Galway, aka “The City of Tribes,” is a city located in the western area of Ireland. The city is a home to plenty of medieval remnants including Lynch's Castle, The Hall of the Red Earl, the statue of Our Lady of Galway, and St. Nicholas' Collegiate Church which is the largest church remaining from medieval ages in Ireland. There are also other interesting places to visit including Galway City Museum, James Mitchell Museum, Menlo Castle remains, The Lynch Window, and others.

Connemara, Galway, Ireland

Visiting Connemara in Galway Connemara, Galway is the new destination to head for and this video is all about walking through the area, getting you introduced to the different shops and restaurants which are located there.  As well as checking out the great parks which...

Clifden, County Galway, Ireland

One of the most picturesque and scenic towns in Ireland, Clifden is located right on the coast of County Galway in the region of Connemara, Ireland. It is often referred to as "the Capital of Connemara". Galway is one of those great Irish destinations...

Galway is Far Beyond a Former Fishing Village

Ireland Galway
Since Ireland’s a quite vast country, you will need to specify which part you’re going to visit. If you’re up for exploring a field of marvellous wonders, the West of Ireland should be your next stop. County Galway lies in this part of Ireland....

Claddagh Ring: The Essence of Loyalty and Faithfulness

The Irish culture is actually a unique one. First, the Irish history is full of amazing tales that keep it alive. One more thing; the Irish have their very own traditions and customs. They barely resemble those of their counterparts. However, they sure share...