A series of seven fantasy novels under the name “The Chronicles of Narnia” which sold more than 100 million copies in 47 different languages. Inspired from different myths and legends including Greek and Roman myths and even Christian topics, the story takes place in the fictional kingdom of Narnia with magical beasts, adventures and children who become heroes.

CS Lewis-Chronicles of Narnia-The Lion,Witch & Wardrobe-Narnia Trail

CS Lewis Trail - Narniavideo
CS Lewis - born in Belfast on 29th November 1898 created the world of Narnia that is loved all around the world. Here we follow his footsteps through Belfast and Northern Ireland - seeing what inspired him to create such a wonderful place. We...

Dunluce Castle – Incredible Medieval Castle on Cliffs in County Antrim

Dunluce Castle County Antrimvideo
The Impressive Dunluce Castle Dunluce is a must visit for anyone visiting or living in Northern Ireland. Its location is incredible - the ruins impressive. Have a look at our photos and videos - decide for yourself. They do not compare to a personal visit...