7 Famous Irish TV Shows: From Drama to Comedy

Updated On: May 11, 2022

Famous Irish TV shows (While not an Irish show, Game of Thrones was filmed in Northern Ireland)

Famous Irish TV ShowsFor a long time now, Ireland has been creating incredible Irish TV shows that have become a staple part of life, so iconic and different helping to set them apart from the rest of the world when comes to Television shows.

The Irish have a unique sense of humour and a unique view of the world and we showcase this through our own Television shows. There are many famous Irish TV shows that have not only captured the love and attention of the Irish people but people all around the world.

Top quality shows are being created in Ireland and remarkably for a small country, we are home to talented writers, producers, directors, actors and more, who help bring these Irish shows to life.

From laugh out loud comedies to enticing dramas and thrillers, Irish TV shows have got it all covered. Keep reading to find out more on the famous Irish TV Shows that have made a lasting impression on people and will continue to do so.

So, what Famous Irish TV Shows we have for you today? 

Father Ted

Up first, we have one of the most iconic and memorable Irish TV shows, Father Ted is an original Irish sitcom written by Irish writers but produced by Hat Trick Production for Channel 4 (British TV channel).

The series follows the unique lives and hilarious misadventures of three Irish priests; Father Ted, Father Jack and Father Dougal, who all live in the fictional Craggy Island, off the coast of Ireland.

The show has won many awards such as a BAFTA TV Award and has become a firm favourite with the Irish, its like a comfort blanket, something you can’t get enough of and a true Irish treasure that will make you laugh out loud crying at times.

Father Ted only had three series with 25 episodes altogether, originally released in the ’90s but even to this day, you’ll still see re-runs on channels such as RTE and Channel 4. It was also voted by Channel 4 views at the N0.1 of ‘C4’s 30 Greatest Comedy Shows’ and was once their biggest comedy show before being taking oven by another Irish show ‘Derry Girls.’

If there is one famous Irish TV show to watch that shows Irish humour and life at its best then make sure you check out Father Ted.

The Fall

Filmed around locations in Northen Ireland particularly Belfast, was the thrilling Drama ‘The Fall. The show stars Irish Actor Jamie Dornan, who plays serial killer Paul Spector and Gillian Anderson (who also has Irish roots) playing the detective following his every step in hopes of capturing him before he moves onto his next victim. 

The show which first aired in May 2013 until October 2016 took the world by storm with its compelling viewing and fantastic writing. The game of cat and mouse unfolding on the screen kept the show going for three great seasons, although not enough in our minds. 

It’s definitely one Irish TV show that you’ll quickly be hooked on after the first episode with the dark and realness provided by the characters that are very intriguing, to say the least. 

Another great thing to love about The Fall is the is really shows off the best of Belfast City and some iconic attractions are featured in the show such as The Merchant Hotel and Cave Hill.

The Late Late Toy Show

For many Irish people, the Late Late Toy Show was something they waited for all year long for, often gaining the biggest views around Ireland. It is an annual Christmas edition of the Irish chat show ‘Late Late Show’ hosted by Ryan Tubridy. 

For many generations of Irish families, they would have set around the living room watching the Late Late Toy Show that would get everyone excited for Christmas, which soon become a favourite tradition of many. The show features the latest Christmas toys and trends as reviewed by children, a variety of children performing, dancing, meeting their heroes and much more.

This family fun show is a much-loved treasure that holds a special place in the heart of Irish people, who watch it all around the world. 

Mrs. Brown Boys

Next, we have this Irish- British sitcom starring everyone’s favourite Irish man Brendan O’ Carroll. Although the show is filmed in a BBC studio in Scotland, it is very much Irish in every way from the writing, the set, the unique Irish humour and characters.

The show follows the life of loud-mouthed and opinionated Irish Mother Agnes Brown played by O’Carroll, whose favourite thing to do is meddle in the lives of her six children. It has become one of the BBC’s biggest show as the audience just can’t get enough of foul-mouthed Agnes Brown and her family drama.

Although often attacked with critics, this Irish TV show has become a huge hit in Ireland and the UK as well as growing in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The show has even been adapted into a stage show that’s performed around Ireland and the UK as well as debuting as a feature film in 2014 as ‘Mrs Browns Boys D’movie.’

Whether the critics are right or not, the views and success tell us a different story, Mrs Brown’s Boys offer an old fashioned Irish styled comedy that is played out in front of a live audience environment, where you can laugh along as the actors who sometimes make mistakes and are mocked by Brendan O’Carroll as nothing gets past him. 


Another famous Irish TV show that is filmed in and around Dublin, with talented Irish actors is the gritty crime drama of Love/Hate. The show first aired in October 2010 and ran until November 2014 following the fictional characters in Dublin’s criminal underworld.

Since it first aired on TV, the Irish show has increased in success and views over its five-season and winning eight Irish Film and Television Awards.

Love/Hate has been considered as one of Ireland’s greatest drama offering a looking at the talented Irish actors, writers and producers who have helped to create such a gripping show, we are only disappointed that there aren’t any more seasons coming of this brilliant Irish show. 

From the beginning to the end of this Irish drama captures your attention, every actor shining bright with plots and storylines that continue to surprise you, making it one of the best Irish TV show to watch.

Game of Thrones

Although not an Irish tv show. Game of Thrones was filmed in Ireland and in particular Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland has now become a worldwide attraction with the show bringing in hundreds of thousands of tourists to the country and Ireland. So we thought it was worth a mention.

Game of Thrones was created by David Benoff and was based on the novels by George R.R Martin. Set in the fictional world of Westeros and Essos, the characters battle to take control of the kingdom. 

The success of the show was unlike anything else, taking the world by storm and although it ended this year (2019) after eight seasons you can still come to Northern and explore the famous sites of the series.

Ireland isn’t short of impressive TV shows that are gripping, funny, drama-filled and more, these are just a few of the ones worth mentioning but there are many more out there.

Famous Irish TV Shows

Let us know if we missed out your favourite or if you love one of the shows above.

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