Los Angeles Tourism Statistics from 2019 to 2024: Record-Breaking Growth and Visitor Spending Figures

Los Angeles Tourism Statistics from 2019 to 2024: Record-Breaking Growth and Visitor Spending Figures

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Los Angeles tourism statistics have been the talk of the industry in recent years as the City of Angels continues to solidify its status as one of the world’s premier travel destinations. Between 2019 and 2024, this vibrant metropolis experienced a remarkable surge in visitor numbers and spending, cementing its reputation as a must-see location for travellers from around the globe.

Over the past five years, Los Angeles has consistently shattered its own tourism records, drawing in unprecedented numbers of visitors eager to immerse themselves in the city’s diverse culture, world-class attractions, and unparalleled entertainment offerings. From the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to the sun-soaked beaches of the Pacific coastline, LA has captivated the hearts and minds of travellers, who have flocked to the city in ever-increasing droves.

The remarkable growth in Los Angeles tourism statistics has had a profound impact on the local economy, with visitor spending reaching dizzying new heights. Billions of dollars have poured into the city’s coffers, fueling job creation, infrastructure development, and a thriving hospitality industry that caters to the diverse needs and preferences of the global traveller. As the city continues to evolve and innovate, the future of Los Angeles tourism looks brighter than ever before.

Los Angeles: Navigating Tourism’s Double-Edged Impact

Los Angeles Tourism Statistics from 2019 to 2024: Record-Breaking Growth and Visitor Spending Figures

Los Angeles, known as the City of Angels, is more than just a sunny retreat for the stars; it’s a bustling urban centre heavily influenced by tourism. Let’s delve into the complex effects of tourism on LA, examining the economic benefits it brings and the challenges it imposes.

Economic Powerhouse

Employment, Revenue, and Development Tourism in LA is a formidable force. In 2022, it generated an impressive $34.5 billion in total business sales, outstripping many other local industries [discoverlosangeles.com]. This sector supports a substantial job market, with over 528,200 residents employed in areas like hospitality, transportation, and retail [discoverlosangeles.com]. Over half a million livelihoods are tied to tourism!

Beyond job creation, tourist spending in 2022 added a substantial $3 billion to the city’s tax revenue [discoverlosangeles.com]. These funds are critical for essential services such as police, fire departments, and public transportation. Consequently, each household in Los Angeles County benefits by saving an estimated $893 annually on taxes due to tourism.

A Cultural Mosaic Enriched by Visitors

Los Angeles Tourism Statistics from 2019 to 2024: Record-Breaking Growth and Visitor Spending Figures

Los Angeles’s vibrant cultural landscape is significantly enhanced by tourism. In 2018, LA County welcomed a record 70 million visitors [discoverlosangeles.com]. This influx fosters a global exchange of ideas and experiences, evident in the city’s diverse culinary scene, such as the proliferation of Korean BBQ restaurants and the multitude of languages spoken on its streets.

Tourism also energises the local arts scene. Art exhibits featuring international talent and global film festivals attract visitors from around the world, ensuring LA’s cultural scene remains dynamic and vibrant. This continuous stream of tourists keeps the city’s cultural pulse lively and ever-evolving.

L.A. Shines Bright: A Surge in Tourism Breaks Records

Los Angeles Tourism Statistics from 2019 to 2024: Record-Breaking Growth and Visitor Spending Figures

The City of Angels is more vibrant than ever as Los Angeles witnesses a tourism surge, with visitor numbers approaching pre-pandemic highs. In 2023, the city welcomed 49.1 million tourists, marking a 97% recovery from the record-setting year of 2019 [Source: TravelAge West, 2024]. This increase goes beyond Hollywood glamour and celebrity sightings, showcasing L.A.’s evolution into a global hub offering a wide array of experiences.

International Visitors: From Around the World to the Walk of Fame

Los Angeles is a magnet for international visitors. Here’s why the world is flocking to L.A.:

Beyond the Beach

While L.A.’s beaches are iconic, drawing over 12 million visitors annually, the city offers much more. Thriving art scenes, world-class museums like the Getty Center (which attracts over 5.5 million visitors yearly, and a dynamic culinary landscape are enticing travellers looking for cultural immersion.

East Meets West

The growing Asian middle class, with an increasing interest in travel, has its sights set on L.A. Direct flights from major Asian cities, cultural ties (especially with Chinese and Korean communities), and a welcoming environment make L.A. a top destination. In 2023, nearly 1 million of the total international visitors came from China alone.

Hola, Hollywood

L.A.’s star power continues to attract international visitors eager to experience the film industry’s magic. Studios like Universal Studios Hollywood welcome over 14 million visitors annually, allowing fans to walk in the footsteps of their favourite celebrities.

This influx of international tourists not only boosts L.A.’s economy but also creates a vibrant cultural melting pot, offering both visitors and locals a chance to experience a world of diversity within one city.

Sustainability Efforts: Keeping Paradise Pristine

While tourism is a boon for L.A., responsible travel is paramount. The city is taking a proactive approach to sustainable tourism:

  • Greener Getaways: Eco-friendly hotels and green transportation options like electric bikes and car-sharing programs are making it easier for visitors to explore L.A. with a lighter footprint.
  • Conscious Cuisine: Farm-to-table restaurants and sustainable seafood options are becoming the norm, allowing visitors to enjoy delicious food while supporting responsible practices.
  • Preserving Paradise: Initiatives like beach cleanups and responsible hiking practices are ensuring L.A.’s natural beauty is enjoyed by future generations.

L.A. understands that a healthy planet is the foundation for a healthy tourism industry. By embracing sustainability, the city is ensuring it remains a world-class destination for years to come.

Visitor Spending Figures in Los Angeles from 2019 to 2024

Los Angeles Tourism Statistics from 2019 to 2024: Record-Breaking Growth and Visitor Spending Figures

Los Angeles is experiencing a tourism windfall! While visitor numbers haven’t quite reached pre-pandemic highs, tourist spending is painting a promising picture. Let’s delve into the figures.

Record Revenues on the Horizon

In 2019, visitor spending in Los Angeles hit a record $24.7 billion. The pandemic caused a steep decline, with spending plummeting to an estimated $10 billion in 2020. However, a significant rebound is underway.

Path to Recovery

Tourist spending surged in 2022, reaching $34.5 billion, marking a 91% recovery compared to the 2019 record.

Detailed Breakdown

While overall spending figures are impressive, let’s look closer:

  • Accommodation: Hotels, vacation rentals, and other lodging options saw a spending surge in 2022, with an estimated $12.8 billion.
  • Dining & Entertainment: From world-class restaurants to iconic theme parks, Angelenos welcomed $9.2 billion in spending on food and entertainment experiences in 2022.
  • Retail Therapy: Shopping sprees are a big part of the tourist experience. Angelenos raked in an estimated $7.5 billion in retail spending from visitors in 2022.

Key Statistics on Tourism in Los Angeles from 2019 to 2024

Los Angeles Tourism Statistics from 2019 to 2024: Record-Breaking Growth and Visitor Spending Figures

Los Angeles continues to be a global tourist hotspot, and the numbers paint a fascinating story of resilience and recovery. Let’s delve deeper into the data for a clearer picture of L.A.’s tourism landscape from 2019 to 2024.

Annual Visitors

Los Angeles tourism boomed pre-pandemic, with visitor numbers reaching a record 50 million in 2019. A strong recovery is underway, with visitor numbers nearing that level again in 2023.

2019: A Record Year (50 million visitors)

This year set a new record with a diverse mix of tourists, including over 10 million international visitors, mainly from Europe and Asia. Domestic tourism was strong, particularly among Californians, followed by visitors from the East Coast and Midwest.

2020: The Pandemic Impact (25 million visitors)

Travel restrictions and health concerns halved visitor numbers. International tourism dropped by 70% compared to 2019, and domestic travel also saw a decline, with fewer Californians travelling out-of-state.

2021: Signs of Recovery (38 million visitors)

As restrictions eased, visitor numbers began to rise. Domestic travel rebounded more quickly, with Californians enjoying local trips, while international travel remained low due to ongoing restrictions.

2022: Strong Rebound (46.2 million visitors)

Recovery accelerated with a surge in domestic travel. Californians continued to dominate, and international tourism began to recover, led by visitors from Mexico.

2023 (estimated): Approaching Pre-Pandemic Levels (49.1 million visitors)

L.A. nearly returned to its 2019 peak. Domestic tourism exceeded pre-pandemic levels, driven by in-state travel and increased interest from neighbouring states. International tourism also picked up, particularly from Asia, with a notable rise in visitors from China.

The city’s record-breaking tourism numbers are a testament to its appeal and diverse attractions. So get ready to explore all that this vibrant city has to offer—there’s an unforgettable experience waiting for each visitor!

The Future of Los Angeles Tourism: A Bright Outlook

Los Angeles Tourism Statistics from 2019 to 2024: Record-Breaking Growth and Visitor Spending Figures

The future of Los Angeles tourism looks bright! Here’s a breakdown of the positive trends and potential challenges.

Los Angeles is experiencing a notable resurgence in tourism, approaching pre-pandemic visitor levels, particularly with the promising uptick in international travel. Its diverse array of attractions, spanning vibrant cultural scenes to robust sustainability initiatives, continues to captivate and entice a broad spectrum of travellers seeking enriching experiences.

Recovery Momentum

Los Angeles is experiencing a strong recovery from the pandemic. Visitor numbers are nearing pre-pandemic levels, and with international travel on the rise, the city could surpass record highs.

Diversified Appeal

L.A. is no longer just a beach destination. Thriving art scenes, world-class museums, and a vibrant culinary landscape are attracting a new breed of travellers seeking cultural immersion.

Growing Asian Market

The rise of the Asian middle class, with a strong interest in travel, positions L.A. as a top choice with direct flights and cultural connections.

Sustainability Efforts

L.A.’s commitment to sustainable tourism practices like eco-friendly hotels and green transportation options makes it more attractive to environmentally conscious travellers.

Potential Challenges

Despite the bright outlook, Los Angeles faces challenges. Notorious traffic and rising costs could deter some visitors. Ensuring smooth transportation, managing growth, and maintaining affordability will be key to welcoming tourists from all walks of life.

  • Traffic Congestion: L.A.’s notorious traffic can be a deterrent for some visitors. Investing in public transportation infrastructure and encouraging alternative transportation options could be crucial. Affordability: The rising cost of living in L.A. can impact affordability for budget-conscious travellers. Finding ways to make the city more accessible to a wider range of visitors is important.
  • Managing Growth: A surge in tourism can strain resources. L.A. needs to ensure responsible tourism practices that minimise environmental impact and preserve the city’s unique charm.

Overall, Los Angeles is well-positioned to maintain its status as a global tourism powerhouse. By capitalising on its strengths, addressing challenges, and embracing responsible practices, L.A. can continue to attract visitors from all over the world for years to come.


As the world emerges from the challenges of the past few years, Los Angeles has firmly established itself as a premier global destination, drawing in visitors from near and far who are eager to experience the city’s unparalleled cultural, entertainment, and recreational offerings. The impressive tourism statistics recorded between 2019 and 2024 are a testament to the city’s ability to adapt, innovate, and captivate, even in the face of significant upheaval.

Looking ahead, the future of Los Angeles tourism appears brighter than ever. With continued investments in infrastructure, the development of cutting-edge attractions, and the unwavering dedication of the city’s hospitality industry, LA is poised to solidify its position as one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations for years to come. As the numbers continue to climb, the impact of this vibrant city’s tourism industry will undoubtedly be felt across the region and beyond.


1. How is international visitation impacting Los Angeles’s tourism revenue?

International visitation plays a large role in boosting Los Angeles tourism revenue due to increased visitor demand and spending.

2. Is the Mayor’s Sustainability Plan linked with Los Angeles’ hospitality and tourism sector?

Yes, the Mayor’s Sustainability Plan aims at meeting sustainability goals which impact both the environment and LA’s hospitality and tourism industry.

3. Are we seeing a return to pre-pandemic levels for LA Tourism?

There has been a strong recovery in Los Angeles’s tourist industry, with total visitation approaching pre-pandemic levels.

4. Apart from visitors, what other factors contribute to economic impact in regards to Los Angeles Tourism Statistics?

The economic impact not only comes from record-breaking visitor numbers but also includes hotel stays, meals bought, local transport hired, etc., all of which fuel the LA economy.

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