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum is one of the different museums in Northern Ireland that gives visitors the chance to experience life over more than 100 years ago. While at the same time experiencing one of Europe's most...


Unlock all the shrouded mystery in such a remarkable site of the Giant's Causeway. Get to see the remains of a bygone volcanic age and the rare organisms there too. The site has been a marvel for countless visitors over centuries. It has been...

The Dark Hedges-Ballymoney County Antrim

The Dark Hedges-Ballymoney County Antrimvideo  360 degree video experience of The Dark Hedges in Ballymoney, County Antrim below.

ULSTER TRANSPORT MUSEUM-Holywood-Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

ULSTER TRANSPORT MUSEUM-Holywood-Ulster Folk and Transport Museumvideo
 A 360 Degree Video from the Transport Museum in Cultra, Holywood - Belfast

ARMAGH CATHEDRAL-Saint Patrick’s Cathedral – The Cathedral City

ARMAGH CATHEDRAL - Saint Patrick's Cathedral - The Cathedral Cityvideo
The Armagh Cathedral at Cathedral City was built on a hill of "Ard Mhacha", which translates to the Height of Macha, a legendary tribal princess, in 445 AD by St Patrick. The church has been destroyed and rebuilt 17 times.Cathedral City witnessed a lot of...

Armagh – The Ecclesiastical Capital

Armagh City-Armagh Countyvideo
Armagh is known as the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland or the religious capital of Ireland (the city of saints and scholars). You will be astonished by the scientific and historical places, enjoyable events, various activities, and more. In its beautiful Gregorian streets the city...

Admire, touch, and listen to Emain Macha – Navan Centre and Fort

Navan Centre and Fortvideo
Have you ever tried sitting meditation in a pre-historical place? It might seem strange, but you will change your mind when you visit the Navan Centre and Fort. Want to have some fun? Navan Centre is one of the most enjoyable places for the...

Peace Bridge – Derry/Londonderry

Peace Bridge Londonderry-Derryvideo
The Peace Bridge was opened in Derry/Londonderry over the River Foyle on the 25th June, 2011. It is called the peace bridge because it was thought to help improve relationships of a once very divided community. The largely Unionist 'Waterside' and the largely Nationalist...

Bangor Harbour – Bangor Marina – A Lovely Seafront Walk

Bangor Harbour - Bangor Marina County Downvideo
The award-winning Bangor Marina, at the heart of Bangor Town, Co. Down, is the most popular destination for holidays in Ireland. On the south shore of Belfast Lough lies probably one of the most premium-service offering marinas. One of the beautiful attractions at the...

DANNY BOY SONG – Lyrics, History and What Oh Danny Boy is About!

Oh Danny Boy Song-History-Words-Lyricsvideo
A popular symbol of Irish culture, particularly music, Danny Boy is a ballad with an ancient Irish melody. Written by English songwriter Frederic Weatherly in Bath, Somerset in 1910, Danny Boy has numerous connotations associated with Irish communities. Is it the most famous Irish...