The Best Activities and Hotels in Lucea, Jamaica


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Have you ever heard about Lucea? It is the capital of Hanover Parish, Jamaica. Being an ancient colonial town and agricultural centre on the north coast, it represents Jamaica’s historic and new worlds. If you want to indulge in the tranquil nature but enjoy the lively city at the same time, then Lucea is your perfect destination.

Visitors can feel the buzz of modern Jamaican life by shopping in Cleveland Stanhope Markets, particularly on Saturdays. Additionally, the city features stunning beach resorts and colonial homes. Nothing beats sitting on the beach while observing an aquamarine sea.

About Lucea

Lucea is located between the vacation town of Negril in the west and Montego Bay in the east. It is a one-in-a-lifetime experience of real Caribbean life along with a luxury stay. The town has a lot to offer as a tourist destination, from nature, rich history, and many preserved buildings. Its unique location supports the breathtaking beaches where you can practise swimming, snorkelling, and many other water sports.

Besides the natural beauty, the town is an excellent shopping destination. Cleveland Stanhope Markets are renowned for local riches such as seafood, crops, and handiworks. We recommend trying local Lucea yams with their smooth texture.

Additionally, Lucea has many tourist destinations to learn more about the history of Jamaica. Hanover Parish Church is a key attraction in the city as it is one of the oldest churches. It was constructed in the early 1700s. It is also recommended to visit Hanover Museum, which reveals Lucea’s story as a banana and sugar port.

Water Activities in Lucea

Since Lucea is renowned for its stunning beaches that take the breath away, it offers various water sports and activities. It has something to offer to everyone. Let’s have a quick look at some of these sports:

Cruise to Dunn’s River Falls


Visitors can book a cruise to Dunne’s River Falls with lunch included. You can enjoy all of the following:

  • Experience cruising aboard a 23 metres luxury catamaran
  • Exciting hike up to 183 metres at Dunn’s River Falls
  • Snorkel in a hidden cove filled with lively coral reefs
  • Enjoy a live DJ with a fun party environment aboard
  • Delicious lunch featuring Jamaican specialities and an open bar

Horseback Beach Ride & Swim


You can enjoy a memorable experience and ride bareback through the warm Caribbean waters. You will definitely fall head over nails in love with the outstanding view of the horizon.

  • Horse ride through the spectacular Blue Hole Estate
  • Lose the saddle and ride through the warm Caribbean water with your horse
  • Professional guide to explain Jamaica’s history and landmarks
  • Sceneries of 18th-century sugar plantation and Great House remains
  • Exquisite ocean scenery from the Jamaican coastline

Luminous Lagoon Experience


You can not miss the gem of Jamaica’s great Luminous Lagoon. You can book a special night cruise, treat yourself to rum or a cocktail, and splash in the magical mangrove lagoon.

  • Magnificent evening cruise in waters glistening with blue light
  • Panorama of mangrove lagoon enlightened by microscopic organisms
  • Chance to go swimming in a peaceful phosphorescent setting
  • Try a complimentary rum or cocktail

Negril Beach Chill Out & Rick’s Cafe


Nothing beats spending the day on Negril’s pure white sandy beaches at Boardwalk Beach. You can get a taste of nature while relaxing on the beach chair. To make your time even more enjoyable, you can treat yourself with a delicious dish at an authentic Jamaican restaurant. Rick’s Cafe is one of the excellent spots in Jamica as it overlooks the West End Cliffs. Get a Welcome drink and get your beach chair and unwind on the beach. If you are a thrill lover, you can try cliff jumping.

Adults-Only Reggae Catamaran Cruise with Snorkeling & Drinks


If you want to have some memorable time with your partner, a catamaran cruise is an excellent choice. You can bask in the sunshine or enjoy the Caribbean’s crystal-clear waters. You can also treat yourself with tasty appetizers and different fruity cocktails while watching the brilliant views of the island paradise.

You can experience snorkelling in the stunning turquoise sea and watch the colourful coral and tropical fish. Then, you can head to the world’s well-known Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, where the fun goes. Jump on water trampolines and splash into the Caribbean Sea while going down the 120 feet waterside.

  • Exciting sailing and snorkelling trip into tropical waters
  • Tasty appetizers and tropical drinks offered on board
  • Spacious luxury catamaran with many rooms to party
  • Chance to try the waters and snorkel next to the boat
  • Pay a visit to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.

Cultural and Theme Parks

Appleton Estate & Pelican Bar

You can book a private tour of the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience and Floyd’s Pelican Bar. You will know how Appleton Rum is produced and get the chance to test some of the spirits. Then, you can unwind and enjoy a cold drink in Floyd’s Pelican Bar. We recommend trying the fresh seafood meal before going back to Montage Bay.

Nine Mile and Dunn’s River Falls Day Trip from Montego Bay & Grand Palladium

Do you know reggae legend, Bob Marley? Nine Mile is his hometown. Visitors can hike to the top of Dunn’s River Falls during a reserved tour from Montego Bay. On the way to St Ann Parish, you can not miss the panoramic Columbus Park in Discovery Bay. 

You can explore Bob Marley‘s birthplace, learn about Rastafarianism, and hike to Scotchies Outdoor Garden Restaurant for an authentic Jamaican lunch. You can get a taste of nature on Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios for scenic views of the surrounding landscape.

Martha Brae Rafting and Falmouth Historical

If you do not want to drive, you can simply book and explore the best of Falmouth in one day from Montego Bay. This tour is perfect for couples or travellers to party on a special occasion. Additionally, you can experience sailing down the Martha Brae River on a two-person bamboo raft. Walk through a medicinal herb garden, and visit the historic port town with a guide. 


Green Grotto Cave Private Tour

The Grotta Cave features a sizeable labyrinthine limestone cave with various rock formations, stalagmites, and stalactites. It also has plenty of overhead ceiling pockets. The professional guide narrates the story of the people who have used the caves for different purposes over the years. 

Evidence such as cave paintings, fragments, tools, and pottery means that the Taino Indians were the initial residents of the cave and used the burrows for shelter. Then, the Spanish escaped capture in the cave during the British invasion of Jamaica (1655). 

The cave features an underground tunnel which connects the cave to the sand at Runaway bay. It is thought that the Spanish used the tunnel in their attempt to escape to Cuba. Runaway workers also used caves to get away from their former masters.

Food and Nightlife in Lucea

Your trip to Lucea can’t be complete without trying the unique Jamaican food at some of the most outstanding restaurants there. To make sure you will never forget the amazing taste of traditional dishes in Jamaica, we recommend trying the following options:

Food Tasting Tour of Local Jamaican Cuisine

You can learn about Montego Bay through its cuisine on a private Jamaican food-tasting tour. Along with a guide, try local dishes such as curry goat, brown stew fish, and jerk chicken. In addition, have a stop at a fruit stand to test coconuts, fresh mangoes, and more. 

Border Jerk Restaurant

This remarkable restaurant can introduce you to the local food as it serves Caribbean, Jamaican, and Barbecue cuisine. You are welcomed for lunch and dinner at Border Jerk restaurant. Also, it features parking, takeout, and wheelchair accessibility.

Food Spot Restaurant, Bar & Grill

Food Spot Restaurant receives the best customer reviews in Haughton Court, Lucea, Jamaica. It is renowned for top-notch Caribbean and Jamaican food. Additionally, you can treat yourself to Jerk Chicken cooked on wood.

Reggae Paradise

Reggae Paradise is second to none, serving the Caribbean most popular dishes and seafood. Additionally, You will fall head over nails in love with the Jamaican grilled dishes it serves. The experience is worth your time and money.

Top Attractions in Lucea

Lucea is not only about scrumptious food and incredible sea views, it has much more to offer. To add a cherry on top of the cake, you need to visit the following tourist attractions:

Dolphin Cove Montego Bay

Dolphin Cove Montego Bay lies in the centre of Montego Bay and Negril in Lucea. Surrounded by the wilderness, You can book a package that includes lunch, swimming with dolphins, ostrich interaction and stingray interaction. Additionally, it is the only park where you can have a remarkable nature encounter in the Montego Bay area.

Montego Bay Marine Park

Montego Bay Marine Park is the first Marine Protected Area in the country. It mainly has two Fish sanctuaries: the Bogue Lagoon and the Montego Bay Point, both of which stretch over 15 km2 of coastal habitat.  

James Parish Church

The St. James Parish Church is the most remarkable in Montego Bay. The old church lies in a large cemetery featuring tombstones from more than 200 years. The church is designed in a classic Greek cross shape.

There are various points of interest in the church, such as two monuments by John Bacon, a famous 18th-century sculptor. Decorating the walls are memorials to significant figures in the history of Montego Bay. The St. James Parish Church was constructed between 1775 and 1782. It underwent significant repair work in 1957 after damage from an earthquake.

Barney’s Hummingbird Garden Jamaica

Barney’s Flower and Hummingbird Garden in Negril, Jamaica is a breathtaking and well-preserved lush tropical garden, habitat to an extensive range of hummingbirds. This natural beauty is ideal for strolling and enjoying colourful flowers, such as ground bromeliad and hibiscus. The native birds generally found in Jamaica are hummingbirds and the tropical mockingbird. As a visitor, you can feed them through small bottles.

It is a stunning paradise with many tropical birds and flowers. Heliconias, ginger lilies, Thunbergia and firecrackers are some of the trail’s flowers. There are various birds and small animals to watch as well! It is usual to find Parakeets, the Caribbean Oriol, and Woodpeckers on your journey, as well as butterflies, lizards, and geckos.

Blessed Sacrament Cathedral

The Most Blessed Sacrament Cathedral is a religious construction that goes back to the Roman Catholic Church and lies in the city of Montego Bay at 3 Fort Street. It is a temple following the Roman or Latin tradition, the headquarters of Montego Bay’s Catholic Diocese. The current building was built in 1967 with funds from the parish. All Masses and religious services are presented in English.

Best Hotels in Lucea

You can’t really enjoy your vacation if you’re tired. This is why it’s important to stay in a comfortable, cosy hotel where you can relax and get your energy bar filled up. Luckily, Lucea has many different hotels to meet everyone’s preferences, budgets, and plans.

Blue Paloma

Blue Paloma is one of the best hotels within a 7-minute walk to the beach and the town of Lucea. It is a 30-minute drive to Montego Bay and the 7-Mile beach in Negril. The hotel offers free high-speed internet, free parking, a fitness centre with a gym and complimentary breakfast. It features various room types. Most rooms also have air conditioning, a flat-screen tv, a microwave and a coffee or tea maker.

Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy luxury facilities, the 5-star Grand Palladium has it all. It is located at Point Lucea, Lucea, Jamaica. You can enjoy free internet and free parking. For the athletes, you have access to a fitness centre with a gym. Additionally, it features a nightclub, casino, and gambling for fun time.

You will never feel bored as it has something to offer for everyone, like diving, aerobics, table tennis, a tennis court, and a kids’ club. Additionally, it provides airport transportation, shuttle bus service, and car hire.

Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa

Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa is an excellent choice for celebrating special occasions as it offers romantic environment. It offers top-notch facilities, like air-conditioned roomsand free wifi so you can enjoy your favourite series or movies. You can have some fun swimming in the pool while treating yourself to drinks from the poolside bar. It is a cut above the rest.

Round Hill Hotel and Villas

Round Hill Hotel and Villas is renowned for its top-notch facilities, like free high-speed internet, secured parking, and a fitness centre with a gym. Visitors can enjoy odds and ends activities, including diving, snorkelling, aerobics and water sports. While your kids have fun in the indoor play area in the kids’ club, you can go fishing or try the board games.

Xye Resort

Xye Resorts uniquely lies among the stunning tropical paradise in Negril. A relaxing vacation means Xye Resort with a serene atmosphere designed for the guests’ comfort. Nothing beats relaxing on a comfortable bed while watching the stunning views of the beach and drinking your favourite cuppa from your kitchenette. It is second to none.

Sunset at the Palms

Sunset at the Palms is perfect option for romantics or a wedding destination. You can get a taste of nature with your partner in the middle of tropical gardens and flora at the edge of Negril. You can access the internet and enjoy odds and ends online videos. For some adventure, you can try diving, snorkelling and other water sports. Before returning to your luxury room, you can join some evening entertainment. It is the place where you create memories.

Suppose you want to have a unique vacation full of adventures and a peaceful atmosphere at the same time. In that case, Lucea must be your destination. You can enjoy water sports and stunning sights with a rich history. Lucea offers a great variety of restaurants and cafes that suit everyone’s taste. Additionally, hotels and resorts in Lucea offer all the services anyone looks for at various levels.


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