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County Derry / Londondery

Northern Ireland County Derry / Londondery

Lisa McGee: Talented Writer from Derry, Northern Ireland

Ireland has proven to create some legendary writers such as James Joyce, Seamus Heaney and Samuel Beckett who all hail from the emerald island.  All these iconic Irish writers have their own unique style that...

Things to do in Derry: A Remarkable Place in Northern Ireland

Derry is an exciting place to visit in Northern Ireland, in 2013 it was named as the UK’s ‘City of Culture’, and six years on it's still attracting lots of tourists from around the world...

Derry Girls: The Hit Northern Irish TV Show

As the second season of the critically acclaimed Irish sitcom, Derry Girls fast approaches in March, we thought we would explore the success of the show so far. Derry Girls is a show we didn’t...

Springhill House: A Pretty 17th Century Plantation House

Ireland is filled with historical treasures from castles, houses, museums and even its landscape is special. Located in County Derry/Londonderry you'll discover the beautiful 17th-century plantation house known as Springhill. The House is one of the National...

An Insight into the Fascinating Nature of County Derry

With a vast and breathtaking landscape, covering an area of some 798 square miles, County Derry stands as one of the most alluring counties in all Ireland. County Derry, officially known as Londonderry, is perched...

360 Degree Video of Magiligan Point, Londonderry

Magilligan point is a peninsula that lies in the northwest of County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, at the entrance of Lough Foyle. The name "Magilligan" comes from "MacGilligans country" which formed a major part of the...

The Eleventh Night: The History of Bonfires in Northern Ireland

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d029shVVEvU On the eleventh night of every July, beacons can be seen all over Northern Ireland. These beacons are the bonfires that have been lit to commemorate the victory of King William of Orange. Huge towers...

360 Degree Video of Tamlaghtard Church, Limavady

Tamlaghtard Church of Ireland - Limavady 360 Video - The churchyard is located three miles away from Limavady and close to BallyKelly village. The Tamlaghtard church dates back to the seventh century and there are...

Bogside Murals – Derry Murals – Londonderry Bogside

Londonderry / Derry has an amazing history. Why not read about the regions link to Oh Danny Boy and how its music has travelled the world. Read the complete history here.

HALLOWEEN – in Derry/Londonderry – The Halloween City!

Halloween! We wanted to do something different out of it this time and thus decided to head to Londonderry where there is a celebration done there with people roaming the streets wearing scary costumes. Located in...

BISHOPS GATE-The City Gates in The Walled City-Derry/Londonderry


DERRY-LONDONDERRY-The Maiden City-The Walled City

Derry! The second largest city in Northern Ireland! The UK City of Culture in 2010! Several towns in the world are named after it. Derry~Londonderry has been known as The Maiden City as its high...