Antrim is county located in the Northern part of Ireland. About a mile from it, the county takes you to the 10th century with some of the famous Irish round towers. Close to the towers, you can jump in time to the prehistoric ages with what’s known as “Witches’ Stone.” Antrim is also known for its notable castles including Antrim Castle, Shane’s Castle, Carrickfergus Castle, Red Bay Castle, and Glenarm Castle.

Lessons in Guinness – Tesco Food Festival Belfast

Guinness is a beer company that is famous around the world and it happens to be an Irish dry stout which established in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James gate brewery in the capital city of Dublin, Ireland. Guinness is brewed in...

Tesco Food Festival Belfast, Northern Ireland

Tesco Food Festivalvideo
Tesco Food Festival Belfast, Northern Ireland - The place where one will do nothing but eat, eat, and eat - oh, and buy the products for those samples he/she have tried! For 9 years, Tesco Food Festival has been taking place in Belfast, Northern Ireland,...

Ballycastle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Ballycastle County Antrimvideo
Ballycastle County Antrim - the small town that is located in county Antrim, Northern Ireland, happens to be a touristic place for the attractions it carries and the events that might be taking place in it. Ballycastle is a small town that is located on...

Auld Lammas Fair, Ballycastle, County Antrim

Auld Lammas Fairvideo
At the Auld Lammas Fair, Ballycastle, we had lots of laughing, eating and trying different types of sweets, playing around, and even the kids got the chance to buy some toys; it was worth the visit and we all - big and small -...

Climbing Carnmoney Hill, County Antrim

Carnmoney Hillvideo
Carnmoney Hill in County Antrim, Ireland, is a green oasis in an urban area that mixes between both, history and wildlife. Carnmoney is the name of the townland, electoral ward, and a civil parish in county Antrim. The urban area which it is located...

Glenariff Forest Park, Glens of Antrim

Glenariff Forest Park is found in county Antrim, Northern Ireland and is part of Glenariff glen itself. The whole place is 2928 acre and is managed by the Northern Ireland Forest service, which is part of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

S13 Belfast – Things to do in Belfast

S13 Belfastvideo
S13 Belfast is the place where one of the things to do in Belfast is located; it is the area where those who are creative in any kind of way or else those who want to perform any kind of urban sport will enjoy...

Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory, Belfast

Aunt Sandra'svideo
Aunt Sandra's Candy Factory, Belfast - Aunt Sandra's Handmade Candy - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Asking kids and even their parents about whether they are interested in entering a place that is filled with sweets; both will definitely shout out a big...

Things to do in Belfast for Kids

Belfast for kidsvideo
There are loads of things to do in Belfast for kids but Square Pit Productions have taken it a step further to create a fun filled, active and exciting day out with the kids. Focused on Urban Regeneration, Square Pit Productions have taken the...

NI Speed Weekend – Car Show in Northern Ireland

NI Speed Weekendvideo
NI Speed Weekend - We headed to Belfast in order to attend one of those car shows held in Northern Ireland every year. A place that is prepared for families; inspecting some cars, drinking coffee, watching some cars in action, seeing some motorcycles in...