A series of seven fantasy novels under the name “The Chronicles of Narnia” which sold more than 100 million copies in 47 different languages. Inspired from different myths and legends including Greek and Roman myths and even Christian topics, the story takes place in the fictional kingdom of Narnia with magical beasts, adventures and children who become heroes.

Rostrevor County Down- A Great Place To Visit

Rostrevor Co. Downvideo
The Beautiful Rostrevor Rostrevor is as picturesque as you can get it in Northern Ireland. Nestled at the bottom of Slieve Martin on the shores of Carlingford Lough is the lively village with an abundance of history, myth and outdoor splendour that would keep anyone...

Life in Celtic Ireland – Ancient To Modern Celticism

Life in Celtic Ireland - Ancient To Modern Celticism
Ireland is well known for its beautiful scenery, thick forests and even breweries. However, Ireland is home to a richer history and culture. Life in Celtic Ireland holds many interesting aspects to explore; both ancient and modern Celticism have left and continue to leave...