7 Must-Visit Attractions in Muggia, the Splendid Town on the Adriatic Sea


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At the southernmost tip of Italy, the coastline appears to gracefully fold in on itself, where the stunning Muggia, the sole Istrian town that remains part of Italy, lies on the Adriatic Sea. As you approach the charming harbour, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a world of winding alleys and cosy piazzas. Delving into the local dialect, traditions, and culinary specialities also uncovers a shared heritage with this powerful former empire.


Gazing out at sea, one can’t help but be struck by the stunning sight of the pristine Istrian stones and vibrant houses blending seamlessly with the lush greenery of the Karst landscape. Nestled between the captivating seven-kilometre coastline and a majestic range of hills, this location boasts breathtaking views that stretch across both Italy and Istria.

How to Go and What to Do

The charming little town of Muggia lies in the picturesque Friuli Venezia Giulia region. What makes this town truly special is its location—it’s the southernmost municipality in the region and sits right on the border with Slovenia. If you’re looking for an unforgettable, unique experience, Muggia is the place to be.

With a plethora of daily ferry services departing from Trieste‘s port, reaching this idyllic destination is a breeze. The moment you set foot in this quaint little town, you’ll be swept away by its pure, refreshing air, breathtaking scenery, and leisurely pace of life. There is a lot to do and attractions to visit in that enticing place, such as:

The Historic Centre


The ideal itinerary that will lead you to discover what to see in Muggia can only begin by crossing the Porta di Levante, also known as “Portizza”, the historic entrance that still today leads to the heart of the town, a stone’s throw from Istria.

Taking Via Dante or walking through the “calli”, the narrow streets that border the houses, you will immediately realise how much the Venetian influence has characterised the history of Muggia and, above all, how strong it is still present in the dialect and in the traditions.

Treat yourself to a pleasant walk in this network of alleys to find some refreshment during the hot summer days and, most importantly, to discover picturesque corners where plants and flowers create a wonderful kaleidoscope of colours that go well with the soft or bright colours of the walls of the small but pretty houses of Muggia.

Church of Saints John and Paul

If you want to immerse yourself in the true atmosphere that marks the days of this town, Piazza Marconi is the perfect place for you! This square, which represents a typical Venetian campiello, overlooks two of the most important attractions of Muggia: the Cathedral and the town hall. 

The Cathedral, dedicated to Saints John and Paul, was consecrated in 1263; it has a marvellous façade covered with slabs of white stone embellished by the splendid rose-shaped window, in the centre of which stands out the representation of the Virgin with the Child, and by the high relief depicting the Most Holy Trinity with Saints John and Paul. 

These two elements complete and decorate this building with an unmistakable Venetian Gothic style, underlining once again the strong link with the ancient Republic of Venice.

One last tip: don’t leave Piazza Marconi without treating yourself to a spritz or a glass of wine at one of the many tables that crowd this place to enjoy a well-deserved break and admire this enchanting corner of Muggia from a privileged position.


A few steps from the church of Saints John and Paul stands our favourite place in Muggia: the Mandracchio, the small but characteristic inland port which is the fulcrum of this fishing village overlooking the bay of the same name.

The houses that are reflected in its waters and the small boats that find home here give life to a wonderful picture in continuous movement that will surely win you over! Absolutely include the Mandracchio among the stops on your itinerary to discover what to see in Muggia.

Porto San Rocco Marina Resort

After exploring the amazing Mandracchio of Muggia, take a nice walk on the docks of the Porto San Rocco Marina Resort. In this top-tier marina, you can admire yachts that reach up to 60 metres in length. 

From the benches located on the concrete docks, imagine being on board one of these splendid boats as they ply the clear waters of the Gulf of Trieste. Dreaming costs nothing!

The Castle of Muggia

Step back in time and explore the impressive Muggia Castle, a stunning rectangular fortress constructed from square sandstone blocks that date all the way back to 1374. Standing high above the charming old “Mandracchio” port, this beautiful castle offers breathtaking views and a glimpse into the region’s rich history. 

At the beginning of the 1900s, thanks to Giacomo de Rossi, the castle abandoned its degraded appearance in favour of a restructuring that led to the expansion of the internal spaces and the maintenance of some distinctive elements, such as the loopholes along the battlements and the patrol walkways.

In 1991 the sculptor Villi Bossi bought the building, transforming it into a private residence which today, thanks to his family’s idea, houses, among other things, a small bed and breakfast with three rooms for those who want to try the experience of staying in a historic residence.

Precisely for this reason, the castle can only be visited on a few exclusive occasions, such as during the days dedicated to the Open Castles in Friuli Venezia Giulia.


Muggia Vecchia

On the hill of Muggia Vecchia, you will find the Archaeological Park, which allows you to learn about the history of this evocative fortified village through various itineraries and educational panels. The park is unique in its kind.

The hilltop is crowned with the Romanesque Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, the only structure in use in the area. The church offers a splendid view of the Muggia Valley and the city of Trieste. The Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta is also very beautiful from an architectural and artistic point of view. 

This stunning structure boasts a local sandstone exterior and an astonishing three-nave interior adorned with a collection of exquisite frescoes dating back to the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries.

The pictorial works in the church were created by at least three different painters. They illustrate various parts from the New Testament, including the stories of Christ, the Assumption of Mary into heaven, the four Evangelists, and an imposing Saint Christopher, who is the patron saint of pilgrims.

Biblioteca Beethoveniana

A gem not to be missed in Muggia is the Museum dedicated to the genius Beethoven, his history and the era in which he lived. Imagine walking into a world filled with treasures that belonged to this legendary musician. 

This private collection features an array of unique pieces, from the musician’s personal sheet music to rare books, biographies, paintings, and countless other objects that offer a glimpse into the legacy of this iconic figure.

The Perfect Spot for Seafood Lovers

Muggia is basically a hometown for many fishermen, which makes it the right place to be if you are craving seafood. Besides that, it has various restaurant and bar options that guarantee everyone’s satisfaction. Here’s where you can enjoy the best Italian dishes in Muggia:

Trattoria al Castello

A mixed appetiser with local delicacies such as sardines in savòr and excellent fried fish will allow you to discover the culinary side of this splendid village. In addition to the value for money, you will be surprised by the service and the homely atmosphere that reigns among the tables of the Trattoria al Castello restaurant.

Indulge in a seafood feast that will tantalise your taste buds while lounging on a covered terrace and enjoying breathtaking views of the sea. Additionally, the lush greenery surrounding the place creates a serene and peaceful atmosphere, giving you a better experience. The restaurant’s menu offers a variety of mouth-watering dishes that are prepared with love and cooked to perfection. 

Start off with marinated, boiled cuttlefish and mussels scottadito. For the main course, they offer a delectable selection of dishes such as gnocchetti with crab, spaghetti alla marinara, and mixed fish risotto. Don’t forget to try their fish of the day, baked or grilled.

Sal de Mar

Get ready for a culinary adventure at Sal de Mar, a charming restaurant nestled in the vibrant heart of Muggia. Savour the freshest seafood dishes paired with outstanding local wines that will leave you craving more. 

Imagine dining in a historic Venetian fort that has stood strong for over 300 years—that’s exactly where this restaurant is located. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by the warm and welcoming presence of Roberta and Marco, who lovingly manage the place with utmost care.

The restaurant boasts an elegant interior with wooden flooring and a spacious outdoor area complete with a modern veranda, perfect for enjoying your favourite dishes in the warm weather. The interior and exterior spaces have been tastefully furnished to ensure a pleasant experience for you.

The list of wines is extensive, featuring a diverse range of local and regional wines. Complete your fish-tasting experience with their multi-course tasting menus.

For more than a century, this amazing restaurant has been a hub for catering events, specialising in delectable fish dishes crafted by its skilled chefs, who take great care to utilise the abundant resources of the surrounding area to create the most flavourful and fresh dishes possible.

Osteria al Corridoio

In the heart of Muggia’s historic centre, you’ll find Osteria al Corridoio, a fish restaurant serving regional specialities like creamed cod, scampi alla busara, and their signature rich mixed fried appetisers. All while sipping on some fine vino.

Enjoy a delightful experience at Osteria al Corridoio, where you’ll find a perfect blend of refreshing drinks, mouth-watering dishes, and a relaxed atmosphere. Regardless of how hot it is, the air-conditioned interior will beat the heat and help you cool down.

Where to Stay in Muggia

The accommodation options in Muggia are countless; you will definitely find a place that meets your standards and budget at the same time.

Hotel San Rocco

According to so many positive reviews, Hotel San Rocco, located 800 metres away from the fascinating historic centre of Muggia, is one of the best hotels in the area. Enjoy your stay in cosy, air-conditioned rooms equipped with satellite TV, complimentary WiFi access, a safety deposit box, a radio and a work desk for your convenience. Step onto your own balcony and take in the breathtaking views.

Step into a world of timeless elegance with the classic style that features plush carpeted floors, sleek lacquered wood furniture, and vibrant pops of yellow accents. Their cleaning products are not only effective but also eco-friendly thanks to the organic ingredients they are made of.

In the morning, the restaurant offers its guests a scrumptious breakfast spread that boasts a diverse range of options to cater to their taste buds. From juicy seasonal fruits to organic produce, you’ll find everything you need to kickstart your day. Plus, if you have any dietary restrictions, don’t worry—gluten-free products are available upon request.

Another perk of staying at the San Rocco Hotel is the convenience of free covered parking just 3 km away from the beautiful country of Slovenia. Facilities for guests with disabilities, a fitness centre, and an outdoor swimming pool are among other favourable amenities accessible in the hotel.

7 Must-Visit Attractions in Muggia, the Splendid Town on the Adriatic Sea

Hotel Oasi

Enjoy free parking and indulge in the comfort of air-conditioned rooms with a balcony and LCD TV. The hotel’s rooms are adorned with elegant wooden furniture and polished parquet floors. You’ll find everything you need for a comfortable stay, including a fully-equipped bathroom with a hairdryer and luxurious toiletries. 

Start your day off right every morning with a delicious breakfast at the cosy bar next door. The breakfast usually includes your choice of coffee or cappuccino, freshly baked croissants, and a variety of mouth-watering pastries. 

The Hotel Oasi is just 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) from Muggia and 3 kilometres (1.8 miles) from Trieste. The Gulf of Trieste can be reached in about 5 minutes by car. 

Casa Vegan B&B

If you prefer bed and breakfast options to hotels, this B&B might be a better option for you. At Casa Vegan B&B, you can pamper yourself in the joy of travel and socialising while also embracing the Zero Waste philosophy and vegan ethics. 

This project was created with the noble goal of providing support for both the environment and animals. Your stay will be in a house that is completely plastic-free, zero waste, and vegan—not just in the kitchen but in every aspect of it. Bring your furry friends along; it is so satisfying to know they can enter for free!

In addition to complimentary amenities, each room comes with a private bathroom. As for breakfast, the B&B serves a breakfast buffet every morning, and guests can also choose from delectable vegan selections.

Casa Vegan B&B is conveniently located just 17 miles away from the charming town of Portorož and only 9 miles away from the vibrant city of Trieste. Just 37 miles away from the accommodation lies the Trieste Airport, in case you are getting ready for your next destination. 

If you are heading to Italy next summer, you shouldn’t miss the allure of Muggia, a picturesque and richly historic town that’s definitely worth a visit. Whether you’re a beach bum, a foodie, or a history buff, this town has got you covered. With its gorgeous coastline, irresistible cuisine, and fascinating cultural heritage, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

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