Game of Thrones Doors – Fascinating Filming Locations in Northern Ireland

Where is Game of Thrones Filmed? A Guide to the Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Ireland

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Game of Thrones Doors – Game of Thrones is arguably the most significant export from Northern Ireland in years. Tourism has boomed since the series, and Northern Ireland’s economy is in much better shape.

Alongside filming in many places all over Northern Ireland, Game of Thrones art has sprung up everywhere, from wooden doors to glass windows.

Created by wood collected from fallen trees at the world-famous dark hedges near Ballymoney, County Antrim, ten wooden doors have appeared everywhere, near famous filming locations.

Game of Thrones Doors

The Origins of the Game of Thrones Doors

The idea for the Game of Thrones Doors originated as a creative initiative by Tourism Ireland and HBO to commemorate the series’ significant impact on Northern Ireland’s tourism industry. The doors were crafted from the wood of fallen trees from the Dark Hedges, one of the show’s iconic filming locations, which lent an authentic connection to the Game of Thrones universe. Each door was intricately carved by hand, depicting a specific scene or location from the series.

The Importance of Doors

Throughout Game of Thrones, doors play a symbolic role, representing passage into new realms, opportunities, or dangers. Whether it’s the imposing gates of King’s Landing or the mystical doorways of the House of Black and White in Braavos, doors are integral to the storytelling and world-building of the series.

In Northern Ireland, several iconic doors featured prominently in Game of Thrones, each with its unique significance and history. These doors served as backdrops for key scenes and became popular tourist attractions, drawing fans from around the world to explore the landscapes that brought Westeros to life.

Experience the Game of Thrones Doors below.

The Cuan, Strangford – Game of Thrones Doors (1)

The first door is at The Cuan Hotel and Restaurant, near Strangford Lough in County Down. The Cuan Hotel is an award-winning hotel near iconic season-one scenes, including Winterfell.

This makes The Cuan the most fitting place for the first Game of Thrones door due to its close relationship with season one locations. The door also shows the opening scene through fantastic woodwork.

Fiddler’s Green, Ards Peninsula – Game of Thrones Doors (2)

The second door is located on the opposite side of Strangford Lough to The Cuan, where the first door is located. It is within a small pub and B&B called Fiddler’s Green near the tip of the Ards Peninsula.

Similarly to the first door, iconic scenes from the show are depicted within fantastic woodwork. This door shows the conflict between the House of Bolton and the House of Greyjoy.

If you wish to visit this door, enjoy the fantastic views of Strangford Lough with some comfort food and Guinness at Fiddler’s Green.

Percy French Restaurant, Newcastle – Game of Thrones Doors (3)

Game Of Thrones Door Number 3 – Percy French – Newcastle

Located beside the famous Slieve Donard Hotel and Spa is the Percy French Restaurant, which is home to the third Game of Thrones door.

Nearby is Tollymore Forest, which was used as part of the first episode. This is where the Starks found the direwolves. This makes Percy French the perfect place for door three, especially as its woodwork shows at least one of the Direwolves from the series.

Make the most of a weekend by visiting this door and visiting more of the best attractions in Newcastle, County Down, including the Mourne Mountains, arcades, or a walk along the seafront.

Blake’s of the Hollow, Enniskillen – Game of Thrones Doors (4)

Blakes of the Hollow – Door Number 4 – Game of Thrones

Blake’s of the Hollow in Enniskillen of Game of Thrones door 4. The door itself shows Targaryen and the dragons.

The Bar itself is a beautiful old fashion style bar. Upstairs, there are even more bars; the higher the Bar, the younger it seems. Nearby the Bar are two restaurants.

The Bar’s old-fashioned interior makes this Bar the perfect place for door four, as the Bar is also located near the Marble Arch Caves, which were used for filming in season three.

Frank Owen’s Bar, Limavady – Game of Thrones Doors (5)

Door 5 displays the famous white walkers and Night King from the series. It is located in Limavady within Owen’s Bar on the Main Street.

The Bar is the perfect place for door five due to its location near Downhill Beach and the Antrim Plateau, which were used for filming in the series.

Fullerton Arms, Ballintoy, Ballycastle – Game of Thrones Doors (6)

Door 6 – Fullerton Arms, GOT Location in Northern Ireland

Nearby, two of Northern Ireland’s most famous attractions, the Giants Causeway and the Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge, sits the Fullerton Arms. This area is renowned for being the location of many scenes from the hit show, including filming in and around Dunluce Castle.

The Fullerton Arms itself is very lucky as it is the host to one of the ten Game of Thrones Doors. This door depicts another iconic scene from the show.

Gracehill House, Ballymoney – Game of Thrones Doors (7)

Nearby the Dark Hedges, one of the most iconic attractions in Northern Ireland is Garcehill House of Ballymoney. The Dark Hedges were a popular attraction before Game of Thrones but have since become popular worldwide.

Game of Thrones Door Seven is located in Gracehill House, so it is not too difficult if you want to see this door while on a Game of Thrones tour. The door itself even references the Dark Hedges.

Mary McBrides, Cushendun – Game of Thrones Doors (8)

Game of Thrones Door Number 8 – Cushendun Ballymena – NI

Located in Mary McBrides of Cushendun is the eighth Game of Thrones door. Nearby McBrides, many scenes from the Game of Thrones series were recorded, including scenes in the Cushendun Caves, Carnlough Harbour and the Glens of Antrim.

One of the major themes of the door includes Arya’s journey throughout the seasons of the hit show. Her story was one of the most engaging character-building stories of the entire series.

Ballygally Castle Hotel, Larne – Game of Thrones Doors (9)

Game of Thrones – Ballygally Castle Hotel – Door Number 9

Ballygally Castle is the host of the ninth Game of Thrones Door. Throughout the seasons, many filming locations were nearby, including Cairncastle, a scene in the first episode.

The Dark Horse, Belfast – Game of Thrones Doors (10)

Game Of Thrones 10th Door – The Dark Horse Bar, Belfast

The last Game of Thrones Door is the only one in Belfast’s capital. The Dark Horse Bar is the proud host of this door, a bar located in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, commonly referred to as the Drinking Quarter.

The door references a fitting overview of season six and who Jon Snow’s parents might be. There was a lot of filming done in Belfast, including at Titanic Studios in Titanic Quarter, which makes the Dark Horse a perfect host for the final door.

The Impact on Tourism

The Game of Thrones Doors have not only provided fans with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Westeros but have also contributed significantly to Northern Ireland’s tourism industry. Visitors from around the globe flock to the region to seek out these unique landmarks, exploring the stunning landscapes and historic sites that served as backdrops for the epic series.

Beyond the Doors: Game of Thrones Tours

In addition to the Game of Thrones Doors, Northern Ireland offers many guided tours that delve deeper into the show’s filming locations. From the iconic Giant’s Causeway to the imposing Castle Ward, fans can embark on immersive journeys that bring the world of Game of Thrones to life. These tours often include visits to crucial filming sites, behind-the-scenes insights, and opportunities to reenact memorable scenes from the series.

The Legacy Continues

While Game of Thrones may have ended, the legacy of its iconic doors lives on in Northern Ireland. Today, fans can embark on guided tours to the filming locations featured in the series, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Game of Thrones. From the rugged coastlines of County Antrim to the historic castles of County Down, Northern Ireland offers a wealth of experiences for fans eager to immerse themselves in the world of Westeros.


The Game of Thrones doors scattered across Northern Ireland served as stunning filming locations for the hit television series and highlighted the region’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. From the imposing Dark Hedges to the dramatic cliffs of Ballintoy Harbour, each door tells a story of its own, inviting fans to step into the world of Westeros and experience the magic of Game of Thrones firsthand. As the series’ legacy continues to captivate audiences worldwide, Northern Ireland remains an essential destination for fans seeking to explore the real-life landscapes that brought Game of Thrones to life on screen.

Have you seen the Game of Thrones Doors? Let us know in the comments below if you’ve visited them all or if it’s on your bucket list.

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