Ireland: The Best European Destination

Ireland Best European Destination

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Anyone who has been to Ireland knows just how spectacular the country is. From its pristine magical landscape and scenery to the welcoming nature of the locals, Ireland has an endless list of award-winning attractions. The emerald island is truly a dreamy place to visit.

Ireland has won the prestigious ‘Best European Destination for Groups’ at the renowned Group Travel Awards in London on 7th June 2019. Ireland competed against other great European destinations including runner-up Germany, as well as Switzerland, Cyprus and Belgium. All these places offer something unique for people but Ireland just had that extra something special.

But this isn’t the first time Ireland has been recognized as a brilliant tourist travel destination, as it has won the title prize three years in a row at the Group Travel Awards.

Ireland is such an exciting place to visit and stay and this award validates just that. Whether you’re wishing to visit emerald Ireland for culture, heritage, history, you’ll get all that and so much more. Ireland is certainly leading the way in capturing tourists, as with so many choices, Ireland continues to stand out against the best and draws in the visitors all year round.


Best European Destination – The Emerald Island

The best part of the emerald island being crowned this amazing award is the fact it was voted by ordinary people through a travel award poll undertaken by readers of the Group Travel Organizer Magazine. This is one of the leading group travel magazines in the UK that has been helping to promote Ireland and the UK for the last 30 years.

The famous and historic Guinness Storehouse was also runner-up for the award ‘Best European Attractions for Group’ but Disneyland Paris came out on top. But it is still a great achievement for the Irish attraction. The Guinness Storehouse is definitely one of Dublin’s best gems, where visitors can learn all about the famous ‘black stuff’ and pour the perfect pint into its iconic building.

The Titanic Visitor Museum was also mentioned in the list, coming in at six for the same award as the Guinness Storehouse. Titanic Visitor Museum in Belfast has won many awards since its opening in 2012 and has created a magnificent interactive attraction that explores the unforgettable history and story of the Titanic.

Get planning a Trip to the Emerald Island

Ireland’s win at the Group Travel Awards as the ‘Best European Destination’ is well-deserving, as the place has something to offer to every type of visitor. The beauty of the emerald island is unlike anywhere else and if you haven’t already visited Ireland, you definitely need to now and uncover why it’s so special.

To get to the best out of Ireland and experience its hidden gems make sure you visit the following places/attractions:

  • The Wild Atlantic Way: Renown as one of the world’s most scenic coastal routes, there’s so much to see and discover along the way. Make sure this is on your Irish Bucket list, an unforgettable part of Ireland.
  • The Incredible Art Galleries in Ireland: Ireland is home to many famous artists and much of their work can be viewed for free in great art galleries located around the country.
  • Arranmore Island: One of Ireland’s magnificent gems to explore, a small but inviting Ireland off the coast of Donegal.
  • Best Surfing Spots: Ireland is famous for its surfing spots, so if your coming to catch some waves makes sure to check out the best beaches to do so.
  • Explore Ireland’s Ancient East: Make sure to check out the incredible history and scenic views of this famous part of Ireland.
  • Famous Bars in Ireland:  There are many popular bars around Ireland where you need to stop and have a drink and enjoy the friendly nature of the locals.
  • Unique Airbnbs in Ireland: To make your trip to Ireland that bit more special check out the many unforgettable and unique accommodations you can stay in.
  • Legendary Irish Castles: Make sure you explore the many historical and mythical castles that fill up the Emerald Island.
  • Game of Thrones Locations: Fans of this hit show shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out the iconic locations used in the filming of Game of Thrones around Ireland.

Don’t forget to check ConnollyCove’s Guide for reasons to visit Ireland, if we haven’t already convinced you. Ireland is waiting for your arrival, make sure you get planning your trip to the ‘Best European Destination’.

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