Armagh is a city located in the Northern part of Ireland. The city is home to The Church of Ireland, aka St Patrick's Cathedral, which goes back to the year 445 and St Patrick's Roman Cathedral that dates back to the 19th century. Armagh Public Library has plenty of original books from the 18th and 19th century. Many historical constructions that are now opened to the public are also located in the city including Armagh County Museum which was originally a school and is considered the oldest in Ireland, Armagh women prison which was later turned into a hotel, and Armagh Planetarium.

Admire, touch, and listen to Emain Macha – Navan Centre and Fort

Navan Centre and Fortvideo
Have you ever tried sitting meditation in a pre-historical place? It might seem strange, but you will change your mind when you visit the Navan Fort. Want to have some fun? Navan Centre is one of the most enjoyable places for the whole family,...

ARMAGH COUNTY MUSEUM – County Armagh Northern Ireland

Armagh County Museum Armagh County Museum is the oldest County Museum in Ireland. It opened officially in 1937 in Armagh, County Armagh, Northern Ireland. The museum exhibits splendid collections that hold stories about people of this historic county, their work and their connections, their lives...

Armagh Planetarium and Observatory – County Armagh

Armagh Planetarium offers a unique magical experience. At the Planetarium’s amazing Digital Theatre you can embark on a journey in our mesmerizing space and learn about the wonders of the Universe. You can take a trip into the Planetarium’s Mars room or touch the...