North Coast Egypt – Egypt Travel Attractions

North Coast Egypt - Egypt Travel Attractions

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Egypt, a land primarily known for its ancient pyramids and rich historical tapestry, also boasts a stunning coastline that attracts beach lovers and sun seekers from around the world. The North Coast of Egypt, stretching along the Mediterranean Sea, is particularly famed for its golden sands, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant resorts. This article delves into the allure of Egypt’s North Coast, highlighting its beaches and numerous coastal attractions.

North Coast is the summer destination place for all the Egyptian people, which is famously known as “Al Sahel” or “the coast” and which in Arabic is “الساحل الشمالي”, because of the good weather during this season, unlike the weather one will receive along the red sea, which is usually hot to a great extent and only starts to get better by October or just in the Spring phase of the year.

The Charm of the North Coast

Pristine Beaches and Azure Waters

The North Coast, often referred to as the “Egyptian Riviera,” is lined with numerous beaches renowned for their pristine beauty. These beaches feature soft, golden sands meeting the azure waters of the Mediterranean. The clarity of the water not only makes it ideal for swimming but also for a variety of water sports.

Modern Resorts and Luxury Living

Over the years, the North Coast has seen the development of several high-end resorts and luxurious compounds. These resorts offer top-notch facilities, including private beaches, swimming pools, spas, gourmet restaurants, and vibrant nightlife, catering to the needs of both local and international travellers seeking a blend of relaxation and entertainment.

Features of the North Coast

One of the main features of Egypt’s natural borders is the Mediterranean Coast, which extends along the North of Egypt. It is about 1,050 km along the Mediterranean shoreline from the eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula to the western village of Sallum at Egypt’s border with Libya. Recently, the North Coast has become one of the most famous attractions and hangouts of Egypt, mainly attracting the upper and middle classes of Egypt’s population. Unlike the Red Sea Coast and the other coasts along the Mediterranean shoreline in many other countries, there are not any mountains or heights along the Egyptian North Coast. One of the land’s main features is that it is a plain land with very limited greenery.

History of the North Coast “Sahel”

Before becoming a major attraction, the North Coast was merely a deserted land that was colonized by the English during World War II. About 100 kilometres west of the city of Alexandria lies El-Alamein, which is a coastal town on the North Coast, which marked two major battles between the British and Axis forces during WWII. During that era, it became the defence line for the British, stopping the Germans from penetrating further into the Egyptian lands. Following WWII, many memorial cemeteries maintained by Germany, Italy, and Great Britain honouring their fallen soldiers were built near the battle site. A major legacy of the warfare has been the significant number of land mines that remained in the region, which subsequently rendered inaccessible more than one-fifth of the country’s terrain and blocked access to some oil and gas reserves.

Flash-forward, Egypt’s North Coast, or “Sahel” (“the Coast”) as known by many, is far from being a deserted area or a battle scene. It is now a piece of heaven on earth. It all started with entities trying to provide a resort in summer for their employees and their families, which was far from the hassle of the city of Alexandria. Many companies, like gas companies and entities, like the armed forces, built resorts with many facilities, such as pools, in addition to the open beach, in the early 90s. This has set a trend for other entities to follow, and then came the investors and the retailers, with Marakia Resort being the first to be built during the eighties of last century, followed by Sidi Kreir, a town-like resort, and others around the same period. Then, one of the national banks of Egypt was probably the largest and most popular resort in “Sahel” and was called Marina. It was “the” resort for celebrities and politicians for decades before the establishment of other, more luxurious resorts.

In 2018, the main Alexandria – Matrouh road, which is basically “Sahel”, was rejuvenated. It is doubled in size and safer than it used to be. Many highway facilities have been established, and a facilities lane has been added to avoid parking on the side of the road which has caused many accidents in the past. Many gas stations, supermarkets, mosques, and many other facilities have been built.

North Coast Resorts


North Coast Egypt

Marina has seven gates, which mark the end and beginning of seven resorts within one. Each gate has its own facilities; pools, cafes, shopping malls and marinas. In addition, each resort is divided into areas that have two-story villas, chalets, or apartments that are either occupied by the owners or rented for visitors. In addition, the Marina has the biggest artificial lake on the North Coast, which attracts those who are seeking a tan on the beach. Within the last decade, the Marina has expanded to the other side of the road, building yet another extremely large resort called Porto Golf as an extension for Porto Marina, which is an apartment complexion inside the Marina, that provides room services for the owners. From there, Marina has become the icon of the North Coast, where concerts by famous performers are held annually.

The North Coast has now extended west up to Raas Elhekma, about 50 kilometres before reaching the city of Matrouh. This has resulted in newer, better and more luxurious hangouts and resorts. Marassi, for example, has become a destination for ultimate luxury for those wishing to spend their vacation on the North Coast. The resort itself overlooks the mesmerizing turquoise waters and is ideally situated along the Alamein coastline in the Sidi Abdelrahman area.


Indulgence transcends from Marassi’s shores to its lavish residences and luxurious hotels, creating a lifestyle of absolute pleasure for every holiday seeker. Marassi has a number of outstanding features, including one of the region’s largest marinas and signature hotels and residences, including The Address, which will further build its appeal as a holiday destination.

If you are not staying in Marassi, but wish to indulge in its hangouts, a plaza-like place called Mporium is located right on the highway with a parking area. This place has designer shops, cafes and great entertainment for kids. You will find people going there to grab a quick coffee or meal before heading to clubs to spend the rest of the night. The resort also has many facilities, ranging from a golf course to a yacht club. This is in addition to hosting many concerts during the summer for famous performers like Amr Diab, who is the most famous pop singer in the Middle East.

North Coast Egypt 1

Rixos Alalmein Resort

Another location for the elite is Rixos Alamein Resort, hosted in Ghazala Bay, which is about 140 kilometres away from Alexandria. This resort offers a Full Board Plus concept, including breakfast and dinner in the Buffet Restaurant and lunch in the Beach Restaurant. Soft drinks are included, and the mini bar is stocked and ready for guests’ arrival. Rixos Alamein also includes 5 conference rooms, and 6 swimming pools, including a relaxing pool and children’s pool. Sports-related activities like darts, billiards, beach volleyball, snorkelling, aerobics, go-karting and tennis are all available during vacation, in addition to the Rixy Kids Club, which is great for kids looking to have fun: face painting, play areas, games rooms are all available. WIFI is available free of extra charge in public areas of the resort.

Rixos Alamein offers a wide variety of rooms and suites, all elegantly furnished and designed to provide the ultimate comfort for the guests. Rixos Alamein presents in its restaurants and bars a variety of culinary delights, offering Turkish, Lebanese, international and seafood cuisines. If you want tranquillity and relaxation, the resort offers a spa experience like no other, including Turkish baths, massages, steam rooms and state-of-the-art gyms with experienced therapists. Of course, the cost varies according to the season and if you want to book only for the hotel flight and hotel.

Marsilia Beach

Another famous resort is Marsilia Beach Sidi Abdel Rahman, which is located about 124 Kilometers west of Alexandria on over 140 acres of land. This resort offers a multitude amount of services and facilities. First of all, the accommodation is a hotel room, whether the unit is rented or owned. Swimming pools, private beaches, kids areas, shopping malls, sports areas and many other facilities are available at any time. In addition, maintenance and security services are available 24/7.

Recently, a new extension has been added to Marsilia Resort which is a massive aqua park located on the other side of the main North Coast road. This aqua park is the only one on the North Coast, and because of this, it is almost always fully booked, especially during feasts. It offers the latest trends in water sports with a mixture that keeps up with the latest developments in this area.

North Coast Egypt 2

Caesar Hotel and Resort

Caesar Bay Resort is 50 km West of Alamein Airport on the North Coast. It is located between Mountain View and Mena 5 along the coast of the Mediterranean in Egypt. It has a mesmerizing beach with a unique view of an island. It offers a magnificent seascape and a beach in addition to the privileges of luxury and comfort.

The rooms are constructed around relaxing swimming pools with appropriate depth and are surrounded by gardens, ensuring an enjoyable atmosphere in every single corner of the property. The Resort offers different luxurious types of accommodations, from the Superior to the Deluxe rooms and from the Junior Suite to the Family Rooms consisting of apartments with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and living rooms with all the services.
Caesar Bay Resort offers an extraordinary culinary experience as a result of the harmony between culture, traditions, experience, techniques and the creative fantasy of the Food & Beverage Team across the various restaurants and bars in the resort.

The resort offers many facilities, including recreational facilities that vary from the private sandy beach overlooking the island, equipped with umbrellas and sun beds, 5 swimming pools, including 1 kids pool, 1 Jacuzzi, a beach volleyball court, tennis table, billiard, darts and a gym. The resort also offers a spa and a kids area.

Special beaches for ladies only on the North Coast

Egypt is considered a conservative country; the veiled woman has many hardships and difficulties to face during the summer season, the biggest of which being tolerating the heat with all the layers that they must wear to observe their veil and modesty, including swimwear or if they are not veiled, they might be conservative when it comes to swimming wear. For this reason, some resorts have established private places that are ladies only, even if the staff are ladies. One of the most popular on the North Coast is “La Femme” beach, this ladies-only beach is located in Marina 5. Inside, ladies can wear bikinis instead of burkinis, which they normally wear to go to public beaches. There are always events being held inside; in addition to a dance floor and an all-day DJ. On weekends, performers and celebrities are invited to spend the day among the users. Needless to say, taking photos is forbidden, and you are not allowed to take food or beverages inside.

Hottest Spots on the North Coast

Moving on from the conservative to the wild, eight spots have hit it this year with their beach clubs and nightclubs in the North Coast. First, is Cheers Sahel, located in Bianchi Sidi Abdel-Rahman’s Clubhouse serves breakfast and shisha on its rooftop in the mornings and then transforms into a hot nightspot with the best DJs and entertainment at night; reservations are done through their Facebook page. Then, there is Sodic Olympia in IOS Village, where you can eat, drink and watch the sport you like.

If you are coming from Cairo and you want to save on gas for the weekend, you can stop by Rakkan by Sass, a beach club in the morning and a jazzing nightclub in the evening; the location is Bo Islands, you should reserve first, though. If commuting is not the thing for you, you should try Salt Beach & Restobar in Bianchi Sidi Abdel-Rahman, a great beach club in the morning and a restaurant and bar in the evening; reservations are through their Facebook page; enjoy!

A party animal?! Exit in Hacienda has reopened its doors featuring local bands, musicians, and DJs. It is a party until sunlight. Back to the scene is Danos Beach Club in Hacienda, which is complete with sun beds, beanbags, and a themed beach party every weekend. Yet, the ultimate place to go for in “Sahel” is the infamous 6IX Degrees in Hacienda Bay, where partying is taken to a whole new level. Exquisite entertainment acts, the country’s most popular DJs, and even popular pop stars taking the stage.

A deluxe culinary experience is brought to you by Sachi By The Sea in Hacienda Bay. The beach bar offers one of the most delicious wining and dining experiences along the coast. Finally, it is Lemon Tree & Co., a legendary Sahel spot that has been slowly upping up its game since 2014 with a fabulous beach bar in the enchanting Telal and their night party spot in Marassi.

Winter in the North Coast

Summer is over, and with it goes all the partying and clubbing. But, Sahel is an ultimate getaway in winter. This is the season for tranquillity and calmness. Chalet owners would go there in winter, especially the elderly, to enjoy the weather, which is not so cold, and of course, the scenery, which they cannot possibly enjoy in the hassle of the summer days. Also, in winter, some people enjoy hunting the immigrant Quail as a winter sport, so they set up nets directly on beaches.

Key Destinations along the North Coast


As the second-largest city in Egypt and a major port, Alexandria has a rich history and cultural heritage. Known as “The Pearl of the Mediterranean,” the city offers a blend of historical sites, such as the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (a modern tribute to the ancient Library of Alexandria), and beautiful beaches like Montaza Beach and Maamoura Beach.

Marsa Matrouh

Marsa Matrouh is a lesser-known gem on the North Coast, famous for its turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. The most famous beach here is Agiba Beach, a small cove that’s like a slice of paradise. The city itself exudes a laid-back atmosphere, making it perfect for those seeking tranquillity.

Coastal Travel Attractions

Watersports and Activities

The clear Mediterranean waters along the North Coast are ideal for various watersports, including snorkelling, diving, windsurfing, and kiteboarding. The underwater life, although not as diverse as the Red Sea, still offers a delightful experience for marine enthusiasts.


The coastal region of Egypt offers a unique culinary experience, with an emphasis on fresh seafood. Dining by the Mediterranean Sea, with dishes made from the day’s catch, is an experience in itself. The blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern culinary traditions creates a delightful gastronomic journey.

Cultural Exploration

The North Coast, rich in history, offers more than just beach activities. Historical sites, such as the ruins of the ancient city of Taposiris Magna, offer glimpses into Egypt’s diverse past. The blend of ancient history with modern luxury provides a unique travel experience.

Eco-Tourism and Nature Reserves

The North Coast is also home to several nature reserves and protected areas. The Omayed Biosphere Reserve, for instance, is known for its biodiversity and is an ideal spot for eco-tourists interested in exploring Egypt’s natural landscapes.

Festivals and Nightlife

During the summer months, the North Coast comes alive with various festivals and events. From music concerts to cultural festivals, there’s always something happening. The nightlife in the resorts and beach clubs is vibrant, with international DJs often gracing the decks.

So, if you are planning on having your summer vacation in Egypt, and you want to enjoy every minute of it, the North Coast of Egypt is your ultimate destination.

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