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Ireland has produced many world-famous writers and poets for many years. From the early 18th Century, works produced by Irish writers and poets is famous world-wide. From the likes of Oliver Goldsmith in the early 18th Century to CS Lewis who is most famous for Narnia.

Samuel Beckett: An Irish Author

Samuel Beckett Bridge
Here at ConnollyCove, we love all literature. Continue reading to discover the life and success of the Irish author: Samuel Beckett. Beckett: The Irish Author's LifeSamuel Barclay Beckett was born in Foxrock, Dublin, on 13th April 1906. As a boy, he attended Portora Royal School...

James Joyce: His Life, Work and Legacy

James Joyce Library
James Joyce was a phenomenal Irish author, short story writer, and poet, his work is still studied today and inspires keen writers all around the world. James Joyce had a unique skill to bring words to life that enchanted the minds of anyone who...

Lady Gregory: An Often Overlooked Author

Lady Gregory, Coole Park
Lady Gregory is often forgotten about when discussing Irish literature. Often paired with William Butler Yeats. After much research, she has been given the credit she deserved. Throughout her life she wrote much drama, folklore and became a theatre manager.Keep reading to learn more...

Two Authors | One Man | John Banville

John Banville Irish Writers
Two writers, one man. An exploration of the styles of John Banville and Benjamin Black: his life, work and success. Young Life and Work: Home life: John Banville was born and raised in Wexford, Ireland. Growing up alongside his brother, Vincent Lawrence, and his sister, Anne Veronica...

Roddy Doyle: Famous Irish Writer

Roddy Doyle
An Irish Novelist, Teacher and Screenwriter.. continue reading to explore the life and work of famous Irish writer Roddy Doyle.Background Born in Dublin, Ireland, on the 8th May 1958. He was raised in Kilbarrack and attended Trinity College Dublin, educated by the Christian Brothers. He...

Seamus Heaney: His Life | His Work | His Successes

Queens University Belfast
Farming background, country at war, teacher, writer, Nobel Prize winner... continue reading to learn about how Seamus Heaney's life experiences shaped his writing, and how he became a famous author going onto win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Seamus Heaney and his Journey to AuthorshipBorn...

Famous Irish Authors Who Helped Promote Irish Tourism

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Every country around the world prides itself on its culture and heritage, and who better to represent a country’s culture than its public figures, especially its authors.Ireland has a long history of bringing forth perhaps some of the best and most prominent authors known...