Belfast City
Belfast City

Belfast Attractions

There are numerous attractions in Belfast and with every location carries a story that would make tourists more interested to find out more. We are going to share a quick list for the places which visitors have to check out while they are in Belfast City.

Passing through the different interesting and historical attractions in Belfast, we didn’t forget to check out some famous buildings or even hotels that might be well known among the Irish people.

The Europa Hotel in Belfast was one of our tour stops, this is a four-star hotel located in Great Victoria Street, which has hosted presidents, prime ministers and celebrities throughout its journey. One of the reasons why this hotel is so famous around the world is due to the number of times it has been bombed; it has even been referred to as “the most bombed hotel in Europe” or even “the most bombed hotel in the world” and that’s for being bombed 36 times during The Troubles.

Walking through the streets of Belfast, touring this beautiful city and getting to know more about its history, we passed by the Grand Opera House which its auditorium is the best surviving example in the United Kingdom of the oriental style applied to theatre architecture. There are different fun and exciting shows which you will be able to check out while you are there.

Significant building in Belfast

One of the significant buildings in Belfast City, Northern Ireland, is the City Hall building, which will attract tourists to it from the outside look before they even get the chance to have a tour inside. Belfast City Hall is located in Donegall Square, and it divides the commercial and business areas of the city centre. Tourists are allowed to go inside the building and have a tour in the allowed rooms to check the Porte-Cochere and Grand Entrance, the Grand Staircase, the Reception Room and the Great Hall.

Walking down the streets of Belfast City – in the centre of the city to be specific – is always needed for one to explore the city on a closer look and pass by some of the old buildings and the still-existing shops.

A little bit of shopping is also sometimes needed and that is when it comes to Victoria Square in Belfast which is one of the most famous shopping places in the city – you could also go inside and have something to eat since this place also has a lot of great restaurant that you may enjoy.

One of the things we love about Belfast and its attractions is that most of them are located close to one another, which will give those willing to walk the chance to explore the city while they are jumping from one touristic attraction to the other.

Have you ever visited Belfast? What are your favourite locations to check out? Make sure you share with us 🙂 We can recommend places for you to visit, if you haven’t been to Belfast City before such as: Botanic Gardens, St. Anne’s Cathedral, Peace Walls, SS Normadic,Belfast City Hall.


Things to Do in Belfast - Belfast City - Belfast Attractions - Northern Ireland
Things to Do in Belfast - Belfast City - Belfast Attractions - Northern Ireland

Belfast attractions are numerous and every single destination carries a story that would make the tourists more interested to know more about before moving on to the next. In this video, we are going to share a quick list for the places which visitors have to check while they are in Belfast.


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