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Ireland Travel Statistics

Ireland Travel Statistics

While the Irish love their country, they also love to travel. According to a study back in 2017, the Irish...

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A Brief History of Ireland - Ireland Coast

An Exciting Brief History of Ireland

Ireland, the land of fairies and folktales, Christians and pagans, beer and whiskey, has a somewhat troublesome history that propelled...

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Irish Comedians Irish Comedy

25 of the Best Irish Comedians: The Irish Humour

When people think of Ireland, they often remember our great sense of humour and fun nature. Irish humour is famous...

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Autumn walks NI

Autumn Walks NI – 6 stunning trails you need to visit 

Autumn walks NI Northern Ireland is known for its wide variety of magnificent landscapes, enchanting woodlands and stunning displays of nature. Throughout each County, mother nature has demonstrated her beauty and provided NI with scenic landscapes that attract attention from all around the world. To honour the beauty of NI, we’ve put a guide together for the best Autumn walks in Northern Ireland:

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Irish Folklore Mythical Monsters and Terrifying Creatures

Irish Folklore: Mythical Monsters and Terrifying Creatures

Discover the mythical monsters that have become famous in Irish Folklore including the Leprechaun, the Banshee, the Female Vampire and more!

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Irish rock music - Irish rock bands

Irish Rock bands throughout the decades: Exploring Ireland’s fascinating history through music

How did so many talented Irish Rock Bands from our small island become international legends? In this article we will explore the rise of Irish rock music

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Best Locations to Live in Ireland

4 Compass Pubs in Ireland: A Great Guide To The Most Northerly, Easterly, Westerly, and Southerly Pubs in Ireland

Ireland is known for its many amazing bars and pubs, when you visit there is no lack of great places to grab a pint of local beer, listen to some live trad music, and have some great craic with locals. There are pubs scattered all over from North to South and from East to West so where is the most Northerly pub in Ireland? What food is served at the most southerly pub in Ireland? How do you get to the most westerly pub in Ireland and what attractions are near the most easterly pub in Ireland? This article will tell you all that and more about these compass pubs in Ireland which stand on the edges of the country.

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Irish curses: illustration of Irish cursing stone by William Wakeman, 1875

The Curious Case of Irish Curses and the magical cursing stone

The island of Ireland has always had its own unique culture. The emerald isle is a melting pot of the...

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Celtic handfasting ceremony - Irish wedding Traditions

Eccentric Irish Wedding Traditions and wonderful wedding blessings

Weddings can be the happiest occasion of a persons life. It is not only a joyous time for the bride...

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Irish Crochet: A Great How-to Guide, History, and Folklore Behind This Traditional 18th Century Craft

What is crochet? Before talking about Irish crochet specifically it is important to know what crochet is. Crochet is a...

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candle irish wake superstitions

Discover the Irish Wake and the interesting Superstitions Associated with it

If you want to learn about the Irish wake tradition and funerla process, w ehave got you covered.

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kylemore abbey in Connemara Co. Galway West of Ireland

Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Garden: Discover beautiful Kylemore Abbey in Connemara

Kylemore Abbey is located in Connemara in the West of Ireland. This article comprises of two main sections, the history of Kylemore Abbey and a travel guide with everything you need to know about the abbey

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Pint of Guinness pub Traditional Irish Drinks

The best Traditional Irish Drinks that you have to try!

If you’re looking for traditional Irish drink recipes for St Patrick's day or want to try a traditional Irish drink when visiting Ireland, we have got you covered! 

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Music festivals - Irish Festivals

15 of the Best Irish Festivals to visit throughout the year

The arts scene in Ireland has thrived in recent decades, so it is no wonder that we can celebrate so...

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Bonfire Celtic Festivals Pagan Festivals Celtic Year

The 4 interesting Celtic Festivals that make up the Celtic Year

The Celts celebrated 4 major Celtic festivals: Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lughnasadh and Samhain. In this article, we will discuss each pagan...

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Keem Bay Beach Achill Island Co. Mayo

Achill Island – 5 Reasons to Visit Mayo’s Hidden Gem

Achill Island is located off the coast of the mainland of Ireland and is one of the best places to visit if you want to experience the beauty of the Wild Atlantic Way, traditional Irish culture and good craic all in one place!

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Traditional Irish Food - Traditional Irish Stew

Traditional Irish Food – Delicious and Heart-warming Meals

In this article we will explore traditional Irish food and the history behind their popularity

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Places to Stay in Galway

A Guide to the Best Places to Stay in Galway

Have you ever wondered where the best places to stay in Galway are? Well look no further, our article covers...

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croagh patrick

Croagh Patrick – Ultimate climbing guide and the interesting history of the Reek

In this article you will find out everything you need to know about Croagh Patrick, including its history and practical advice for climbing the mountain.

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16 Haunted Hotels in Ireland: Best Places for a spooky stay this Halloween

What better way to spend Halloween than to stay in a haunted hotel in Ireland? Read on to find out where the best haunted hotels in Ireland are and which haunted castle hotels in Ireland you can stay in.

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Irish Travellers: Getting to Know these Indigenous People

If you have visited Ireland, you may have met members of the Irish Travellers Community. They are sometimes labelled gipsies...

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Temple Bar District

TEMPLE BAR DUBLIN – The Amazing Temple Bar District Dublin

Temple Bar District is a cultural quarter located in Dublin, Ireland; a very popular tourist destination. The area is surrounded...

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Fairy Trees - The Superstitious Fairy Trees in Ireland

The Superstitious Fairy Trees in Ireland

Ireland has always been a place filled with fascinating folklore and stories. One very interesting piece of our folklore involves...

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Amazing Grace Song

Amazing Grace Song: The History, Lyrics and Meaning of the iconic song

Amazing Grace has become one of the most hauntingly beautiful Christian hymns in the world. Many famous faces have covered...

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Irish proverbs

21 of the Most Famous Irish Proverbs or Seanfhocail

A proverb is a commonly known short saying that has been accepted as true and repeated by the masses. It...

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Belfast Ukulele Jam Article feature image showing two ukuleles

Belfast Ukulele Jam: A Unique Live Music Act in Belfast

The Belfast Ukulele Jam are an informal group meeting to play Ukulele together once a week as well as for events such as family days, weddings, or even corporate events. They are a super friendly group that welcome newcomers gladly and put on a show sure to put a smile on your face. Currently they play weekly at the Deer’s Head.

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croke park dublin travel guide Croke Park Deposit photos Irish athletes

15 of the most successful Irish athletes of all time

In this article you’ll find out everything you need to know about the most successful Irish athletes. Sport has the...

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A beautiful array of vegetables

10 Delicious Healthy Restaurants for Your Irish Road Trip

Ireland is a country rich in quality gastronomic products, because food is an integral part of contemporary Irish culture. Although...

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Lush greenery on Saltee Island, Ireland

10 Irish Islands You Must Visit

Ireland is well known for its outdoor activities, incredible landscapes, and also for its multiple islands that will take your...

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Wild Atlantic Way in the West of Ireland

Explore the West of Ireland: The best places to visit in the West

The West of Ireland is one of our country’s best hidden gems. With beautiful scenery, seaside locations, great hospitality and...

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