A Whiskey Snapper Cocktail – how it is made via the amazing Killyhevlin Lakeside Hotel and Lodges in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. We are shown how they make a tasty Whiskey Cocktail. Check them out via their website https://www.killyhevlin.com/

As much as we enjoy the part that comes to tasting those different cocktails and drinks, we also feel different when we see how they are prepared and at the same time be given the recipe along with the different tips that might be needed in order to serve these drinks in the most right way possible – which was exactly the way it happened at the Lakeside Bar & Grill in Killyhevlin Hotel.

Steve – the barman at Lakeside Bar & Grill – was actually patient and kind enough to let us follow up with his preparation stages and even mention the ingredients he is using in order to prepare the drink we are informed about. From the different things we have watched him bring out to life, we came to this point where the Whiskey Snapper was the next in line and we decided that getting to know more about the recipe would be a plus.

What is your favourite cocktail out there and where was the best cocktails you have ever had?


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