Fakieh Aquarium: 6 Things to Do at This Fascinating Public Aquarium in Saudi Arabia

fakieh aquarium

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Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country spanning along the Red Sea, embracing rich Islamic history and unique culture. Although it’s home to various fabulous cities, Jeddah remains the liveliest, with a spirit in full swing. There are many unmissable spots around Jeddah that we’d love to recommend to you, yet we’re emphasising the splendour of Fakieh Aquarium.

Fakieh Aquarium holds marvellous aqua life straight from the Red Sea for visitors to enjoy. It presents hundreds of species that will blow your mind away. Besides, there’s so much to learn about underwater environments that will keep you interested and entertained. The best part is that the entry fees are pretty affordable, with free tickets for children under two years old.

Walk with us through the fascination that’s the Fakieh Aquarium and learn about all the things you can do at this unmissable destination.

Who Owns the Fakieh Aquarium?

Fakieh Aquarium is named after the renowned Saudi family of the same name. It’s owned by Abdurrahman Fakieh, who is the founder of the Fakieh Group. This group is known to develop tourism in Jeddah, offering generous hospitality and leisure services. It also owns a subsidiary that goes by Fakieh Poultry Farms, founded in 1905, known for its mega projects around the Middle East.

About the Owner

Abdurrahman Fakieh is one of the most prominent businessmen in Saudi Arabia. His full name is Abdul Rahman Bin Abdul Qader Mohammed Fakieh, and he owns more than a few businesses in Jeddah and other Saudi cities.

Besides being the chairman and founder of Fakieh Aquarium, commonly known as Tarfeeh Fakieh, he also owns Fakieh Poultry Farms, Fakieh Planetarium, Al Tajaz Restaurant Chains, Fakieh Group for Tourism Projects. Previously, he was appointed as the founder of Abdulrahman Fakieh School and Asia Kidney Dialysis Centre. 

Moreover, Mr Fakieh is currently the chairman of Fakieh Centre for Research and Development, a non-executive chairman at Makkah Construction & Development Co, a vice chairman at King Abdullah Centre For Human Development and a director of Al Nadwa Newspapers.

Best 6 Activities to Enjoy at the Aquarium

Fakieh Aquarium lies on the Corniche Road along the Red Sea shores and is one of Jeddah’s most popular coastal destinations and even all of Saudi Arabia. It’s open to the public from 10 am until 11 pm on weekdays. 

On the weekends, Friday and Saturday, it opens from 1:30 pm and 1 pm, respectively. It’s a beautiful place to explore with your kids, and there are activities to enjoy with your family with no place for boredom. Most importantly, it’s affordable, costing no more than 55 SAR.

1. Learn About Different Species of Fish

Interestingly, the place is quite extensive, and it embraces over 200 species of fish coming straight from the depth of the Red Sea. The best part is that the majority of the marine life exhibited is native to the coral reefs of Jeddah, which means there isn’t anywhere else to be found. There are odd species to observe, including thin garden eels and the Cassiopeia, an upside-down jellyfish.

There’s also a large tank exhibiting a stonefish with a frowning appearance. You can only see in the giant tank, for there’s little to no chance of encountering the fish in the sea. Not only that, but it’s also known for its vicious nature and lethal venom that can send a fully grown human to his grave in a few minutes.

Moreover, sharks are also among the species that the Fakieh aquarium exhibited. It’s an intimidating yet exciting scene that you can’t find everywhere; no wonder they’re the biggest attraction of the place, along with the fascinating penguins. Throughout your tour, guides support you with detailed information in Arabic and English languages, informing you about the exhibited marine life.

2. Enjoy Dolphin Shows

dolphin show fakieh aquarium

Dolphins are among the fantastic swimming mammals living within the awe-inspiring aquarium. Needlessly, there must be entertaining shows where dolphins dance to music; they seem to be smiling and having great fun.

Moreover, dolphins are sociable animals that can communicate well with human beings. In some cases, dolphins can even save humans from dangers like drowning. They also have been seen guiding boats when the waters aren’t stable. Thus, those helpful dolphins in confined aquariums don’t need the training to save people; they’re wired to do so for thousands of years. 

People come from all over Saudi Arabia to watch the dolphins perform tricks. Besides watching great shows and learning about dolphins, Fakieh Aquarium is a place where you can get into the waters and swim with friendly dolphins.

3. Go Skiing

skiing in fakieh aquarium

While Fakieh Aquarium is a fascinating place to explore different aqua life, it’s also a great spot to have a great time on ice. There’s a Ski Hall inside Fakieh Aquarium, where you can slide all day long alongside your children and family members, creating unforgettable memories. 

If your family doesn’t prefer physical activity, there’s something else for them to keep them entertained. You can visit the arcade area where your little ones enjoy a game. However, keep your eyes on your kids at all times, for this area is usually crammed with people, and they may get lost in the crowd.

4. Purchase Nice Souvenirs

Gifts and souvenirs aren’t only eligible when you’re a tourist. There are a lot of retail stores that serve visitors from all over the country as well as tourists. These stories exhibit a lot of stuff that can be useful for you or your children. 

Besides offering a wide array of adorable toys, pet stores are also available. Adults are also served at these retail stores, where you can relish thoughtful gifts to present to your loved ones.

5. Eat a Delicious Seafood Meal

fakieh aquarium

Fakieh Aquarium ensures offering all sorts of facilities within the premises. It provides entertaining shows and games for your loved ones, amazing fish tours, and attractive retail stores, but they don’t forget that you and your family may get hungry throughout your journey.

Well, Fakieh Aquarium is a place where a plethora of fish species live. Observing marine life can be a great experience, but that’s not the only purpose that fish serve around Fakieh Aquarium. In fact, they make up excellent meals and irresistible seafood dishes that you can indulge in. 

6. Visit Nearby Attractions

Although Fakieh Aquarium is a magnificently wonderful spot with many educational programmes, its location serves you best. Not only because it lies straight on the sea with splendid beach views, but also because several attractions lie nearby that you can still enjoy.

Other attractions include Al Shallal Theme Park, Fakieh Planetarium, Jeddah Waterfront, and Atallah Happy Land Park. If you’re in the mood for shopping, Stars Avenue Malls lies just around the corner. 

Fakieh Aquarium will serve you best. There’s no way you’ll leave the premises without a big smile on your face for the great time you’ll spend inside. It’s one of the most unmissable destinations in Jeddah that you don’t want to miss.

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