Explore these 17 Splendid Hidden Corners of Guildford – Surrey’s Largest Town


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England is a beautiful land full of iconic landmarks. While London always gets all the hype, a few miles away lies the county town of Surrey, Guildford, and it deserves your attention. Guildford is famous for its historic landmarks as well as vast natural landscapes.

Let’s give you a slight hint about Guildford before diving into deeper details. This beautiful town is the largest in Surrey city. It’s rich in culture and history, but it is also rated among the best towns to reside in. Many family-friendly destinations cover the lands of this town, making it suitable for living or out-of-the-city weekends. 

There are also nearby villages that are worth visiting. Bars, pubs, and restaurants are also everywhere to be found. Since there is so much greatness in here, it’s time to dive deeper into the beauty of this big town. 

Visit the Guildford Castle

Explore these 17 Splendid Hidden Corners of Guildford - Surrey’s Largest Town

Once you step foot into Guildford, you should visit its medieval castle and learn about its history. Located in the center of the town, Guildford Castle is a historic monument too splendid to miss. Picturesque gardens may surround the castle, but the Great Tower is the real deal. Interestingly, the Great Tower sits on the very top, offering glorious views of Guildford. 

Walk the Lanes of High Street

The iconic high street is one of the popular destinations in Guildford. It offers numerous entertainment spots that attract tourists and visitors from all over the world. Clothing stores and coffee shops line the streets. The famous farmers’ markets are held there, offering fresh produce. Also, make sure you head to the Guildhall Clock, a prominent feature on the High Street.

Enjoy the Landscapes of Pewley Down Hill

Beautiful landscapes of nature are sufficient to fill your heart with emotions of warmth and peacefulness. The Pewley Down Hill is a 23-acre nature reserve, sitting on Guildford town’s outskirts and taking a 15-minute walk from High Street. It offers striking views of the countryside that you can view from both sides of the hill. Rare species of floral and faunas are featured on the hill.

Enter the Guildford Museum

The Guildford Museum is deemed a prominent feature of the iconic High Street as it’s just a few minutes walk from there. If you’re looking for some delightful and interesting things to see, this museum is a must-go. It lies among a set of historic buildings, but what it houses inside makes all the difference. 

Once you get in, you’ll be spellbound by the tremendous exhibitions along with a wide array of archaeological and historical displays. You can also find a small gift shop that offers a rare range of history books as well as peculiar gift ideas.

Spend the Day at The Jolly Farmer

A few miles outside the town of Guildford, you will come across the homey pub of the Jolly Farmer. Since it’s a little hidden down a country lane, you may need guidance to get there, but it lies within a walking-distance from Whitmoor Common. 

This place is a haven for wildlife lovers who seek serenity away from the buzzing and crowded areas. There are also serving hearty dishes that will fill up your stomach before taking a walk around the ponds. You can spend the day observing the unique wildlife living there and exploring the woodland.

Walk By the River Wey

Rivers have the tendency to accentuate the beauty of any spot they course through, and the River Wey is no exception. Many trails stretch alongside the riverbank for visitors to walk and have some uninterrupted peaceful moments. 

The various open spaces are great opportunities to have picnics. It’s a perfect family destination. Also, the Dapdune Wharf Center nearby offers some history learning.

Explore the Great Outdoors at Newlands Corner

The Newlands Corner is one of the popular parks in Guildford. This park is situated in the heart of the Surrey Hills Area. While it offers relaxing as well as exercising spots, it also has its own uniqueness compared to most of the other parks. The Newlands Corner is home to opulent landscapes of nature as well as rare wildlife, including woodpeckers, tawny owls, and roe deer.

Play Board Games at The Royal Oak

The Royal Oak is a hidden gem in Guildford that suits family outings big time. It sits right behind the renowned Holy Trinity and St. Mary Church. This beautiful pub is a fun space where you can play different kinds of board games. 

These games include Cluedo, dominoes, Monopoly, Scrabble, and more. The best part is, they are all for free for all customers, and they serve delicious meals in between your gaming sessions.

Relax at Stoke Park

While Guildford is a busy town, it has this Green Flag award-winning park as a spot suitable for serenity and relaxation. However, it is also a perfect destination to let your children play and run. The Stoke Park is spacious enough, offering different activities in many spots around it. There are also several trails for fitness gurus who would love to exert some energy in the fresh air.

Go and Climb at the Indoor Climbing Center of Craggy Island

Did you know that Guildford has this center for indoor climbing? The center sits on the Slyfield Industrial Estate, and it is a haven for climbing lovers and active tourists. Moreover, it is suitable for climbers of different levels and skills, so beginners are always welcomed. Nearby you can find Bart’s Cafe, from which you can grab some hot fresh baked snacks; it also offers different lunch options.

Go Wild at Wild Wood Adventure

This large treetop is one of its kind all over the United Kingdom. It’s a great spot to have fun while enjoying the great outdoors in the woods of Guildford. Located within Stoke Park, this area is also family-friendly, so you can have your kids accompany you on this great adventure. Zip wires, high ropes, and wobbly bridges are a glimpse of what an adventure there looks like. 

Dine at The Weyside

The Weyside is a gastropub that you shouldn’t miss. Not only does it offer some of the best dining dishes, but it’s also a serene spot away from the bustling town center. Besides having a delicious meal, the pub overlooks the River Wey, accentuating this tranquil hidden oasis with the reflecting waterside.

Attend A Concert at The Boileroom

Guildford is known for its independent music venue, The Boileroom. This venue has been welcoming artists from all over the world. Even world-famous artists are familiar with this venue that even some celebrities have been hosted at the Boileroom, including The Amazons, Ed Sheeran, The Bronx, and more. Boom Italian Pizza is an excellent pizza restaurant offering freshly baked pizza slices. 

Visit the Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village

This gallery is a paradise for art lovers, featuring hundreds of paintings dedicated to George Frederic Watts. Watts was a Symbolist artist and sculptor. He’s the only artist to have a devoted gallery built for him. 

On the east wing of the building, Watts Studios is there, devoting it to the works of Mary Fraser-Tytler. Mary Fraser-Tytler was the one to design the Watts Cemetery Chapel; the Watts Gallery manages it. In this cemetery, memorials to George Frederic Watts and Mary Fraser-Tytler are found there. It also encompasses the graves of the famous Huxley family.

Visit the St. Martha’s Church

St. Martha’s Church sits on the North Downs Way National Trail, resting on a hill and creating a superb view. This historic building is famous for being the only church in Surrey to be featured on the Pilgrim’s Way. It’s open on weekends and other holidays only. Besides the historical tales to learn, the spectacular views attract thousands of visitors every year.

Wander Around the Chantry Wood

Spending a misty morning by the woods has its own charm, don’t you agree? Well, the Chantry Woods is here to offer you vast lands of meadows and woodland. You can reach the woods by walking a short distance from the town center. The Chantry Wood overlooks many sides of the town, including the St. Martha’s Church and Chinthurst Hill. Many walking trails ease your wandering process while witnessing the magnificent spectacles. 

Enjoy A Little Break at the Hatchlands Park

The Hatchlands Park offers a great getaway for those who would like to escape the bustling cities every once in a while. Located only five miles east of Guildford, it has become one of the prominent attractions to visitors of Guildford. 

Besides the tranquility the spacious gardens provide, the red estate house is a hidden enchant. It was formerly built for Admiral Edward Boscawen. However, it’s now home to the artwork of Alec Cobbe. You can head inside and take a look at his paintings collections. Also, you will find keyboard instruments and luxurious furniture pieces that are well-maintained. 

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