Irish Linen Centre 

Irish Linen Centre and Museum is located in Lisburn and does exactly what it says on the tin. Its all about Irish linen products. From tea towels, linen sheets, napkins, handkerchief, shirts, threads, bedding and much more! This museum is really worth checking out if your interested in this kind of things.

Irish Linen Museum

History of the Museum

This centre and museum was built on the purpose of showing people the history of Lisburn and Irish line. It aims to collect, safeguard, and interpret artifacts and information related to the Irish linen industry and the history of Lisburn and Lagan Valley. The museum and all its collections are located in the old Market House which is a late 17th-century building. In addition to it now being an important museum, this building used to host regular soirees, balls, dance classes, and political meetings.

Irish Linen Museum

Award Winning Exhibition 

One of the highlights of this museum is the award-winning exhibition. “Flax to Fabric: the Story of Irish Linen.” Which was all about Ireland’s industrial heritage. By visiting this museum, we were able to trace back the history of linen production in Ulster. From the earliest times until today. At the same time got the chance to see live spinning and weaving demonstrations. Which was one of the most exciting and different things to spot at the museum.

Irish Linen Museum


There are different galleries found inside the Irish Linen Centre and Museum and these galleries are not only  related to the world of linen. But there are different ones which include the history of Lisburn and its people. Local artists that include Blackshaw and Mcloy, textile and linen display galleries. As well as those galleries held for local poets, writers, and personalities. So if you think a visit to this museum will be boring, you will be pleasantly surprised as it has so many different things to offer visitors.

Irish Linen Museum

 Guided Tours and More

The Irish Linen Centre and Lisburn Museum offers different things for its visitors. There are free guided tours that will introduced you to the history of the Irish linen. As well as more on the history of Lisburn. There are expert guides inside the place as well as those illustrated and live demos of weaving and spinning. There are free workshops offered for visitors from WWI to ancient Egypt.The Museum also has a shop which you will pass by during your visit and where you could pick up some linen or local history books.

Irish Linen Museum

This museum is situated in the Market Square in Lisburn and is close to many nice restaurants and cafes that you could check out before or after your visit to the museum. Lisburn is general is a great place to explore from its shopping to its history and its uniqueness that it offers to those visiting.

Have you ever been to this much? We would love to hear your experiences 🙂

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