Percy French Restaurant in Newcastle Co Down – part of the Hasting Group and the Slieve Donard Hotel hosts Door number 3 from Game of Thrones. The Newcastle Northern Ireland town is part of the epic Wooden Doors around Northern Ireland from the Dark Hedges that make up stories from the world famous GOT (Game of Thrones) TV show.

Game Of Thrones Door Number 3 - Percy French - Newcastle County Down - GOT - Door Number 3
Game Of Thrones Door Number 3 - Percy French - Newcastle County Down - GOT - Door Number 3

We always feel inspired by those different wooden doors which are created differently or any other kind of wooden art which is considered rare. When those doors in the Game of Thrones movie series appeared - there are ten of them scattered across Northern Ireland - we decided to visit them all and see how they look like in real. Actually, getting to see those doors in real is much different because you will get the chance to come closer and inspect every single part and piece, not like the quick scenes that pass in the movie.One of those doors which we have been to is door number three which was found in the Percy French Restaurant at the Slieve Donard Hotel in Newcastle, Northern Ireland. The interesting thing about these places and those doors is the fact that they are never kept secret, people will know where they are from the signs that might be placed outside the place or else from the hints written about them in the restaurant, hotel, or pub that hosts the door - this is exactly the case with the Percy French which tells more about the door in its website.There is a story behind those ten different doors which appear similar in the way they were created. Following the fall of some trees in the Dark Hedges, which is also a famous place visited in Northern Ireland and which also appeared in GOT (, two of these huge trees were taken and the wood was transformed into ten different doors which were inspired by the season. With every single season, one of the doors was revealed to complete the story of the movie; these different doors are found in restaurants, hotels, and pubs - and here we are at one of them to check how it really looks like.This door - door number 3 - depicts the demise of Reckon Stark's Direwolf, Shaggydog, the three eyed raven and the rise of House Greyjoy's family crest - the Kracken. This door stands as the entrance to the Percy French Restaurant - which might even attract those who are not fans of Game of Thrones and might have never watched any of the episodes before.


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