Game Of Thrones Door Number 6, Fullerton Arms, Ballintoy

Door 6 - Fullerton Arms, Game of Thrones Door Location in Ballintoy, Ballycastle Northern Ireland
Door 6 - Fullerton Arms, Game of Thrones Door Location in Ballintoy, Ballycastle Northern Ireland

When it comes to Northern Ireland and the places which one could visit there then coming to the point where mentioning those locations where Game of Thrones scenes were filmed or even those where the doors are located, is considered beneficial.We have to mention that there are two different types of GOT locations out there; those which are more of touristic destinations in Northern Ireland and which are more of outdoor areas, and those hotels, restaurants, pubs, and bars in which the 10 doors that appeared throughout the episodes are located - in this video, it is about hitting a destination related to the second type of location.Door number 6 which focuses on House Targaryen also focuses on Drogon-Daenery's most aggressive and fearsome dragon. This door which is found in the Fullerton Arms Hotel was carved from the fallen trees of the Dark Hedges, where some other scenes from the movie were filmed in as well and which is considered one famous historical destination in Northern Ireland ( interesting thing about this location - the Fullerton Arms Hotel - is that not only the door will be attracting tourists and visitors to it, but there is also a dining room set and prepared inside the hotel in the world of Game of Thrones, complete with the banners and its own replica iron throne - so you could also reserve your dinner at this place ( single door appearing in the movie will be related to specific characters and scenes in the movie, so you should be a fan and one who have seen all the different episodes in order to understand what you are seeing in real - but again, this would be only visited by those who are fans of the movie and have seen it because otherwise they will not be even interested in coming to check it in the real world in the first place.


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