Longford’s Centre Parcs: an Amazing Boost to Tourism in Ireland

Updated On: May 08, 2022

Center Parcs Longford

Children all over Ireland rejoiced with the opening of Centre Parcs in County Longford. Opening on the 29th of July, Centre Parcs has been the most anticipated tourist spot of 2019. With over 4000 bookings taken before opening, the resort is set to cater for up to 2500 guests at a time, with 466 lodges available as well as 30 apartments providing over 1000 permanent jobs. With €233 million poured into its development, Centre Parcs Longford has become one of Ireland’s largest tourist developments.

An extensive list of activities has been catered for in the forest resort. Billed as Ireland’s largest water park, the Longford Forest follows in the stead of its UK counterparts by having the ‘Subtropical Swimming Paradise’ at the heart of the property – a 3500 m² which will be heated to 29.5 degrees. With a wave pool, lazy river, and an area called Venture Bay and Venture Harbour designed for younger guests, there is exhilaration for every level.

What to expect to see in the Centre Parcs of Longford

This facility will be available year-round and is free for guests to use. The Forest hosts an impressive number of activities, with over 100 available. Other facilities include archery, bike hire, indoor roller skating, zip line, indoor climbing, bowling among others. The Longford Forest also provides an eco-friendly break with a car-free campus area. To get around, bicycle hire has been provided, though you are welcome to bring your own.

Catering for children and adults, it provides an aspect of adventure tourism that is becoming a popular option for families globally. Though there are surplus options for those who are not so actively inclined. With a craft room and spa facilities on site, the area provides a relaxing outlet to those more inclined to quieter activities. A phenomenal addition to middle Ireland, Centre Parcs has already brought a buzz of tourism and is expected to continue on this trajectory.

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