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Derry, also known as Londonderry, is a city on the River Foyle in Northern Ireland. It’s known for the intact 17th-century Derry’s Walls with 7 gates. Within the walls, spired St. Columb’s Cathedral displays artefacts from the 1688–9 Siege of Derry. Near the Peace Bridge, the Tower Museum has city views and historical exhibits. Huge stained-glass windows adorn the neo-Gothic red sandstone Guildhall.

Eleventh Night Bonfire, Coleraine

Eleventh Night Bonfirevideo
The Eleventh (11th) Night Bonfire in Northern Ireland - 11th Night Bonfire is a yearly celebration that is held in Northern Ireland to refer to the night before the twelfth of July which is held in different places across the country - we managed...

Bogside Murals – Derry Murals – Londonderry Bogside

Bogside Murals - Derry Londonderry - Derry Muralsvideo
Londonderry / Derry has an amazing history.Why not read about the regions link to Oh Danny Boy and how its music has travelled the world. Read the complete history here.

HALLOWEEN – in Derry/Londonderry – The Halloween City!

Halloween Derry-Londonderry Halloween Festivalvideo
Halloween! We wanted to do something different out of it this time and thus decided to head to Londonderry where there is a celebration done there with people roaming the streets wearing scary costumes.Located in Northern Ireland on the banks of the River Foyle,...

BISHOPS GATE-The City Gates in The Walled City-Derry/Londonderry

BISHOPS GATE-The City Gates in The Walled City-Derry/Londonderryvideo

DERRY-LONDONDERRY-The Maiden City-The Walled City

DERRY-LONDONDERRY-The Maiden City-The Walled Cityvideo
Derry! The second largest city in Northern Ireland! The UK City of Culture in 2010! Several towns in the world are named after it. Derry~Londonderry has been known as The Maiden City as its high walls have never been breached! It is one of...

Peace Bridge – Derry/Londonderry

Peace Bridge Londonderry-Derryvideo
The Peace Bridge was opened in Derry/Londonderry over the River Foyle on the 25th June, 2011. It is called the peace bridge because it was thought to help improve relationships of a once very divided community. The largely Unionist 'Waterside' and the largely Nationalist...

DANNY BOY SONG – Lyrics, History and What Oh Danny Boy is About!

Oh Danny Boy Song-History-Words-Lyricsvideo
A popular symbol of Irish culture, particularly music, Danny Boy is a ballad with an ancient Irish melody. Written by English songwriter Frederic Weatherly in Bath, Somerset in 1910, Danny Boy has numerous connotations associated with Irish communities. Is it the most famous Irish...

Causeway Coastal Route-Ballymacran Bank-Ballykelly/Limavady-MYROE

Ballymacran Bank Myroe Limavadyvideo
Ballymacran Bank Myroe is an excellent place to stop along the Causeway Coastal Way.Another video below shows you some of the popular spots along the Causeway Coastal Route.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUfxOz52QsY


St Columbs Park Derry-Londonderryvideo
St. Columbs Park in Derry/Londonderry is an excellent park for taking your dog for a walkIt is located on the Limavady Road in the Foyle Area.Its also great for cycling, skating or just walking!

DOWNHILL BEACH – Mussenden Temple – CASTLEROCK-Game of Thrones

Downhill Beach-Mussenden Temple Castlerockvideo
Downhill Beach is near Coleraine and Portrush along the North Coast of Ireland  and also has the impressive Mussenden Temple.The beach itself is part of a 11km/7 mile stretch of sand and a perfect spot for surfing. Downhill Beach offers a variety of activities...