How The Spanish Armada Changed History

What is the most important date in British history? 1701, when The Act of Union was formalised and the most successful national union in history was born? Or 1914, the beginning of World War I that destroyed Victorian Britain? Or how about maybe this...

Digging Deeper into the Shrouded Mystery of the Celts

Digging Deeper into the Shrouded Mystery of the Celts
We are all so close and yet so far, and it is not a matter of distance. It is a matter of the similarities we share with people and the differences we have. Our resemblances bring us closer; however, the variances make the world...

The Bodhran Drum’s Impact on the Irish Traditional Music

Ireland is a fascinating place that is known for a wide diversity of eccentric things. You should consider visiting this land if you’re looking for a history like no other. We all love celebrating and the Irish heritage has got more than a few...

The Implication and Consequences of Believing in the Irish Blessings

Irish blessing
The world is a wide place where you get to come across a dissimilar diversity of people. Traditions and beliefs can differ according to cultures. However, religions play a great role as well. Believing in God can, sometimes, depend on where you come from....

Titanic Dock and Pump House – Belfast

Titanic's Dock and Pump House Belfastvideo
Titanic Dock and Pumphouse is a huge part of Belfast as it is the iconic place where the famous Titanic Liner was built. Nowhere else in the world can bring you closer to the world's most recognised ship than here.The Ship set in the...


Unlock all the shrouded mystery in such a remarkable site of the Giant's Causeway. Get to see the remains of a bygone volcanic age and the rare organisms there too. The site has been a marvel for countless visitors over centuries. It has been...

ULSTER TRANSPORT MUSEUM-Holywood-Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

ULSTER TRANSPORT MUSEUM-Holywood-Ulster Folk and Transport Museumvideo
A 360 Degree Video from the Transport Museum in Cultra, Holywood - Belfast

Armagh – The Ecclesiastical Capital

Armagh City-Armagh Countyvideo
Armagh is known as the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland or the religious capital of Ireland (the city of saints and scholars). You will be astonished by the scientific and historical places, enjoyable events, various activities, and more. In its beautiful Gregorian streets the city...

Where was Titanic Built? TITANIC QUARTER BELFAST-Harland & Wolff

Titanic Quarter Belfastvideo
"Icebergs loomed up and fell astern and we never slackened. It was an anxious time with the Titanic's fateful experience very close in our minds”. Captain Arthur H Rostron, Commander of the Carpathia (recounting the Carpathia's desperate journey to the site of the sinking)Visit Northern...

City Hall Belfast – Exhibitions, History and Facts

City Hall Belfast-Facts and Exhibitionsvideo
City Hall Belfast is an impressive building situated in the heart of Belfast City Centre. It opened its doors in 1906 after Belfast was granted City status in 1888 by Queen Victoria.There is a memorial in its garden to the 1,000 people who died...