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Dig deeper into the unknown stories of traditional narratives, folkloric mythologies and legends of Ireland. The stories that, one way or another, participate in shaping the cultural practice in different civilizations and countries.

Beware the Wail of the Banshee

An old portrait of a Banshee sitting on a river bank.
Irish mythology and folklore are famed for its richness of detail, its abundance of memorable characters and its meaningful fables. From the most well-known tales, such as the Banshee and the Children of Lir, to lesser-known gems, such as the warrior-queen Carmán, Ireland can lay...

The Legend of Finn MacCool and the Isle of Man

The legend of Finn MacCool
For all the legend lovers out there, look nowhere further than the history and legends of Ireland. It is the perfect place around the world that evoked worlds of mystical creatures; a world that is full of thought-provoking mythical tales. Among the popular legend...

Leprechauns: the Famous Tiny-Bodied Fairies of Ireland

Throughout the years, cultures develop their own beliefs and mythological tales. Some of these tales keep on descending to the younger generations for years; for very long years. The length of these years can actually result in losing the sources behind the myths and...

The Globally Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day Construed

St. Patrick's Day parade in Moscow
Bringing millions of people together from different parts of the world, St. Patrick’s Day is perhaps one of the most hotly-anticipated celebrations of the year. Originally, this religious and cultural event commemorates when St. Patrick, the most recognised patron saint of Ireland, died on...

Samhain and the Unpopular Origins of Halloween

Samhain and The Unpopular Origins Of Halloween
It’s the time of the year when things get spooky. The days get shorter, the leaves turn orange and brown, and supermarkets try to sell you all manner of foods which look like eyeballs and spiders, even though nobody in their normal mind would...

Digging into the Secrets of Irish Pookas

A Kelpie - The Myth of Pookas
Every country with a renowned history has its share of legends, myths, and traditional stories, as they help in shaping the cultural and historical existence of the whole country among others. Ireland is one of those countries with a history that dates back to thousands...

The Children of Lir: A Fascinating Irish Legend

Children of Lir
The Children of Lir legend is a must know story that will meet your curiosity for history. So, if you're the type of person who’s fascinated by the past's fantasies, you'll be amused after reading this legend. Children of Lir is an amusing ancient...