Dublin's Writer Museum
Dublin’s Writer Museum (Image Source: Flickr – Melissa Schneider)

Ireland has always been renown for its strong literature history, its the home of some of the worlds greatest poets, writers, storytellers and more. At the Dublin’s Writer Museum you can explore the city’s great poets, writers and literature that has played a huge role in shaping the city, both culturally and socially. 

If you love literature then this is one of those attractions you can’t pass by, where you can uncover the work and life of Irelands greatest writers, whos work have travelled far and wide. 

Some of these iconic writers include James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, W.B Yeats, Johnathan Swift and so much more, you’ll be quite surprised by how many wonderful writers Ireland has.

On a visit, you will get the unique opportunity to see the first edition of the famous Dracula by Bram Stoker as well as the much loved Gullivers Travels by Jonathan Swift. You’ll also see personal belongings of many of these Irish writers including pens, typewriters, quills and more that were important to them in helping to create their iconic work that will always live on.

The whole creation of the Dublin’s Writers Museum is to give people an insight into the works of Irish writers, helping to put a face to the famous names and telling you their unique story, their upbringing, personal life and what inspired their writing that will surely capture your attention.


History of the Dublin Writers Museum

The museum was first created in 1991 to help add to Dublin’s culture scene, as literature has always been one of its strong points and this was a good way to acknowledged and remember Irish writers who have left a mark on the world with their words.

Before the museum, Dublin’s literary heritage was scattered around the city, so the museum was proposed to provide a one-stop view of the most groundbreaking Irish literature.


What to Expect Inside the Dublin’s Writer Museum

The Museum is beautifully located in an 18th-century Georgian mansion and within close walking distance to another popular attraction; Huge Lane Gallery. It is filled with all the wonder surrounding Irish literature for you to explore; a clear and compact museum that will give you an insight into the creative Irish minds. 

You can enjoy a personal digital audio tour, that helps to fill in the literature wall displays with more detail. Stop by the Irish bookshop located here as it has an amazing selection of Irish writers and Irish literature books to indulge in Irish history.


Museum Opening Times and Prices:

Opened daily all year long:

  • Monday- 10:00am -17:00pm
  • Tuesday- 10:00am -17:00pm
  • Wednesday- 10:00am -17:00pm
  • Thursday- 10:00am -17:00pm
  • Friday- 10:00am -17:00pm
  • Saturday- 10:00am -17:00pm
  • Sunday- 11:00am – 17:00pm


  • Adults:€7.50
  • Child: €4.70
  • Family Tickets: €20.00

Have you ever been to the Dublin Writers Museum Before? Do you have a favourite Irish Author? Let us know in the comments below.


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