Cocktail Classes Belfast

Learning how to make cocktails in one of the bars in Belfast, The Sagart. One that mixes tea, vodka, lemon juice, orange juice, as well as other ingredients in the same drink you get at the end.

Not all the people are professionals at the process of making cocktails and since there is a place in Belfast that serves people with different cocktails, we decided to take some classes and learn how some of these cocktails are usually prepared.

This place is not just one that serves cocktails and wine, but it is also a place to head to if you want some kind of Artisan coffee. What attracted us was those cocktails which they prepare in this place and the mixtures which we might have never experienced before – they gave us some of their secrets!

Dirty Ocean Cocktail:

There are different cocktails which we have learned at The Sagart and one of them was the “dirty ocean”. The ingredients used in making the “dirty ocean” are pineapple juice, melon liqueur, and some blue Caruso.

Espresso Martini:

Check out how to make an Espresso Martini by the staff at The Segart Bar Belfast. Preparing the espresso martini you’ll need a double shot of espresso which will be added into the glass part of the shaker, 25 ml of brown sugar homemade syrup which adds the caramel flavour into the mixture. Then add 25 ml of absolute vodka to the same shaking glass, and lastly adding 25 ml of Tia Maria.

Garden Tea Punch - How to make Cocktails - The Sagart - Cocktail Classes Belfast - Cocktails Belfast
Garden Tea Punch - How to make Cocktails - The Sagart - Cocktail Classes Belfast - Cocktails Belfast

When it comes to Belfast, there are some of those places which offer classes in preparing food and drink such as The Sagart which is famously known for its different cocktails, and there is also another experience for cooking which one could have at the Cookery School in Belfast which gives the students the chance to cook their meals, know more about the recipes being used, and at the same time eat what they have prepared themselves ( we were visiting The Sagart, we were getting ready for the cocktail class we are going to receive - and we were so thrilled by facing the barman who gave us all the details regarding the ingredients being used, the amount needed from every single one of them, as well as the way they should be prepared.First of all, this cocktail which we learnt to prepare was called "A Garden Tea Punch" - interesting name - and it combined orange juice, soda water, RubyBlue vodka, house made cinnamon sugar syrup, lemon juice, tea, as well as using some fresh mint and fresh thyme.


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