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Your Ultimate Guide to Visit Qatar: The Pearl of the Gulf

Qatar is in the east of the Arabian Peninsula in southwest Asia, bordering the Persian Gulf. It is surrounded by...

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Autumn walks NI

Autumn Walks NI – 6 stunning trails you need to visit 

Autumn walks NI Northern Ireland is known for its wide variety of magnificent landscapes, enchanting woodlands and stunning displays of nature. Throughout each County, mother nature has demonstrated her beauty and provided NI with scenic landscapes that attract attention from all around the world. To honour the beauty of NI, we’ve put a guide together for the best Autumn walks in Northern Ireland:

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haunted castles in scotland

A Scary Tour: 14 Haunted Castles in Scotland

It is rumoured that there are a lot of haunted castles in Scotland. It’s not surprising, given that the country’s...

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The Ultimate Guide To Interrailing for a great travelling experience in 2023

In recent times, interrailing has become a travelling rite of passage. Whether you’re a student on a tight budget or...

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4 Compass Pubs in Ireland: A Great Guide To The Most Northerly, Easterly, Westerly, and Southerly Pubs in Ireland

Ireland is known for its many amazing bars and pubs, when you visit there is no lack of great places to grab a pint of local beer, listen to some live trad music, and have some great craic with locals. There are pubs scattered all over from North to South and from East to West so where is the most Northerly pub in Ireland? What food is served at the most southerly pub in Ireland? How do you get to the most westerly pub in Ireland and what attractions are near the most easterly pub in Ireland? This article will tell you all that and more about these compass pubs in Ireland which stand on the edges of the country.

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Great Western Road: The Perfect Place to Stay in Glasgow & over 30 places to visit

Glasgow is the second largest city in Scotland and is well-known for its lively characters and less than ideal weather. This shouldn’t put you off paying a visit to this amazing city though and if you are planning a trip you should have a look at Great Western Road. Read on to find out why Great Western Road has so much to offer as a base for your city break in Glasgow.

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colorful south Italy village in Apulia

10 Stunning Beaches in Puglia That Shouldn’t be Missed

The Italian region of Puglia, known as Apulia in English, is the area making up the southern “heel of Italy‘s...

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Eurovision Host City 2023: Liverpool & The Great Cities That Hosted Before!

Once a year we buckle up for a night of singing, dancing, and odd costume choices in the Eurovision Song Contest. Read on to find out which city the Eurovision Host City 2023 and what cities have hosted Eurovision in the last 10 years. This article also tells you some of the top attractions for each Eurovision Host city including the Eurovision Host City 2023 so you can plan the ultimate Eurovision host city road trip!

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bristol harbour

Your Ultimate Guide To Bristol: 12 Best Things to Do and Explore

The alleged home of the pirate Blackbeard and the actual birthplace of Banksy, Bristol is fiercely climbing the top of...

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Where To Find The World’s Most Famous Paintings: 21 Museums To Visit

Museums and galleries work hard to preserve masterpieces so that we can enjoy them for generations to come. So, where...

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Belfast Pub Quiz: Where and When to Find 13 of the Best Belfast Pub Quizzes

Who doesn’t love a good pub quiz? Whether you are a mister know-it-all telling us all the capital of Venezuela (it’s Caracas) or the person who lives for the music round. We all have our part to play in a pub quiz team, including the team member who knows nothing but gets the rounds in. Belfast is a city full of great pubs and bars where you can find entertainment from Live traditional music to ukulele jams. It also hosts a great number of pub quizzes for you to enjoy. Some with themes, some with super specific rounds. But where do you find a good Belfast pub quiz? And when did this whole pub quiz tradition start? Read on to find out!

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A Halloween Staycation Inspired by Horror Fiction: 8 Spooky Settings to Visit in England This Halloween

Looking for a spooky Halloween staycation this year? England is host to its fair share of spooky stories and lots of horrifying horror novels have been inspired by its villages and castles. Read on to learn more about these classic horrors and their settings to find the perfect Halloween staycation spot.

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Bombay Sapphire Distillery: A Perfect Gin-Lovers Experience

Are you a gin lover looking for an exciting cocktail experience in Hampshire? Look no further than the bombay Sapphire Distillery for events, tours, drinks, and food. Steeped in history the distillery tour is the perfect way to learn more about this iconic blue bottle full of botanicals.

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How to Visit a Museum: Top 10 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Museum Trip

How to Visit a Museum: 10 Great Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Museum Trip

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy a museum, and museums mean something different to each of us. Whether you enjoy quiet contemplation of the scenery and objects or excited chatter about funny portraits in the gallery you can have a great time at the museum. There are some things you can do to add extra experiences, fun, and appreciation to your museum visit experience. This article will give you top tips and ideas, from planning to reflection, which will help you get the most out of your museum visit.

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