Hinch Distillery: A Great Northern Irish Distillery You Should Visit!

Hinch Distillery

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Hinch Distillery in Ballynahinch is one of eight distilleries in Northern Ireland that produce amazing spirits that continue on the long tradition of distilling in the country. Read on to find out what you can see when you visit, the amazing spirits they make at Hinch Distillery and more about this great local producer.

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Northern Ireland Distilleries

Distilling was one of the five main trades on which Northern Ireland based its economy, including distilling, brewing, linen manufacture, basket weaving, and lace crochet. Distilleries like the Old Bushmills Distillery have shaped the culture of the country, and you can even see a picture of Bushmills on some of the money in Northern Ireland.

Due to its importance in Northern Irish history, the distilling practice is still strong. It is even growing in recent years as more people look to small local producers for everything from craft beer to local gin. Hinch distillery is no different, creating Northern Irish gin and whiskey, which bring together history and tradition with modern methods and new flavours. Hinch Distillery is a great place to learn more about Northern Ireland’s distilling history and how they are making themselves a part of it.

Hinch Distillery
Hinch Distillery

This article will guide you to visit the distillery and answer some burning questions you may have about Hinch Distillery.

What Whiskey do Hinch Distillery Offer?

  • Small Batch (Bourbon Cask)
  • 5 Year Old (Double Wood Cask)
  • 10-Year-Old (Sherry Cask Finish)
  • Peated Single Malt
  • Single Pot Still
  • 18 Year Old Single Malt (Chateaux La Ligne Finish)
  • Craft & Casks Irish Whiskey (Imperial Stout Finish)
  • Craft & Casks Irish Whiskey (Irish Red Rye Finish)
  • Craft & Casks Irish Whiskey (Rye Export Stout Finish)

Learn more about the distillery’s methods of making whiskey in the video below:

They even have a recipe section on their website advising you on how to get the most out of their whiskeys. If you don’t, simply have them on the rocks instead.

What Gin do Hinch Distillery Offer?

Hinch Distillery more recently produced its first gin called Ninth Wave. Ninth Wave is inspired by Irish mythology and the beautiful Celtic symbols which adorn monuments across the country and feature on its amazing bottle. Ninth Wave has notes of many botanicals, which include:

  • Orris Root
  • Cassia Bark
  • Cardamom
  • Lemon Peel
  • Lemon Verbena
  • Grains of Paradise

Their gin is distilled to get the best out of these ingredients, ensuring it is a delicious gin, and you can find out all about these processes on their gin tours and experiences.

Where is Hinch Distillery?

Location: 19 Carryduff Rd, Ballynahinch BT27 6TZ

How to get to Hinch Distillery?

Hinch distillery can be reached by bus or by car as it is well connected to local roads. A coach from Belfast Europa Bus Station if you want to drink while you are visiting.

What Tours are Available at Hinch Distillery?

The Hinch Distillery offer both Gin and Whiskey tours of their distillery, allowing for an experience that suits anyone.

The Classic Whiskey Tour includes Tasting 2 flagship whiskeys, Small Batch & 5-Year-Old Double Wood. 

The Premium Whiskey Tour includes tasting 4 flagship whiskeys, Small Batch, 5-Year-Old Double Wood, 10-Year-Old Sherry Finish and Peated Single Malt whiskeys.

The gin experience at Hinch involves learning about the distilling process, and the combination of botanical ingredients. You also get to create your own gin to take home using those botanical blends you learn about on the tour.

Book your experience at Hinch Distillery here.

When is Hinch Distillery Open to Visitors?

Opening Hours:


If you want to try out Hinch Distilleries’ amazing gins, why not visit some of the Belfast bars creating cocktails and perfect serves ideal for gin lovers?

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