All The Staggering Locations Wednesday Addams Has Been – 8 Splendid Roumanian Spots to Visit

Updated On: February 28, 2023


The Addams Family are back, but this time, we are following the story of their dark-minded daughter, Wednesday. This great spin-off has taken Netflix by storm, being one of the top-watched streaming series right upon its release. It stars the rising talented actress Jenna Ortega, and we cannot applaud her enough for the deadpan stare.

The series dropped off in November 2022, making a great belated Halloween watch to catch. It follows the story of Wednesday Addams, the daughter of Morticia and Gomez, who gets enrolled in Nevermore Academy, where her parents went to school. She barely stays in any school, for always getting herself in trouble for different reasons, but primarily for defending her brother brutally.

The best surprise is that the original Wednesday from the 90s movie is there, too, Christina Ricci, but in a different role. We see the outcasts in the series trying to hustle their way through life, but ghosts from Nevermore’s past seem to haunt Wednesday, pushing her to explore places “she shan’t be.”

Tim Burton excelled in choosing suitable locations for his gothic-themed series. To be honest, Roumania made a perfect platform to feature the deadpan life of The Addams Family, thanks to its deep roots where Dracula stories originated. If you’re heading to Roumania soon and Wednesday has appealed to you, you should visit some of the featured locations.

We will explore the places where this Tom Burton’s fascinating series was shot, travelling over Roumania to witness its beauty and observe its gothic ambience that perfectly fits the theme of the series.

1. Politehnica University (Nancy Reagan High School)

The series starts with Wednesday Addams’ dead stare, putting on her iconic classic polka dot dress and heading to the locker where her brother was shoved into. This scene takes place in the school, Nancy Reagan High School, from which she was expelled for throwing live piranhas in the swimming pool, causing severe damage to the students, but hey, that’s what she calls an act of sweet revenge. She had no remorse. 

The location of that school took place in Politehnica University, one of Roumania’s reputable educational institutions. Again, we’re referring to the old school where Wednesday was kicked out, not Nevermore Academy. The university’s building proudly sits in the Roumanian capital city, Bucharest. It’s a technical university that dates back to 1818 and has recently celebrated 200 years of success. 

Well, there isn’t much to do in a university building if you’re exploring the tourist side of Roumania unless you’re a student applying for any sort of study. Otherwise, you can only learn about this if Netflix’s Wednesday intrigues you. Feel free to look at the magnificent ancient building if you would like.

2. Casa Monteoru (Interiors of Nevermore Academy)

Nevermore Academy was a school for outcasts, which was an excellent fit for Wednesday Addams, who didn’t blend too well in the world of norms. Scenes of this school give you the chills. It was supposed to be an old reputable school where even Wednesday’s parents went and first met. Despite the apparent darkness of the school’s interiors, you can’t help but admire the ambience. 

Shootings of Nevermore Academy interiors scenes took place in Casa Monteoru, more commonly known as Monteoru House, especially among English speakers. It’s one of the most prominent landmarks in Roumania and one of its historical monuments. This huge house is located on Victory Avenue in Bucharest. The avenue is one of the liveliest spots in downtown Bucharest.

Casa Monteoru goes back to 1874. It served as the Union of Writers of Roumania headquarters for over 60 years. In 2013, the family heirs took back the building but transformed it into a multicultural centre a couple of years later. Currently, the building houses a restaurant in the garden and is a live platform for hosting exhibitions, music shows, and entertaining activities.

3. Roumanian Lakes – Brănești and Sterbei (The Poe Cup Boat Race)

It was no secret that the Netflix hit took Edgar Allen Poe as its primary inspiration when creating this show. We ought to say that this was an excellent choice, for the life story and works of Poe align perfectly with the dark themes of the Addams Family. We couldn’t also help but notice the iconic boat race named the Poe Cup. 

This race in the second episode was filmed in some of the most prominent lakes in Roumania, known as Brănești and Sterbei. Both lakes lie near the capital, Roumanian city and are prevalent landmarks of the country. 

These two lakes are popular to be suitable for fishing. However, there isn’t much to do around this region except sightseeing. Brănești and Sterbei Lakes have fascinating surroundings and lush nature elements that make them look splendid. You can see this through the scenes of the boat race.

4. Cantacuzino Castle (Exteriors of Nevermore Academy)

depositphotos 180922530 stock photo cantacuzino castle built neo romanian The Addams Family are back, but this time, we are following the story of their dark-minded daughter, Wednesday. This great spin-off has taken Netflix by storm, being one of the top-watched streaming series right upon its release. It stars the rising talented actress Jenna Ortega, and we cannot applaud her enough for the deadpan stare.

Nevermore Academy, which name is also inspired by Poe, is where most of the scenes take place. Casa Monteoru served as a perfect platform for the interiors of the prominent academy, but it’s not the same building where the outdoor shot was taken. The scenes that feature the exteriors of Nevermore Academy took place in the renowned Cantacuzino Castle, a historic landmark in Roumania.

This castle dates back to 1911 and possesses a Neo-Roumanian architectural style. Several scenes feature the exterior part of the castle, displaying Gothic vibes that scream Tim Burton. Many special effects were used to give that horror impact, yet the castle remains more welcoming in real life.

Cantacuzino Castle is a prominent historical landmark in Bușteni city. Vast areas of lush trees and green landscapes surround it. The backdrop of the castle features splendid views of mountains. Besides the magnificent sceneries, this castle is where you revisit history, embracing art galleries and special exhibitions narrating past stories. 

5. Gara Regala in Sinaia (Jericho Train Station)

Although Nevermore Academy is the central platform for most of Wednesday’s events, a lot has happened outside the premises. Jericho town, where Nevermore Academy was located, has its train station used to travel into and out of town. We could see glimpses of this site when Thing was stalking Rowan, the supposedly killed kid, and followed him into the station.

Netflix shoots these scenes in Gara Regala, the most popular train station in Sinaia, Roumania. This town is home to Sinaia Monastery, a fascinating centuries-old landmark you should visit. It also embraces picturesque views of lush greenery hugging more than a few ancient monuments. 

The Gara Regala station dates back to 1913, an archaic enough landmark that fits the gothic theme of Netflix’s Wednesday. It used to exclusively serve the royal family before it became open to the public. The building housing the station is deemed among Roumania’s oldest and most remarkable landmarks.

6. Casa Niculescu-Dorobantu Castle (Interiors of Nevermore Academy)

Casa Niculescu-Dorobantu is another real-life castle where Netflix’s hit show, Wednesday, was filmed. Roumania is famous for its strong ties to the story of Dracula and for being home to several ancient castles. Thus, it was an obvious choice for the series, displaying scenes from real-life places that can seem photoshopped despite being natural settings. 

The Casa Niculescu-Dorobantu castle was another spot to film the interiors of Nevermore Academy. It was supposedly a massive school with roots deepened in the past; thus, they needed more than one area to reflect the idea. However, Nevermore Academy’s interior scenes were the least inside this castle compared to those in Casa Monteoru. 

Casa Niculescu-Dorobantu is a massive building with an apparent neo-gothic style and French influence. It’s famous for its windows with stained glass and the enormous, ornate staircase, which were both featured in the series. This castle aided in bringing Tim Burton’s vision to life, along with the presence of gargoyles, sirens, and werewolves as the outcast students.

7. Bucharest Botanical Garden (Nevermore’s Greenhouse)

Netflix’s striking hit presented an excellent surprise for old fans of the original The Addams Family, introducing Christina Ricci in the new series. However, she’s gotten much older to play teenage Wednesday, yet she still played a vital role with a great twist. Marilyn Thornhill was the only normie teacher, giving the botany course and teaching her students about plant life. 

You can’t help but realise the breezy greenhouse where the botany class took place, another field where Wednesday excelled. This scene was shot in a real-life setting in Bucharest, with no photoshops. The class scene was shot in Bucharest Botanical Garden, one of Roumania’s iconic landmarks worth visiting. 

The garden now goes by the name Dimitrie Brândză Garden, named after its founder. It sits in the Cotroceni neighbourhood, covering a vast area of almost over 18 hectares. You can visit the garden at any time of the year, but we recommend spring when the flowers’ blossoming is at its peak. The park is a perfect place to spend some quiet time connecting with nature and breathing fresh air. 

8. Buftea Studios (Jericho Town)

When Wednesday Addams wasn’t attending a class, she was at places she shouldn’t be. She left the school premises and roamed around Jericho town. The Jericho we see in the series is built for the sole purpose of shooting Wednesday. However, a real Jericho town lies in Vermont County in the US, but that has nothing to do with the show. 

The scenes where Wednesday was seen at the coffee shop where Tyler worked or where the Pilgrims World took place were supposedly within the town. This town was built in Buftea Studios or Bucharest Film Studios, a real place you can visit. 

Buftea Studios is deemed the largest film platform in all of Eastern Europe. It has been around for almost 70 years, where many movies and series were shot. Interestingly, visitors from all around the world are allowed to take tours inside the spectacular studio. It’s suitable for movie buffs eager to observe sites where their favourite films take place. 

This show’s plot, characters, and themes are the key elements to its huge success, but we believe the shooting locations played a vital part in making the series boom. The best part is another season of Wednesday has been officially announced by Netflix, and we can’t wait! 

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