How To Get A Job In Event Management For Hospitality

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Event Management Industry is one of the sub-industries of the Hospitality industry. An industry that is one of the largest industries in the world. The industry itself has a range of job roles and sub-industries within it.

Events Management

Events Management is the creation of a type of celebration, ceremony or occasion at a small or large scale. Creating an event takes a person who is driven, creative, organised and can work in a small and large team.

Getting into Event Management

The best way to achieve a career in events management is through education. When researching jobs within the market, many ask for a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Art degree within the fields of Public Relations, Marketing, Management and other related fields related to events management.

Jobs in Event Management
Jobs in Event Management

Others may have got experience in the industry without education. They may have helped friends and family arrange events before or they may have freelanced before within the industry.

Again, when researching event management jobs, different jobs available express a need for good communication, organisational and IT skills. Candidates also need strong creativity and planning skills.

Finding the Right Job for You in Event Management

The term events management is a very broad term. This is because of the amount of different types of events there are. Examples include weddings, parties, social events, kids’ events and many more.

Many businesses who specialise in events management have specialists within many different fields. You may have a specific type of event you like to manage over others that might be because you find it easier to manage or you like the challenge. Finding a business who specialise in a range of events would be ideal as you get to experience the industry.

Event management - empty conference room
Event management – empty conference room

What to Expect in Event Management?

Working within the events management industry can be tough at times, with the different ranges of pressure. But it is all worth it if you love the industry and love to make people happy.

Overall there are many responsibilities an events management company/manager must work with. These include the process of organising the event and the behind the scenes. Showing leadership, creativity and communication is key to this as you need to stay within budget and exceed the expectations of the customer.

Outdoor event venue - Event Management
Outdoor event venue – Event Management

Everything must be perfect that includes the venue, so checking the venue out beforehand should always be an essential process of a process within events management.

Starting salaries tend to start from between £19 – £25K a year with the chance of earning more if you have good experience. After years of experience there is the chance to earn more a year. In some cases, some people can earn upwards of £50K a year. 

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