Great Possibilities: Hospitality and Tourism Management

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Updated On: November 07, 2023 by   Ciaran ConnollyCiaran Connolly

The hospitality and tourism sector is a large and diverse employer that offers multiple benefits and engaging opportunities. The industry makes up for 9.8% of global GDP and it is a growing industry with a variety of career paths.

The World Tourism Organisation has calculated that the industry is the world’s largest employer, accounting for out of every eleven jobs globally.

Hospitality and Tourism Management - Diner
Hospitality and Tourism Management – Diner

Hospitality and Tourism Management

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) are predicting that 80 million jobs will be generated in the next ten years.

From hotels to tours, from culinary to adventure experiences, the market is widening and developing; a career in hospitality management is an exciting prospect for anyone on the job market.

Hotel operations is a natural step for someone who has studied Hospitality and Tourism Management. Banquet and Conferences roles are in demand globally.

This involves working in hotels, resorts, and conference centres, and setting up rooms and servicing events. From award shows to corporate parties, it is a unique and multi-disciplinary role.

Food and Beverage Management integrates well with a hospitality degree. A highly responsible role, it involves ordering products, hiring staff, to balancing profit and loss sheets.

Hospitality and tourism management

Resort Management also incorporates a hospitality degree. Overseeing the operations departments, to the housekeeping, security, and food and beverage, it is a demanding and diverse role. 

Event Management is another career path for someone who has been trained in Hospitality and Tourism Management. From running concerts, festivals, and exhibitions, dealing with event planning and project management, it is a demanding and exciting role.

The obvious role in Event Management is wedding coordination. Building relationships with clients and high levels of creativity are needed to help clients realise their visions. 

Hospitality management isn’t limited to these roles. Work can be found in airlines, amusement parks, catering, cruises to consulting.

With more work than ever, training in Hospitality and Tourism Management could create more opportunities and a higher earning scale. If you want to find out more about jobs in Hospitality Management – check out our articles on how to get a job in event management or even have a read on our thoughts on hospitality jobs.