Dead Centre Tours and The History of The Troubles – Belfast

and The History of The Troubles – Belfast

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Dead Center Tours

Looking for a Belfast Tour? A troubles walking tour? A Belfast City Tour? or a Belfast history tour? Dead Centre Tours cover these all in an enthralling and interesting walking tour around Belfast.

DC Tours

Dead centre tours is an award-winning Belfast city centre walking tour explaining the history of the Troubles in Northern Ireland and the path to peace and reconciliation. The tour is recognised as being balanced, objective and historically accurate. It is unbiased and suitable for all visitors to Belfast. Regardless of how much or little they already know of our troubled past.

A History of Terror Tour

The history of Terror Tour is the number one walking tour in Belfast that goes deep into the history of the troubles. It will take you back to the beginning of the troubles and discuss stories on those involved. As well as how this troubles affected its people and the city. It also allows you to know how far we have come in creating peace for all in Northern Ireland.

From 1971 and 1998, Belfast City Centre saw a lot of violence due to the troubles. On the Dead Centre Tours, they take you to actual places that are significant in our history. The tour is full of real-life stories told by people who lived through that awful time in Northern Ireland. It allows you to get a feel for what it was like for many people back then. Its a tour worth checking out if you wish to learn more about the history of Belfast. We could not recommend it enough.

The Tours runs from Sunday to Friday and costs 15 pounds per person to take part and start at 10.30am on Saturdays and 2.00pm in the afternoon. In 2019, the tour will run each day from 10.30am.

West Belfast Walking Tour

The Dead Centre tours do a range of other walking tours to check out such as the West Belfast Walking Tour. On this tour, you will be taken around all the murals and memorial gardens around Belfast. Over 2.5 hours long you will find out more on Belfast’s troubled past.

The iconic mural walls which you will visit separated the two many communities here, Nationalist and Unionist. You get to meet people from different sides and learn how they have been affected. But this tour isn’t just about the past it will focus on how Belfast is moving forward. How the city is changing for the better and the road to peace.

Have you been on a Dead Centre Tour Before? Or is this something you interested in doing? We would love to Know 🙂

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