Lessons in Guinness – Tesco Food Festival Belfast

Updated On: August 27, 2023

Tesco food festival

Guinness is a beer company that is famous around the world and it happens to be an Irish dry stout.  It was established in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James Gate Brewery in the capital city of Dublin, Ireland. Guinness is brewed in different countries in order to be able to serve all those countries that demand its existence in them.

When we were walking in the Tesco Food Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we came across the section related to Guinness Beer and we enjoyed the small lesson given about it there. Tesco Food Festival in Belfast is held every single year in order to let the Irish people get introduced to the Irish food and know more about the local brands through tasting food and drinks and then deciding whether they like it and will buy or will keep moving.

The best thing about Guinness beer is the different varieties it offers and even the shapes it comes in. There are different mixtures created in Guinness that change the flavour as well as the colour; there are those strong flavours with dark colours and there are those which are a little bit brighter in colour.

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