Camden Town Market – Things to Do in London

Updated On: November 07, 2023

Camden Town Market

Camden Town Market

Coming to London for a trip? We have got you sorted on things to do in London, one thing you have to do while in London is to take a trip to the Camden Town Market.

Being there since 1974, Camden Town Market is a diverse community market of creative sellers, street food traders and independent stores next to the Regent’s Canal. Camden Town Market is open every day, offering more than 1,000 shops for people to shop and enjoy themselves at. Not just that but the place also offers its visitors places to eat, drink and dance in this historic central London location.

There are mainly three different famous sections in this market: the trade, the music and the fashion, and every single one of them has its own history. The trade of Camden Market started back in 1974 when only 16 stalls had their places there. Selling antiques, jewellery, arts and crafts until it reached what we are exposed to today from the different small businesses that bring the multicultural diversity to the city.

When it comes to music, we should mention the Dingwalls which is a famous place in the Camden Town Market. Dingwalls Dance Hall was officially opened back in 1973 but its legacy still lives on until today as one of London’s most famous live music venues. Dingwalls passed through different stages of becoming famous and it was all about opening that place with the longest bar in London and keeping the place open until 2 AM in the morning which was opposed to all the other bars that closed at 11 PM.

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