How to Make a Killy Kiss Cocktail By Killyhevlin Hotel

Updated On: March 10, 2022

We have been to the Killyhevlin Hotel to meet Steve from the Lakeside Bar & Grill who got us informed with different recipes for several alcoholic cocktails which they prepare or which might be even known worldwide – they are easy but isn’t it always interesting to get served with them in a bar for the way they serve it at the end?

There are different cocktails which one could choose from out there – and there are even those non-alcoholic which are chosen for drivers as well – so one will get different options to choose from and if you are a fan of alcoholic drinks already then you surely know of most of these options found out there.

At the Lakeside Bar & Grill, we got the chance to know how some of the cocktails should be prepared – we were given tips – and one of those different things being prepared, Steve the bartender shared with us the way he prepares the cocktail called “Killy Kiss”.

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