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warwick castle


Warwick Castle: The Intriguing Story of England’s Most Haunted Fort

The Middle Ages, stretching from the mid-5th century to the mid-15th century, is one of the most fascinating periods in...

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Bologna: 5 Awesome Must-sees!

Bologna in Italy! Thinking of a short break? Bologna is the perfect choice if you want to make your European...

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Things to Do in Portugal


Things to Do in Portugal: 24 Excellent Attractions

Whether it's the charming streets of Lisbon, the tranquil vineyards of the Douro Valley, or the dramatic landscapes of the Algarve, there are endless interesting things to do in Portugal. As tourists venture through Portugal's attractions, they embark on a journey of discovery, leaving with cherished memories and a deep appreciation for this remarkable country's beauty, history, and warmth. To help you experience all that the country has to offer, we’ve explored 24 of the best things to do in Portugal for tourists.

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Gravensteen Castle Ghent


Visit Ghent: Belgium’s Beautiful Canal City

In this article you will find some of our favourite things to do in Ghent as well as practical information that you should know before visiting this Belgian city.

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reasons to visit spain


Top 10 Reasons to Visit Spain at Least Once in A Lifetime

Spain is the second most-visited country worldwide. Many international tourists visit it as it offers a lot to each one....

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KU Leuven Library cover image


24 hours in Leuven: Belgium’s Hidden Gem

Leuven is a modern city with a small town vibe that encapsulates the best of Belgian culture. It is only a stone's throw away from Brussels, making it the perfect day trip from the capital city

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